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Installing YouTrack Workflow Editor

Workflow Editor is available in four distributions:

  • — a cross-platform distribution, which contains .bat and .sh scripts to start Workflow Editor in any operating system.
  • youtrack-workflow-editor.exe — Windows installer. Just run it and follow instructions of the installation wizard.
  • youtrack-workflow-editor.tar.gz — Linux distribution. No installation needed: Just unzip downloaded archive and run the file.
  • — Mac OS X distribution. Unzip the downloaded archive and either copy contained YouTrack Workflow application to your Applications folder or just run it from where it was unzipped.

When you run YouTrack for the first time, you must configure it.

Configuring YouTrack Workflow Editor

Before you start editing workflows you must previously configure connection settings to your YouTrack server.

To configure connection settings to your server:

  1. Click the connection settings button with YouTrack's logo in the toolbar, and in the appeared dialog widow set base URL of your server, and administrator credentials to access the server.



    To be able to create and edit workflows you should have low-level administrator permissions.

  2. Click the Test button to check connection, and then save configuration. Please note that while testing connection, access permissions of the used user account are checked.

That's it. Now you are ready to create and edit workflows.

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