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Script Editor
Connection Manager
Object Browser
Execution Engine
Code Editor
Data Editor

Script Editor

Dialect sensitive editor for SQL and for  Procedural-SQL script files (.sql, .plsql) providing advanced editing capabilities.
 - Language highlighting configurable in the "Colors & Fonts" IDE settings section
 - Code formatting, folding and bracket matching
 - Qualified code completion suggesting only suitable variants for the invoking position (it suggests only keywords and objects which are allowed to occur at the given position) *** 
 - Two configurable levels for code completion (to narrow down the suggested variants to the desired extent) 
 - Sortable variant-lists on code completion invocation
 - Error highlighting for incomplete statements or invalid references to database entities 
 - Basic structure projection in the "Structure" tool window
 - Statement execution triggers on editor gutter
 - Editor intentions (statement execution and selection of connection/schema for the current editor)
 - Navigation to object browser for resolved identifiers
 - Navigation within editor for aliases


Tabular dataset editor for manipulating data in tables and editable views
 - Enhanced cell editors for several data types (data choosers, calendar, large text editor)
 - Input validation and error highlighting - erroneous inputs are leniently notified (light error pop-up) ***
 - Data sorting on column headers
 - Gutter highlighting for unsaved (not commited) changes - inserted, changed or removed entries are emphasized in the editor gutter
 - Data export to file (or clipboard) in several formats (sql insert statements, .xls, .csv)
 - Flexible data filtering capabilities (simple - list of conditions joined with AND or OR; custom - sql editor for freestyle where condition)
 - Quick filter suggestions (e.g. "filter by column value") ***
 - Transaction awareness when changing data (commit and rollback controls are being enabled for the corresponding connection)
 - Navigable structure projection in the "Structure" tool window
 - Smart editing (cell becomes editable right after being selected to skip annoying "double-click to edit") ***




** Oracle feature
*** Productivity highlight