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Build 2018.3.6

11 Fixed issues
11 Fixed issues
  • SCL-14247 Support addPluginSbtFile injection for sbt 0.13
  • SCL-14813 bsp: dynamic timeout waiting for connection
  • SCL-14205 Scala margin char breaks the IDE / settings
  • SCL-14857 bsp build toolwindow problem reports: lines off by one
  • SCL-14846 bsp: log bsp runner process output
  • SCL-14849 bsp: don't report diagnostics in build toolwindow log
  • SCL-14774 Exception when accessing worksheet settings
  • SCL-14663 wrong expected type for constructor argument
  • SCL-14642 cannot parse "this" reference for a class with prefix-operator name
  • SCL-14737 Scala multi-line string code style preferences are not saved
  • SCL-14806 sync and update to svg icons

Build 2019.1.1

31 Fixed issues
31 Fixed issues
  • SCL-13978 Good code red: concrete protected type member with a stable identifier
  • SCL-8684 Unwrapping multiple types in the same for-comprehension doesn't show a compile error
  • SCL-11192 Idea mark red shapeless dependent type code that is correct
  • SCL-4943 Good code is red: inferred type for class projected from singleton type doesn't conforms to appropriate existential type
  • SCL-13103 Valid path-dependent types usage results in red code
  • SCL-14803 Color schemes: support `=>`
  • SCL-14779 Good code red: for comprehension without yield with multiple clauses
  • SCL-14664 refactor or reimplement for statements desugaring
  • SCL-5638 for-comprehension type hints and error highlighting
  • SCL-14680 Presentation compiler fails to resolve implicits
  • SCL-14584 for comprehension desugar changes 'yield' block incorrectly
  • SCL-14586 higher-kinded types: generic parameter "variance" track is lost
  • SCL-6498 Bad code is green: guard type in for statement is not type-checked
  • SCL-14184 For comprehension infers to Nothing
  • SCL-14782 mapN is unresolved for Validated with different error types
  • SCL-14618 Incorrect type inference for nested classes and `for`-comprehension
  • SCL-4652 Good code red: higher-kinded type imperfectly applied?
  • SCL-13797 Good code red with type member
  • SCL-14700 Good code red using Id type and withFilter
  • SCL-14801 Better-monadic-for withFilter-less desugaring is broken
  • SCL-7017 Wrong syntax red highlighting for value.type
  • SCL-13607 Using path dependent type application for refined type parameters has false red error highlight.
  • SCL-9901 Bad code in green: Option in for comprehension with yield
  • SCL-14734 For-comprehensions: highlight `<-` and `if` in the same way as method calls
  • SCL-9178 False highlight error of protected type ("Cannot resolve symbol")
  • SCL-14771 Support of implicit0 in for
  • SCL-14468 good code red (default parameters, some shapeless tags involved)
  • SCL-14774 Exception when accessing worksheet settings
  • SCL-14401 For comprehensions do not enforce a single monadic context
  • SCL-14660 Implicit search fails to find implicits with path dependent return types
  • SCL-11285 Good code red: Type mismatch for dependent type