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h3. Changes from 2017.2.x to 2018.1

Gerrit 2.6 is the minimal version supported by Commit Status Publisher.
The IntelliJ IDEA Project Runner uses JPS 2017.3.4 requiring Java 1.8 as the minimal version.
TeamCity pages are no longer loaded into iframes as a security measure. Plugins providing pages which can be loaded into iframes should make sure that the pages do not perform any modification actions and register the pages via the {{ContentSecurityPolicyFilter.addUnprotectedPath}} API call. See [details|https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-33819].
h4. NuGet feed
NuGet feed was moved from the server level to the project level: now different projects can have a different feed. The "NuGet packages indexer" build feature can be added to build configurations whose artifacts should be indexed.
The following NuGet feed -related parameters are depricated:

h4. Other
The bundled ReSharper CLT and dotCover have been updated to version 2018.1

h3. Changes from 2017.2.3 to 2017.2.4
The Inspections (.NET) and Duplicates Finder (.NET) build steps were renamed to Inspections (ReSharper) and Duplicates finder (ReSharper)