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TeamCity can also automatically configure the project / VCS root from a repository URL.

Since TeamCity 10, if If you have a TFVC root configured, TeamCity will suggest configuring the Team Foundation Work Items as well.


Cross-Platform TFS Integration

TeamCity 10 features the cross-platform TFS integration,  which works on Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms. Without installing additional software, TeamCity servers and build agents can interact with Team Foundation Servers (from 2010 to 2017; 2018 is supported since TeamCity 2017.2) - 2018 and Visual Studio Team Services.


The following authentication options are available in Visual Studio Team Services.


Personal Access Tokens

To use access tokens, you need to create a personal access token in your Visual Studio Team Services account, where you have to set some Code access scope in you your repositories and use it when configuring a VCS root.

UsernameLeave blank for TFVC, any value for Git, e.g. username
PasswordEnter your personal access token created earlier

Required Access Scope

TFS subsystemScopes
TFVCAll scopes
GitCode (read) / Code (read and write) for versioned settings
Work ItemsWork items (read)
Commit StatusCode (status)

Alternate Authentication Credentials

To use the login/password pair authentication, you have to enable alternate credentials in your Visual Studio Team Services account, where you can set a secondary username and password to use when configuring a VCS root.

NTLM/Kerberos on Linux and Mac OS X
NTLM/Kerberos on Linux and Mac OS X