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  • TeamCity 2017.2 Release Notes

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  • TW-51436 - Slow run custom build dialog opening when there are a lot of builds in build configuration
  • TW-51631 - Audit page load is very slow when there are many records.
  • TW-52184 - Loading of artifacts of a composite build containing items from an archive can be slow
  • TW-52492 - 2017.2 EAP: Performance problem with "AgentTypeDatabaseStorage.loadAllowedProjects"
  • TW-52082 - REST: Optimize request for builds by affectedProject
  • TW-52199 - Slow opening of composite build overview page when build has artifacts
  • TW-52496 - Add ability to set custom fetchsize for SQL queries
  • TW-51060 - AgentRebootExtension.isLocal can be very slow for disconnected agent
  • TW-52440 - Make sure REST API does not load failed tests stacktraces if they are not required for response
  • TW-52429 - [Performance] Requesting suitable build configurations takes very long time.
  • TW-47602 - Slow generation of settings in Kotlin format for a big project
  • TW-52313 - Performance issues with TeamCity (large chain)
  • TW-45059 - High browser CPU load on agents page
  • TW-51746 - Copying a project never finishes and shows 504 error (slow copying of muted tests and notification rules)
  • TW-52172 - TeamCity performance issues (long artifacts cleanup times)
  • TW-52091 - TFS in Java working mode prevents TeamCity server restart
  • TW-52064 - Run on the same agent filter can slow down processing of the queue and loading of the queue page
  • TW-51974 - Slow initial page loading on slow connections because of large popups.html and bundle.js files
  • TW-51697 - Optimize build's VCS changes cache for the case of all available changes already cached
  • TW-51272 - Generate DSL documentation in background to avoid server startup delay
  • TW-50662 - Administration -> Users page takes a lot of time to load due to huge amount of JavaScript
  • TW-49469 - Versioned settings change log tab opens very slowly
  • TW-50657 - Slow UI due to min build id queries
  • TW-49613 - Initialization of vcs_root_id numeric sequence can take a lot of time
  • TW-49990 - AgentPoolImpl.getProjectIds always executes SQL query
  • TW-46325 - Slow "Assign projects" popup opening on agent pools page
  • TW-51988 - Windows installer: Ensure that files are not writable by all users on the machine