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  • TeamCity 2017.2.4 (build 51228) Release Notes

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  • TW-54637 - Native libraries required by JDBC drivers should be looked up under a specific location in addition to sun.boot.class.path/java.library.path
  • TW-54969 - Allow not to store name of the user who triggered the build in the build's parameters
  • TW-54748 - Failed 'Docker Compose' step should save container logs into build log
  • TW-48978 - Add ability to use ReSharper C++ inspections
  • TW-54291 - dotnet CLI tests is taking very long time

Usability Problem

  • TW-51194 - Bundled jre has priority over Java value passed via TEAMCITY_JRE environment variable (runAll.bat)
  • TW-54713 - Obsolete message in maintainDB during backup
  • TW-54415 - ReSharper Inspections: make "wrong mode" error message more user-friendly
  • TW-49018 - Failed nunit tests won't stop succeeding build steps (confusing Process exited with code 1)


  • TW-54214 - NPE in BuildChain.getChainBuildTypesWithoutPromotions
  • TW-54483 - No teamcity-winservice.log files can be created on starting TeamCity server under Windows as a service: no details available on the server failing to start
  • TW-54874 - Ability to delete diagnostics thread dumps and traces after maximum number of days
  • TW-54543 - Agent push - run as a service fails to register with the requested user.
  • TW-54772 - Cloud instance Start/Stop button is unavailable for user with non-global privileges after another project deletion
  • TW-53603 - Command-line Windows agent uses wrong JRE after upgrade
  • TW-54687 - Service message flow id can be lost if service message is reported from an Ant task
  • TW-54538 - Argument for @NotNull parameter 'targetHost' of jetbrains/buildServer/agentpush/ must not be null
  • TW-54723 - Docker compose seems to time out while waiting for a healthy status
  • TW-54372 - tcc.jar fails intermittently with: Not in GZIP format
  • TW-49465 - Unable to view content of archive published in artifact storage
  • TW-49524 - Remove "VCS Usernames" tab from Guest User settings
  • TW-54667 - .NET CLI: unable to pass dotCover arguments
  • TW-54806 - TFS: Failed to perform checkout on agent: Failed to create workspace: The path xxx is already mapped in workspace yyy
  • TW-48604 - SQLExceptionConvertor should not rely on exception class names
  • TW-54283 - Broken layout near 'Edit branch filter' in notification rule edit form
  • TW-53697 - Strange presentation in the case when agent is not accessible
  • TW-54425 - Agents Enable/Disable Comment Tooltip
  • TW-54379 - Path to artifact directory containing backslash is displayed incorrectly in admin ui
  • TW-54724 - BackupProcessor.mapFiles does not check that backup is cancelled (but it seems this stage can take quite some time)
  • TW-54163 - Artifact download request for missing artifact responds with large HTML file and 404 status code
  • TW-54413 - Docker Compose step failure should fail the whole build
  • TW-54435 - A build can be started not respecting build queue order (builds with finishing snapshot dependencies can be delayed)
  • TW-54700 - Failure conditions are not shown when some of them has wrong anchorBuild parameter
  • TW-54370 - Unclear Dependencies parameters redefined section
  • TW-54785 - 'Mandatory property is not specified' for Auto-Merge build feature with default values
  • TW-54745 - HTTP/DAV with HttpDigest authentication for SVN plugin does not work
  • TW-54572 - NullPointerException at HttpDiskCache.loadFromDisk( After Artifacts Are Pulled
  • TW-54691 - Wrong DSL UI patch for build step update
  • TW-54701 - Wrong UI patch for nested compound parameters
  • TW-54162 - Project administrator without View file content permission can't upload SSH Keys
  • TW-54222 - Visual Studio 2017 15.6 is not detected by agents
  • TW-54568 - TeamCity VCS Status page shows incorrect counter for scheduled VCS instances queue
  • TW-54378 - Commit Status Publisher cannot parse repository URL from VCS root
  • TW-54357 - Default template is not copied when copying projects renders it inaccessible
  • TW-54552 - To raise a critical error when TeamCity fails to load commits or commit-bindings from db
  • TW-54485 - TeamCity might start cloud agent in incorrect pool for build queued to run in particular pool if all agents in target pool are busy
  • TW-52501 - Stop force build after OutOfMemoryError
  • TW-54414 - A copy of a project loses its default template if the template is accessible from the copy, but was not copied with it
  • TW-54220 - Common Failure Conditions has no influence on build step results in the .net CLI plugin
  • TW-32878 - The TeamCity InspectionRunner always uses jdkAnnotations.jar of the default IntelliJ IDEA
  • TW-54437 - Inefficient memory usage in SecuredUser block states map
  • TW-54178 - Can't add VCS trigger rule
  • TW-54417 - java.lang.InstantiationException: bean currentUser not found within scope (404.html)
  • TW-54313 - Docker plugin: Cannot read docker info file error
  • TW-54611 - Self-registered user becomes admin if per-project permissions are not enabled
  • TW-53525 - WebSocket doesn't work when TeamCity is behind IIS AAR
  • TW-54325 - Too many opened connections when TeamCity is behind IIS proxy
  • TW-54343 - Agent-side checkout with git LFS fails to fetch large files
  • TW-54274 - TCP connections limit can be reached by leaking Websocket connections (proxying via IIS installed on the same machine)
  • TW-53018 - .NET CLI: warning "The file(s) are located outside of the build checkout directory" is wrongly shown
  • TW-54118 - REST: Add ability to set triggeredBy parameter while adding build to the queue
  • TW-53815 - build step fails with exit code -5 (even it was instructed the opposite in Failure Conditions)
  • TW-54205 - Docker: Sometimes unable to execute gradlew runner when build agent is running in docker
  • TW-54127 - AccessDeniedException from NewVersionPageExtension
  • TW-54150 - Main repository username is not used for submodules
  • TW-54137 - Web: cannot preview images diff
  • TW-53809 - Build problem text is displayed improperly
  • TW-54099 - Unhandled exception from usage statistics on server shutdown
  • TW-53951 - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on running command line remote run tool under Java 9


  • TW-54786 - RuntimeException when backup is canceled during database export stage

Performance Problem

  • TW-54185 - Backup process occupies a lot of memory due to a large number of backed up files
  • TW-54613 - TestNamesCleaner can occupy a lot of memory on temporary objects if test names index contains a lot of tests
  • TW-50516 - Slow cleanup after many deleted build configurations: slow disk scan on finding build's artifacts directory
  • TW-53935 - Reduce the number of active branches rest api calls on overview page

Security Problem

  • TW-54975 - Unauthorized user can affect composite builds
  • TW-54267 - Muted tests comments with issue number contains not rendered html code 
  • TW-54870 - It is possible to get unauthorized access to build settings via agents infrastructure
  • TW-54876 - Artifact dependencies process started on the server can corrupt server installation
  • TW-33819 - TeamCity UI is vulnerable to ClickJacking attack


  • TW-53470 - Incorrect rendering of branch name with two dashes
  • TW-54116 - Broken underline in react ui conponents