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If you need to move the existing TeamCity installation to a new hardware or clean OS, it is recommended to you can install the same TeamCity version on the new machine, stop the old server, connect the new server to the same TeamCity Data Directory and make sure the server uses the same environment.
Alternatively, you can follow the instructions on copying the server from one machine to another and then switch from the old server to a new one.If you do not need the old server after starting to use new one, you can just connect the new server to the same database (just reuse database.properties file) and the same TeamCity Data Directory, it's just important that the database and the data directory are used by one server at any given time

After the move make the clients use the new server address, if changed.

You can use the existing license keys when you move the server from one machine to another (as long as there are no two servers running at the same time). As license keys are stored under <TeamCity Data Directory>, you transfer the license keys with all the other TeamCity settings data.


  • Switch agents to the new URL (requires updating the serverUrl property in buildAgent.properties on each agent). If you want to install agents anew but preserve agent's name and authentication status, you can install a new agent and copy the conf\ buildAgent.properties file from an old agent (checking that any paths in it are updated accordingly).
  • Upon the new server startup, remember to update the Server URL on Administration | Global Settings page.
  • Notify all TeamCity users on the new address
  • Consider updating settings of external services if they depend on the request originating address

Move TeamCity Agent to a New Machine