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Build 2017.3.6

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65 Fixed issues
65 Fixed issues
  • SCL-12582 Macro expanded dependent types added by scalameta are not recognized
  • SCL-8507 shapeless.Generic
  • SCL-10396 Good code red: shapeless tuple syntax
  • SCL-11870 Go To Declaration navigates to object instead of class declaration
  • SCL-12947 Can't launch compiler server in #2017.3.586
  • SCL-12880 Not compile any evaluation from scala worksheet
  • SCL-12376 SBT Shell window position reset to default one each time IDEA is closed
  • SCL-12925 IIE when open some ammonite script in the Editor
  • SCL-12869 Ammonite run config. wrongly choose Java sdk
  • SCL-12921 Override / Implement: add properly type annotations
  • SCL-12805 IIE in attempt to compile macros @WithApply
  • SCL-12825 Exception when try to see some places in build.sbt file in "Place to add dependency" dialog
  • SCL-12843 "Add sbt dependencies" doesn't appear for Cats library
  • SCL-12816 Default expressions are not converted in parameters
  • SCL-12546 Unable to add Scala SDK
  • SCL-12871 Import sbt project with Java 9
  • SCL-12784 make test run configuration types dumb aware
  • SCL-12853 IIE when IDEA stops on a breakpoint in a specific project
  • SCL-12874 IDEA hang on project open
  • SCL-12837 "Add sbt dependency" doesn't search by package
  • SCL-12834 Added by ''@deriving'' macros code is reachable by 'root.<name>'
  • SCL-12777 Provide support for import $plugin
  • SCL-11551 Importing sbt projects should create project even when import fails
  • SCL-12793 Receiver goes to "Extractor" section in ClusterClient.scala
  • SCL-12792 Make lib importing to a project by pop-up suggestion at the top of the Editor
  • SCL-12887 Very slow syntax analysis when editing Java code
  • SCL-12750 Disabled option "Use CBT for Running and Building your project" leads to compilation error
  • SCL-12924 Add "executable" to "Specify path"
  • SCL-12926 IEE in the Editor when I typed a code
  • SCL-12840 runtime type evaluator do not work for inner classes
  • SCL-12845 IIE when call "Add sbt dep." quickfix
  • SCL-12901 sbt 1.1 import fails when using process import
  • SCL-12963 Build tool window in Toggle view shows all messages in one line
  • SCL-11087 Good code gray: incorrect "useless expression"
  • SCL-12821 Add scala version check for enabling Trailing comma support
  • SCL-12804 "Place to add dependency" should be more compact
  • SCL-12801 Receiver Akka's TargetLocation goes to Extractor section
  • SCL-12560 Resume debug: Don't call commitAndRunReadAction inside ReadAction, it will cause a deadlock otherwise
  • SCL-12889 unnecessary work in SbtMavenDependencyCompletionContributor
  • SCL-10407 navigation from stacktraces suggests too many variants
  • SCL-10325 SBT error log not displayed in Event Log
  • SCL-12881 Cannot resolve symbol using implicit class and shapeless
  • SCL-12668 Add Scala versions suggestion to New_CBT_Build_Class dialog
  • SCL-11890 Collection inspection: convert Option(Constant) to Some(Constant)
  • SCL-10997 Add library to deps in build.sbt
  • SCL-12662 Offers to over simplify JavaFX Binding
  • SCL-11525 Support build tool window output
  • SCL-12824 Replace an icon for build.sbt file in "Place to add dependency" dialog
  • SCL-12932 Collections collection name suggestion
  • SCL-12919 Add external libraries resolver and downloader in tests
  • SCL-12810 Debugger does not stop at all breakpoints in Scala application
  • SCL-12803 Receiver "case Register(...)" in "waitingForRegistration(...): Receive" goes to Extractor section instead of Receiver
  • SCL-12813 Add SBT dependency dialog shows no progress or errors
  • SCL-12622 new icons for sbt
  • SCL-10021 Breakpoints are not working in implicit value class with @inline def
  • SCL-12769 Suggest user to specify path to amm instead of error message
  • SCL-12951 layout of messages in build toolwindow
  • SCL-12968 Internal exception during test fun via sbt console
  • SCL-10860 Implicit class using HList wrong code highlighting
  • SCL-12836 "Add sbt dependencies" should use "%%" operator if available
  • SCL-12835 "Add sbt dependencies" inserts extra "libraryDependencies" keyword
  • SCL-12187 SBT Shell takes "busy" state at a second click on debug button
  • SCL-12644 Proposed SBT artifacts look imcomplete
  • SCL-12899 Local disabling of type-aware highlighting should work regardless of white space
  • SCL-12846 `Add type annotation for function definition` add `Nothing` for function implementation

Build 2017.2.13

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