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YouTrack's Workflow Editor is a MPS-based application, which allows you to create and edit workflows.

You can download Workflow Editor on YouTrack's home page. For more details about running and configuring Workflow Editor, please refer to the Installing and Configuring Workflow Editor page.

General work cycle with Workflow Editor contains the following steps:

  1. Configure connection to YouTrack server
  2. Download available workflows and issue fields schema from server. Currently available workflows will appear in the workflow tree, in the left side panel.
  3. Create new workflows, edit or delete existing ones.

    Please use Ctrl+Space to invoke code completion and Ctrl+P (Cmd+P on Mac OS) to view suggestions for possible parameters of a method.

    Before you start creating or editing workflows, we recommend you to see Default Workflows page for detailed description and samples of implemented default workflows.
  4. Upload changes to YouTrack server. Upon upload:
    • Workflows deleted locally in Workflow Editor will be deleted on the server and will be automatically detached from any project.
    • Changes in edited workflows will be applied immediately.
    • Rules added to an existing workflow will be attached (and activated) to projects, to which the containing workflow is attached.
    • For a newly created workflow, you will have to attach it to needed projects on your YouTrack server.

Below you will find the overview of Workflow Editor's UI main elements, tools and menu.

Workflow Editor UI Overview

The following screen-shot explains the current Editor's UI and tools:

Editor's Workflow Menu

In the Menu bar of YouTrack Workflow Editor you can find the Workflow menu:

Commands on this menu repeat workflow buttons in the toolbar (see the big overview screenshot above), except for exporting/importring workflow commands:

  • Click the Export workflow to disk to save your current workflow locally as a ZIP file.
  • To import previously saved workflows, click the Import workflow from file.
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