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  • Switch agents to the new URL (requires updating the serverUrl property in buildAgent.properties on each agent). If you want to install agents anew but preserve agent's name and authentication status, you can install a new agent and copy the conf\ buildAgent.properties file from an old agent (checking that any paths in it are updated accordingly).
  • Upon the new server startup, remember to update the Server URL on Administration | Global Settings page.
  • Notify all TeamCity users on the new address

Move TeamCity Agent to a New Machine

Apart from the binaries, TeamCity agent installation stores its configuration and data left from the builds it run. Usually the data from the previous builds makes preparation for the future builds a bit faster, but it can be deleted if necessary.
The configuration is stored under conf and launcher\conf directories.
The data collected by previous build is stored under work and system directories.


  • stop existing agent
  • install a new agent on the new machine
  • copy conf/buildAgent.properties from the old installation to a new one
  • start the new agent.