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  • disable Email, Jabber (in the "Administration > Notifier" sections) and possibly also custom notifiers or change their settings to prevent the new server from sending out notifications;
  • disable email verification (in the  "Administration > Authentication" section);
  • be sure not to run any builds which change (e.g. deploy to) production environments. This also typically includes Maven builds deploying to non-local repositories. You can prevent any builds from starting by pausing the build queue;
  • disable any plugins which push data into other non-copied systems based on the TeamCity events (like commit status publishing);


  • disable cloud integration (so that it does not interfere with the main server);
  • disable functionality to store project settings in VCS: set teamcity.versionedSettings.enabled=false internal property;

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    {hidden-data}related issue: [https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-38304]{hidden-data}

  • consider significantly increasing VCS checking for changes interval (server-wide default and overridden in the VCS roots) or changing settings of the VCS roots to prevent them from contacting production servers. Since TeamCity 10.0.3, see also TW-47324.

See also the section below on moving the server from one machine to another.


TeamCity moves deleted projects settings directories (which are named after the project id) to TeamCity Data Directory/config/_trash directory adding ".<internal ID>" suffix to the directories.
To restore a project, find the project directory in the _trash directory and move it into regular projects settings directory: <TeamCity Data Directory>/config/projects while removing the ".projectN" suffix from the directory name.
You can do this while server is running, it should pick up the restored project automatically.

Please note Note that TeamCity preserves builds history and other data stored in the database for deleted projects/build configurations for 24 hours 5 days after the deletion time. All the associated data (builds and test history, changes, etc.) is removed during the next cleanup clean-up after the 24-hour configurable (5 days by default) timeout elapses. 

The config/_trash directory is not cleaned automatically and can be emptied manually if you are sure you do not need the deleted projects. No server restart is required.