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Early Access Program for WebStorm 9

Early Access Program for WebStorm 9 is now closed!

Please download WebStorm 9 stable from the website and learn about its new features.
To use WebStorm 9 you need to have an active license (or start a 30-day trial period).

What's new in WebStorm 9 EAP

  • spy-js for Node.js
  • Updated Live Edit with Node.js support
  • PhoneGap, Cordova and Ionic integration
  • JSX support
  • spy-js powered code completion and spy-js magnifier
  • Postfix completions for JavaScript
  • Meteor support
  • Gulp integration
  • Dart's pub serve integration
  • Improved Polymer support
  • Web Starter Kit project template

Read more about new features.

Learn about new features in out blog:

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