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  • Jaipur 2018.1 (build 57985) EAP2 Release Notes

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In previous versions of TeamCity NuGet feed was global for the whole server. Not only that, but once the feed is was enabled, TeamCity starts started indexing of all of the .nupkg files published as artifacts. On a large server this can lead to a really large feed, delays with packages appearance, increased disk usage for the feed metadata and sometimes terrible performance which was one of the most common complains complaints in the past.

Starting with this EAP, it is finally possible to enable a NuGet feed on a at the project level, which means each project can have its own NuGet feed. By default, TeamCity no longer adds all .nupkg artifacts to the project feed, ; instead, you can add "NuGet packages indexer" build feature to build configurations whose artifacts should be indexed. If you prefer to have a single feed for the whole server, you can enable it on at the Root project level and add add  the packages indexer build feature to build configurations which produce relevant packages.

If you don't want to add dedicated build features to build configurations for some reason, then you can still enable automatic packages indexing on the project NuGet Feed page. In this case, as it was before, all of the .nupkg artifacts produced by this project will be indexed automatically.

And by the wayBesides, .nupkg files indexing now is is now performed by the agent itself as one of the final stages of the build.


Note that starting from this version the following NuGet-feed-related parameters are deprecated:

  • teamcity.nuget.feed.auth.server
  • teamcity.nuget.feed.server
  • system.teamcity.nuget.feed.auth.serverRootUrlBased.server


Docker Support

  • Docker wrapper now supports .NET CLI and PowerShell runners, which means you can easily run these steps in a Docker container.
  • Docker Build runner has been replaced with Docker Command runner with support for build, push and some other docker commands