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If you use the TeamCity server Windows installer, you can set the port to be used during installation.If you use the .war distribution, refer to the manual of the application server used.

Use the following instructions to change the port if you use the .tar.gz distribution.
If another application uses the same port as the TeamCity server, the TeamCity server (Tomcat server) won't start and this will be identified by "Address already in use" errors in the server logs or server console.


Out-of-the-box TeamCity server installation is suitable for evaluation purposes. For production use you will need to perform additional configuration which typically includes:

  • Configuring correct server port (and Check that the server is using due server port and configure access via https).
  • Make sure server URL, email and (optionally) Jabber server settings are specified and are correct
  • Configuring the server process for OS-dependent autostart on machine reboot
  • Using reliable storage for TeamCity Data Directory
  • Using external database
  • Configuring recommended memory settings, use "maximum settings" for active or growing servers
  • Planning for regular backups
  • Planning for regular upgrades to the latest TeamCity releases
  • (since TeamCity 10.0.3) Consider adding the "teamcity.installation.completed=true" line into the <TeamCity Home Directory>\conf\teamcity-startup.properties file - this will prevent the server from creating an administrator user if no such user is found

     See https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-20027 for details