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Build 2018.2.3

29 Fixed issues
29 Fixed issues
  • SCL-11050 Enable semantic highlighting for scala plugin
  • SCL-11470 akka-http route-dsl authentication syntax issues
  • SCL-13600 Multi module SBT project: Subprojects are not included on root project classpath when id conflicts
  • SCL-5546 Auto-complete unapply for case classes in patterns
  • SCL-13829 intermittent red code with existential types
  • SCL-13824 Completion in Evaluate Expression dialog shows duplicates of Stack's methods
  • SCL-13734 Parameters of anonymous functions aren't semantic highlighted
  • SCL-13739 unnecessary parentheses false positive for types extending function
  • SCL-13831 Inspection offers to remove necessary parentheses
  • SCL-13815 Exception in case of autocompletion in Evaluate Expression dialog
  • SCL-13787 False positive of Unnecessary parenthesis inspection in case of List pattern
  • SCL-9970 Both class and it's companion object are placed to completion menu and refer to class declaration
  • SCL-13785 False positive of Unnecessary parenthesis inspection in case of Type Projection
  • SCL-13784 False positive of Unnecessary parenthesis inspection in case of "new ... with ( => )" construction
  • SCL-13752 Unnecessary parentheses false positive in a sequence of operators in a pattern
  • SCL-13807 Syntax highlighting freezes
  • SCL-13732 Parameters in ScalaDoc are also expected to be semantic highlighted
  • SCL-13733 Do semantic highlighting in Preferences example
  • SCL-13659 Rename "definition" to "type" at 2 places in Type annotation inspection dialog and add asterisk
  • SCL-13790 inherited `val` without type annotation should get expected type from super member
  • SCL-13794 new file created on every processDeclaration in sbt files
  • SCL-5540 make "Generate pattern match" action more discoverable
  • SCL-13555 AOT completion: support typed patterns
  • SCL-13770 False positive `Unnecessary parenthesis` with infix types
  • SCL-13620 completion for patterns based on expected type
  • SCL-13745 Unnecessary parentheses false positive
  • SCL-13744 Unpickling of some Scala Fails Causing there Contents to be treated as the Java in the .class files
  • SCL-13671 NullPointerException when attempting to import an existing scala module
  • SCL-13727 Toggle Scala type hints keyboard shortcut

Build 2018.2.1

0 Fixed issues
0 Fixed issues