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TeamCity 10.x and 2017.x Documentation


You are viewing the documentation of TeamCity 10.x and 2017.x, which is not the most recently released version of TeamCity.
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  1. Download the Microsoft JDBC driver v6.0+ (sqljdbc_6.0.x package, .exe or .tar.gz depending on your TeamCity server platform) from the Microsoft Download Center.
  2. Unpack the downloaded package into a temporary directory.
  3. Copy the sqljdbc42.jar from the sqljdbc42.jar corresponding to jre8 from the just downloaded package into package into the TeamCity Data Directory/lib/jdbc directory.   For driver version 6.2 use mssql-jdbc-*.jre8.jar file instead. MS SQL integrated security (Windows authentication) requires installing sqljdbc_auth.dll from the driver package as per instructions.
  4. Proceed with the TeamCity setup.