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Build 2017.3.5

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41 Fixed issues
41 Fixed issues
  • SCL-11603 SBT Shell Can't close process using Ctrl+D
  • SCL-12301 Upgrade scalastyle to version 1.0.0
  • SCL-11885 Find usages of top level private unqualified class in Scala does not work
  • SCL-12714 Good code is red, abstract type alias in object
  • SCL-12780 #ScalaTest support broken
  • SCL-12707 IIE when create new SBT project
  • SCL-11598 SBT Shell Add `Always scroll down` option
  • SCL-12679 IIE about Hocon when create or import a project
  • SCL-12774 Ammonite runner searches resources by a wrong path
  • SCL-12772 The Editor cannot resolve $file.<some_folder>.<some_class> imports
  • SCL-12732 Buttons for path specification don't work in the Ammonite run config
  • SCL-12408 please remove usages of deprecated SoftKeySoftValueHashMap
  • SCL-12665 Cannot import CBT project
  • SCL-11884 Activator EOL
  • SCL-12765 Many Ammonite imports in Scala script project are incorrectly highlighted as unused
  • SCL-12690 AddUnitTypeEnterHandler always commits document
  • SCL-12794 packaging of our plugin takes too long on windows
  • SCL-12790 "Create library from jar..." intention doesn't appear on a sequence of ivy imports
  • SCL-12002 lowercase "sbt" mentions in the UI
  • SCL-12701 don't open debug window when activating sbt shell debugging
  • SCL-12775 Ammonite run config. doesn't save deleted param.
  • SCL-12776 IDEA cannot resolve ammonite annotations without imports
  • SCL-12634 Support Lightbend "project starter" templates
  • SCL-12731 Add setting "Program arguments" to Ammonite run config.
  • SCL-12734 Double colon in Ammonite run config dialog
  • SCL-11614 SBT Shell No shortcut to bring focus to shell
  • SCL-12781 move scala compile server settings closer to scala compiler settings
  • SCL-12786 Navigation from method usage leads to method's class but not to method
  • SCL-12633 Intellij Play2 module not honored in run configuration
  • SCL-10610 Find Usages does not work for members of private classes/objects
  • SCL-12609 Idea shows import as unused, but it's used in implicit and doesn't compile without import
  • SCL-12767 Make setting "Treat .sc files as: Auto" more descriptive
  • SCL-12647 No place to add dependency after SBT Artifact choise
  • SCL-12646 "SBT Artifact Search" window should be more compact
  • SCL-12762 DisposalException from SbtShellRunner
  • SCL-12601 Implicit usage isn't highlighted in case of import
  • SCL-12709 Minor issues in the description of "Lightbend Project Starter" wizard
  • SCL-12768 Rename "Run Ammonite" Run config. to "Ammonite" Run config
  • SCL-12700 Use server VM to run the tests
  • SCL-12573 Can't resolve "import $ivy" in simple ammonite project
  • SCL-12729 IDEA suggests to add SBT deps in not-SBT project

Build 2017.2.11

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