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YouTrack Energy supports Apache Tomcat 6.0 and newer.

To deploy and run YouTrack WAR within Tomcat servlet container:

  1. If you run Tomcat (e.g. as a Windows service), stop Tomcat instance before deploying YouTrack.
  2. Save youtrack-xx.war in the $TOMCAT_HOME$/webapps directory. Rename youtrack-xx.war file as required before deploying. In the further examples we assume that the YouTrack servlet name is set to youtrack.war.
  3. Start Apache Tomcat.
  4. In your web browser, navigate to http://yourserver:<Tomcat port>/youtrack.
  5. When the login form (http://yourserver:<Tomcat port>/youtrack/loginform) displays, enter root/root as your default login/password pair.
  6. Complete the initial setup screen (http://yourserver:<Tomcat port>/youtrack-xx/setup):
    1. Enter your user name and license key. If you need to evaluate YouTrack, request an evaluation key.
    2. Optionally, fill out all other initial settings. The step is recommended but you can specify these settings later on.

      It is highly recommended you set the new password for the root user during the initial setup. However, you can change the default password later, via root user's Profile.

    3. Please check that the baseURL of your instance is correct. For example, in this case baseURL should be http://yourserver:<Tomcat port>/youtrack. The baseURL is necessary for correct work of REST API, screenshot applet, OpenID and TeamCity integration and for correct links in YouTrack notifications.

For more information, please refer to Apache Tomcat official documentation.