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You can setup auto-update of Scala plugin EAP builds in IntelliJ IDEA.
Simply select desired update channel from a drop-down menu at "Updates" tab in Scala plugin settings page.

Or if you cannot do it from plugin settings add "" to custom repositories in Settings -> Plugins -> Browse custom repositories


Build 2017.3.15

Download Scala plugin for IDEA

39 Fixed issues
39 Fixed issues
  • SCL-12718 No scala sdk in module with Gradle
  • SCL-9856 Scala/SBT does not respect proxy settings
  • SCL-12503 Good code red for Dynamic object at type position (Cannot resolve symbol ...)
  • SCL-12771 Adding an import by Alt+Enter deletes import $file and $ivy
  • SCL-13333 With enabled Scala plugin navigation from Kotlin stack trace to inline functions is wrong
  • SCL-13229 rebuilding cross-project fails on compile server
  • SCL-12799 Macros do not expand
  • SCL-12907 Ivy local cache indexing is broken resulting in lots of "Unknown artifact. Not resolved or indexed"
  • SCL-13085 IDEA creates play2 project with -2.12 source/test roots
  • SCL-9459 Regression: Linked directory being considered as outside the base directory
  • SCL-13122 mutable_state_refactoring MatchError in attempt to create onMessage method
  • SCL-13239 support Shapeless.Witness.selectDynamic macro
  • SCL-12389 sbt shell doesn't respect custom JDK
  • SCL-12620 Incorrect inspection of annotated trait methods
  • SCL-13173 Automatically set dependencies to Ammonite libs
  • SCL-13332 IDEA doesn't suggest to import libs from $ivy.`...` to project
  • SCL-13150 Cannot parse a pattern binder A@_
  • SCL-13222 A code with `inline` identifier is not parsed
  • SCL-13155 use `-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8` by default for sbt process
  • SCL-13196 refactor methodType and polymorphicType methods
  • SCL-13274 sbt settings: Improve JRE selection
  • SCL-13329 SBT shell: display "No JRE found" message as warning, not as error
  • SCL-13146 SOE in decompiler on `akka.camel.internal.ConsumerActorRouteBuilder`
  • SCL-13322 ctrl + x, ctrl + c, ctrl + v stop working with certain Scala code
  • SCL-9288 Use `http.nonProxyHosts` property from IDEA settings while importing SBT project
  • SCL-13180 Cannot parse parenthesized self-reference
  • SCL-13234 build progress messages about compiler phases vanish too fast
  • SCL-13233 match error in introduce variable
  • SCL-13214 Macro that generates companion object breaks case class behavior
  • SCL-12176 Allow to disable output lines collapsing for Scala worksheet
  • SCL-13182 Mixing in a trait on macro-annotated class breaks everything
  • SCL-12919 Add external libraries resolver and downloader in tests
  • SCL-12832 False-positive highlighting error while using let expressions in do notation
  • SCL-13280 Tips shouldn't address the user and appear once in a project session
  • SCL-13312 SBT shell does not get the correct proxy settings for HTTPS connections
  • IDEA-185644 ProjectJdkTable#findMostRecentSdk does not select most recent
  • SCL-13132 "Create onMessage method" should not be suggested for mutable collections
  • SCL-12994 Add more java-scala interop highlighting tests
  • SCL-13018 Cannot parse repeated parameter of a function type

Build 2017.3.14

Download Scala plugin for IDEA