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Starting TeamCity server

If Under Windows, if TeamCity server is installed as a Windows service, follow the usual procedure of starting and stopping services.

If TeamCity is installed using the .exe or .tar.gz distributions, the TeamCity server can be started and stopped by the teamcity-server scripts provided in the <TeamCity home>/bin directory.
The script accepts run (run in the same console), start (start new detached process and exit from the script) and stop commands.

  • (evaluation only) To start/stop the TeamCity server and one default agent at the same time, use the runAll script, e.g.:
    • Use runAll.bat start to start the server and the default agent
    • Use runAll.bat stop to stop the server and the default agent



The TeamCity server will restart automatically if the Java server process of the server crashes since TeamCity 2017.2.exits (crashes or is killed) without invoking "teamcity-server stop" script.

By default, TeamCity runs on http://localhost:8111/ and has one registered build agent that runs on the same computer. See the information below for changing the server port.