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  • To run YouTrack Standalone via JAR distribution file, you need to have Java JDK 1.5 and higher.
  • YouTrack requires at least 512Mb of JVM heap memory. You can set the size of heap memory via -Xmx parameter when starting youtrack-xx.jar from the command line.
    Otherwise, set the system default JVM heap size. As the YouTrack database grows you should increase the JVM memory size.
  • In order to open graphic attachments and render image thumbnails correctly, it is required to use Java in Headless Mode. To enable Java Headless Mode, you can use -Djava.awt.headless=true parameter in the command line, when starting YouTrack, or set java.awt.headless system property. For more information about Java Headless Mode please refer to the Using Headless Mode in the Java SE Platform article on Java official web-site.

Considering the above mentioned requirements, you can run YouTrack with the following command:

Installing YouTrack JAR as a Service Under Linux

Linux Scripts for Easy YouTrack Installation


Many thanks to Alexey Efimov for sharing the scripts provided in this guide.

To quickly install YouTrack from .jar distribution under Linux, perform the following steps under root user:

  1. Add a user:
  2. Create a directory:
  3. Create script init.d:
  4. Paste the following code into init.d:
  5. Save the script and grant it exec privileges:
  6. Install init.d:
  7. Create a run script:
  8. Paste the following code into Modify JAVA_HOME variable to correctly reference your Java installation home directory (make sure to have JDK installed beforehand):
  9. Save and grant it exec privileges:
  10. Download the latest YouTrack JAR file (make sure to change <version> accordintly):
  11. Run YouTrack:
    YouTrack will run on port 8112.
  12. Install lighttpd1.5 server:
  13. To configure proxy, paste the following code:
    Uncomment commented lines if you have virtual hosts for YouTrack on a multiple-site host.
  14. Add a symbolic link:
  15. Restart lighttpd:

You can now access YouTrack on port 80 via HTTP.

To upgrade YouTrack to a newer build, execute the following script (make sure to change <version> to match the version of the build you're upgrading to):

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