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h2. Changes from 2018.1.2 to 2018.1.3
h3. Bundled Tools Updates
The latest JaCoCo version (0.8.2) has been added to TeamCity.

Changes from 2018.1.1 to 2018.1.2


If you are using tcWebHooks third-party TeamCity plugin, update it to the latest version before upgrading (details).

(this was a bug existing since version 9.1, so seems like we do not need to announce it's fixing in 2018.1.2 here - https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-42962)
h3. Agent configuration on upgrade
If you choose to perform upgrade of a TeamCity agent running under Windows using TeamCity Windows agent or server installer and the previous agent version is 9.1+ (regularly, agent upgrades automatically and you do not need to run the installer manually), in order not to lose agent settings stored in <TeamCity Agent Home>\config\buildAgent.properties, backup the file before running the installer and restore the file from the backup after the installation procedure.

Bundled Tools



The bundled Tomcat has been updated to version 8.5.32.


If you have Built-in authentication enabled with the "Allow user registration from the login page" setting on, the setting will be disabled on upgrade. If you need the registration, make sure the server is not open to unauthorized users access (e.g. not accessible from Internet) and enable the setting via the health item displayed at the top of the administration pages or in the "Administration | Authentication" under the "Built-in" module settings.

Bundled Tools Update

  • The IntelliJ IDEA Project Runner uses JPS 2017.3.4 requiring Java 1.8 as the minimal version.
  • The bundled ReSharper CLT and dotCover have been updated to version 2018.1.2