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Build 2018.2.9

10 Fixed issues
10 Fixed issues
  • SCL-14089 Error highlighting: No implicits found with explicit class parameter
  • SCL-14137 Exhaustive match generate nothing for sealed class and its decendants
  • SCL-14147 IDEA hangs on create_class quickfix
  • SCL-14098 implicit hints: no hints for a constructor of super class
  • SCL-14126 False positive in UnnecessaryParenthesesInspection
  • SCL-14130 Specific context menu doesn't appear for Implicit arg. inline hint if arg. belongs to Implicit conversion
  • SCL-14133 Scalafmt fails in case of comment in a worksheet
  • SCL-14053 Incorrect suggestion to remove parens function from tuple to something
  • SCL-14087 exception in "Configure project jdk" action in sbt shell
  • SCL-14051 No "Implicits" context menu for Implicit arg. of Implicit conversion

Build 2018.2.8

1 Fixed issues
1 Fixed issues
  • SCL-14144 highlighting missing in library files