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OC-6657 (Bug)

IDE Error: null psi file provider: com.intellij.psi.SingleRootFileViewProvider@7400d112



WEB-6917 (Bug)

Emmet: 'Convert hex colors format' option should affect color completion

WEB-6836 (Bug)

SCSS validation, mixin is marked as error

WEB-7052 (Bug)

SCSS validator produces incorrect validation error

WEB-6999 (Bug)

rgba fully transparent with backlight is incorrectly shown



WEB-7047 (Bug)

Coffeescript module flag erroneous reserved keyword

WEB-6502 (Bug)

Introduce var breaks code

WEB-6990 (Bug)

Coffee code format breaks the code



WEB-6957 (Cosmetics)

Please rephrase "Bad SDK home path" message and provide hyperlink to settings

WEB-7058 (Bug)

Dart: Autoformat fail for comment

File Watchers


WEB-7126 (Feature)

$FileNameWithoutExtension$ needed to remove all extensions

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-101196 (Bug)

Find: can't exclude



WEB-6978 (Cosmetics)

HTML Structure tool window: Missing icon for "HTML5 Outline" when Toolbar is shown



WEB-2161 (Bug)

Jade: comment at first column breaks code



WEB-7022 (Bug)

respect "globals" option in .jshintrc

WEB-1246 (Bug)

JSDoc: Throwable on refactor/rename template parameter

WEB-1023 (Bug)

Javascript inspection reports an error on value assignment

WEB-6906 (Bug)

Assignment to prototype error

WEB-6993 (Bug)

WebStorm 6 eats lot of CPU when some files are open,.syntax highlighting misbehaves

WEB-6992 (Bug)

Don't climb up to PHP tree when resolving JS reference in injected fragment

WEB-6593 (Exception)

NPE on 'go to class' in minified file

WEB-6557 (Exception)

NPE on 'quick definition' for symbol in minified JS

WEB-6842 (Exception)

NPE at com.intellij.webcore.libraries.ScriptingLibraryMappings.serialize



WEB-7080 (Bug)

Code reformat wrongly places LESS comments

WEB-7051 (Bug)

Incorect syntax error in .less file, no error in the equivalent .css



WEB-6970 (Bug)

nodejs - detect npm/node path automatically (brew)

WEB-7077 (Bug)

Node.js require not recognized



WEB-2283 (Feature)

TypeScript: 'make static' intention for the module function corrupts the code

WEB-2029 (Bug)

TypeScript: recognize implicit interface implementation

WEB-2346 (Bug)

TypeScript: can't match interface types that have the same set of required members

WEB-6901 (Bug)

TypeScript - Good code red

WEB-7164 (Bug)

string is assignable to Object in TypeScript

WEB-6900 (Bug)

TypeScript Bad code green - constructor return type

WEB-6899 (Bug)

Bad code green: warn about missing return expression for non-void function

User Interface


IDEA-102490 (Bug)

Show hidden files in JSHint file chooser on OS X

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