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To get familiar with Kotlin API, see the online documentation on your local server, accessible via the link on the Versioned Settings project tab in the UI or by running the mvn -U dependency:sources command in the IDE.  See the documentation on the public TeamCity server as an an example.

The documentation is generated in a separate Java process and might take several minutes to build after the server restart By default, the process is started with Xmx 378m, but for 64-bit version you may need to increase the value (e.g. to 768m) by changing the following internal property teamcity.kotlinConfigsDsl.docsGenerationXmx=768m

You can also use the Download settings in Kotlin format option from the project Actions menu. For instance, you can find a project that defines some settings that you want to use in your Kotlin DSL project and use this "download" action to see what the DSL generated by TeamCity looks like.