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  • Jaipur 2018.1 (build 57985) EAP2 Release Notes

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TeamCity now allows to upload a so called trusted HTTPS certificate - this could be a self-signed certificate, or a certificate signed by a non well known certificate authority (CA). After that this certificate becomes trusted by TeamCity, which means TeamCity will be able to open HTTPS connections to a resource with this certificate. Previously, to allow such connection the certificate has to be imported into Java used by the TeamCity server with help of a keytool utility.

Trusted certificates are delivered to agents too, for instance if your Subversion server is behind such a certificate, all you need is to upload it to the server and both server and agent will be able to communicate with this Subversion serverIn the final 2018.1 version these trusted certificates will be delivered to agents automatically.

To upload a trusted certificate, navigate to the Root project administration area and selected Trused HTTPS Certificates menu item in sidebar.

Docker Support

  • Docker support has been added to the for .NET CLI and PowerShell build runners, and these steps can now run in a Docker container.
  • Docker Build runner has been replaced with Docker Command runner with support for build, push and some other docker commands
  • AWS ECR (Elastic Container Registry) is now supported by the Docker plugin