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Build 2019.1.7

Download Scala plugin for IDEA

10 Fixed issues
10 Fixed issues
  • SCL-15038 Idea freezes when editing akka-http routes
  • SCL-15130 Not clear that bytecode indexing switching on is applied only after restart of idea
  • SCL-15148 Download links are not posted in release notes on confluence
  • SCL-15113 Refreshing sbt project causes sbt-shell to be launched w/o ideaPort setting
  • SCL-15129 for maven project it is suggested to turn on bytecode idexing for find usages though it's useless
  • SCL-15114 Find Usages via bytecode fails for catsKernelStdGroupForInt
  • SCL-15202 performance regression in ScClassFileDecompiler.accepts method
  • SCL-13695 "Download the plugin" link -> misconfigured DNS error
  • SCL-15081 caching annotations are not IDEA incremental compiler friendly
  • SCL-15172 avoid building java method hierarchy in favor of reusing our own

Build 2019.1.6

Download Scala plugin for IDEA