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Welcome to YouTrack InCloud Documentation Home!

What will I get with YouTrack InCloud?

What would you get with YouTrack InCloud?

When your new YouTrack is created...

When you confirmed creating a new YouTrack InCloud instance, you are prompted to set up the system administrator user password. When your new instance started, click the displayed button "Take me to my YouTrack". You will be invited to log in to your instance: Use your email as the login. After logging in, the new "Create project" dialog will be displayed so you can create your very first project and start using YouTrack.

Where can I find more info and documentation?

YouTrack InCloud uses the latest released YouTrack version, so to get more details on usage, please refer to the current main YouTrack Documentation space.

For starters, please check the basic Quick Start with YouTrack InCloud page.

Handy Doc Links

Where can I send my feedback?

We'd love to hear your feedback about your experience with YouTrack InCloud: