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Build 2019.2.5

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78 Fixed issues
78 Fixed issues
  • SCL-12438 Possibility to specify two scalastyle config files
  • SCL-11532 Apply template generates wrong code
  • SCL-11709 Language injection: handle margin character in multiline strings
  • SCL-15497 Spelling correction is really bay!
  • SCL-15200 Wrap method body in {} on typing {
  • SCL-15502 Inspection: `override` modifier required
  • SCL-15480 Type mismatch tooltip: vertically align the types
  • SCL-15379 Empty intention string for "Make declared type more specific"
  • SCL-10790 Create New Scala Class should offer Case Class option
  • SCL-15357 Unable to run apps for classes with inner classes
  • SCL-12650 Unapply template is polluted by default values
  • SCL-15399 completion of extension methods not in scope is VERY slow
  • SCL-15394 ??? is positioned incorrectly when typing { + Enter
  • SCL-14585 extract to variable: multi-line """string""" value aligned with leading '|' character is extracted incorrectly
  • SCL-15494 message of deprecated class is not shown for constructor invocation
  • SCL-15498 JavaDoc comment background color has no effect on whitespaces
  • SCL-15120 BSP: Map source roots directly to content roots
  • SCL-15351 Calls on expressions that are not callable are not highlighted
  • SCL-7116 Good code red: method is allegedly already defined
  • SCL-15329 exception on creating new IDEA project
  • SCL-15478 Disable the "suspicious shadowing" inspection by default
  • SCL-15386 Overriding indicator only finds one implementation
  • SCL-8595 Highlighting error with equals and operator precedence
  • SCL-15483 Unify type mismatch messages
  • SCL-15345 PlayWS request builders are red
  • SCL-15496 apply call to deprecated case class not shown as deprecated
  • SCL-15326 "indent first parameter" setting should be applied even if there is no parameters yet
  • SCL-15364 Scala Plugin Refator->Rename is not working
  • SCL-2101 Same named class formal parameter and class member are error highlighted
  • SCL-15398 missing "Unspecified value parameters" error highlighting for Java classes
  • SCL-3137 Classes with the same name but from different packages are not distinguished in the method signature.
  • SCL-15325 "No tail recursion annotation" inspection shouldn't be shown
  • SCL-15396 wrap method body on {+ Enter typing breaks code when dealing with anonymous classes
  • SCL-15395 convert to """string""" action should restore caret position inside the string
  • SCL-15335 overridden member marker for vals is shown, but navigation is not working
  • SCL-12807 Allow methods to be pulled up to traits
  • SCL-15501 multi-line string: spaces are not added after margin char on enter on first line
  • SCL-15500 multi-line strings: enter action does not insert margin in worksheet mode
  • SCL-15495 deprecated object not shown as deprecated in unapply/apply/update
  • SCL-15504 ScalaDefaultFileTemplateUsageInspection (question) throws exceptions when running
  • SCL-15509 `Balance Header` quickfix in ScalaDocUnbalancedHeaderInspection does not work
  • SCL-15520 ui freeze on library change events due to ScalaJsDebuggerSettingsPatcher
  • SCL-15095 Auto-complete ScalaDoc after a Space
  • SCL-15278 Unwrap single-expression definition body on deleting `{`
  • SCL-15358 Cannot handle equally typed signatures which differ only in call-by-name/call-by-value
  • SCL-15373 Unknown error when using formatter with scalafmt and specific rules.
  • SCL-15450 Don't show 'Anonymous function convertible to a method value' inspection on functions with empty param list
  • SCL-14726 Bad code green: Semicolon in for
  • SCL-15437 inspection highlights remaining method body if inspected expression is the only one in the body
  • SCL-15436 wrong indent for margin char in interpolated multiline string with empty line
  • SCL-15252 add indention support for type parameter & type arguments
  • SCL-15417 Expression with Unit return type in argument of map
  • SCL-15414 string conversion adds redundant quote if string is both interpolated and formatted
  • SCL-12683 Individually testing a ScalaTest method with Smart String and stripMargin does not work.
  • SCL-15490 some minor typos in the UI Scala plugin description
  • SCL-10890 invalid apply function template if class has tuple parameters
  • SCL-15476 sometimes file is rehighlighted several times
  • SCL-15271 String interpolation in multiline strings
  • SCL-10047 Some of Scala/Scaladoc inspections have no description
  • SCL-15280 no spacing before multiline string placed on single line
  • SCL-11133 False Negative: wrongly infers code block after try
  • SCL-15353 Support "Adjust code style settings" feature
  • SCL-15381 Cannot resolve equally typed signatures which differ only in call-by-name/call-by-value
  • SCL-15383 Prioritize 'Import' quickfix over other quickfixes
  • SCL-13358 "Convert to argument in parentheses" refactoring works incorrectly
  • SCL-9365 String formatter canot handle stripMargin strings that also begin with | characters
  • SCL-15321 wrong indentation resulting from Method call arguments -> align when multiline
  • SCL-14340 overriding java method with an argument that is existentially typed not working
  • SCL-15420 "convert to string concatenation" action should wrap result with brackets
  • SCL-15348 existential declarations should resolve in any order
  • SCL-15444 JFlex.jar generates broken ``
  • SCL-15445 Type of block expression with a tailing statement should be Unit
  • SCL-14979 Formatter: Wrong indention for block in lambda block
  • SCL-8633 Functions with similar plain and by-name parameters in signatures are underlined red
  • SCL-5789 Same-named class members from different namespaces treated as duplicates
  • SCL-15406 Rename adds comment /*EndMarker/?
  • SCL-15448 2019.1 Wrong syntax highlight in sql block
  • SCL-6739 Settings / Scala / Language injection for interpolated strings: Language ID values are not sorted

Build 2019.2.3

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