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This is the home page for the Alexey Ivanov space.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice To Meet You,,

    How are you today ?,My name is Mary Hight,fair in completion ,i saw your profile today onand after going true it i was moved with the quality i found in your profile,which makes me to became interested in knowing you the more. but i will like you to no that distance ,age or color dose not matter but what maters is love and understanding and being honest to each other. i will like you contact me true my direct mailing address so that i will give you my picture and tell you more about me ( have SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT to tell you.Good to hear from you,
    (mary8_b@ y a h o o.c o m)
    Yours dream love.

  2. Anonymous

    heh.. too strange post :-)


  3. Anonymous

    Dear Alex

    At the moment we are in the process of looking at various options to electronically and digitally put together a “Software Catalog” for our division in MALTA; since we can benefit from integrating this application to our Confluence package we are looking for a plugin  or an add-on that may just do that.

    We have noticed that there is already something which is very simplistic and aimed more at pre-packaged or off-the-shelf software that falls under this category from Communardo of Germany.  BUT here we mainly have in-house developed applications which we are looking to manage better and we are looking to integrate this catalog to our JIRA and some other confluence packages to give us an optimal knowledge base regarding statuses of applications.  

    If this is something you can help with, or know someone that can help  I will forward you a requirements specification list and we can move on from there.

    Thank You
    Kind Regards

    Ryan Mifsud
    Solutions Architect
    IT Solutions
    Vodafone Malta Limited
    Mobile: +356 9993 0325

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