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All other  <buildLocator> options are supported.

e.g. you can use the following markdown markup to add the build status for GitHub repository for the build configuration with id "TeamCityPluginsByJetBrains_TeamcityGoogleTagManagerPlugin_Build" and server https://teamcity.jetbrains.com with guest authentication enabled:

Code Block
[![Build status](https://teamcity.jetbrains.com/guestAuth/app/rest/builds/buildType:(id:TeamCityPluginsByJetBrains_TeamcityGoogleTagManagerPlugin_Build)/statusIcon.svg)](https://teamcity.jetbrains.com/viewType.html?buildTypeId=TeamCityPluginsByJetBrains_TeamcityGoogleTagManagerPlugin_Build)

If the returned image contains "no permission to get data" text (), ensure that one of the following is true: