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No subsystemPerformanceWEB-52612WebSymbolElementDescriptorsProvider causes noticeable slowdown when Find Usages is invoked in big project
BugWEB-53358Can't specify path to Deno or Deno cache via browse action
BugWEB-52811ESLint with WSL seems to not working anymore on Webstorm 2021.3 EAP
CSSBugWEB-52720Tailwind 2.2+: CSS classes completion doesn't work in *.php files (but works in *.blade.php)
FeatureWEB-48542Tailwind Plugin autocomplete for ERB / Rails helpers
BugWEB-53225Stylelint Plugin is Incompatible with Stylelint v14 + SCSS
PerformanceWEB-52607Node process started by the Tailwind CSS plugin consumes much CPU
FeatureWEB-53033CSS, TailwindCSS Support in EJS Files
FeatureWEB-53150Tailwind autocomplete support for mustache .hbs files
FeatureWEB-53186Tailwind Autocomplete class names for Smarty (.tpl) with JIT enable
BugWEB-53264Build 213.5281.x: deadlock (infinite loop) with TailwindDocumentationProvider in thread dumps
FeatureWEB-25289CSS/SCSS/SASS/LESS: add option "Add a space at comment start"
File WatchersFeatureWEB-38925File Watchers: support programs running on WSL
HTMLExceptionWEB-53086Exception while editing injected HTML fragment
JavaScriptBugWEB-52058Click on path with alias, for opening js-file, is opening less-file instead (perhaps because name is same) (Webstorm)
TaskWEB-53276Enable completion for top-level await in JS and TS files
FeatureWEB-52552Support import assertions proposal
FeatureWEB-53257Add advanced configuration for using file extensions in module imports
UsabilityWEB-51859Method chaining not working - unrecognised fluent methods, even when they return this.
BugWEB-53258Add an asterisk when pasting code snippet into a selected comment
FeatureWEB-51282Support "imports" field of package.json
BugWEB-28630NodeJS Modules imports going relative outside of package scope
BugWEB-51842Default modules re-exported as named are imported as default if "Use paths relative to the project, resource or sources roots" is enabled
UsabilityWEB-53220In JSX context, existing variables/parameters should have higher priority in completion than HTML live templates with matching names
BugWEB-53235Structure pane for JS exports in ES6 modules
BugWEB-53436WebStorm 2021.3 Beta copies wrong value
BugWEB-53031Wrong type mismatch errors are reported for React "useContext()"
PerformanceWEB-52693high CPU and memory usage causing low memory notification
BugWEB-53266Generate getter/setter for Javascript fails with private class fields
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-53385Apply 'ES6 import/export braces' option to import assertion
FeatureWEB-52752Add "block comment at first column" option for JavaScript
FeatureWEB-51952Provide a code style option to add white spaces within JSX comments
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-29900Angular: provide completion of CSS properties in style property binding
BugWEB-52834Vue: `ref` attribute value in script setup should refer to local variable if one is defined
FeatureWEB-52834Support Angular 13
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-53439Invalid JavaScript warning: Condition is always false since types 'String' and 'StringConstructor' have no overlap
BugWEB-52450Use file extension in imports if type: "module" is used in package.json
CosmeticsWEB-53208Typos in Inspection Descriptions for "JavaScript and TypeScript"
LintersBugWEB-53256ESlint: update the bundled `.eslintrc-schema.json`
Node.jsBugWEB-53454Windows: hidden command line when running Node.js run configuration
BugWEB-48930Yarn PnP: Webstorm doesn't find node dependencies on Windows with WSL
BugWEB-52837Run Script with npm throws errors in WSL
BugWEB-53230Don't show 'Update package to the latest version' after performing the action
BugWEB-53378Can't install dependencies if package.json file isn't in the root folder and use Node.js interpreter via docker-compose
FeatureWEB-40509Support "exports" field of package.json
FeatureWEB-52942Support Vagrant interpreter via Node.js Run Targets, e.g. Mocha, Jest, npm
BugWEB-53381Can't run tests with node via docker-compose without setting up File sharing
ProfilingBugWEB-41449NullPointerException when attempting to load heap snapshot
TypeScriptUsabilityWEB-49388Monorepo: prohibit auto-import from the same package using absolute paths
BugWEB-53336deno: "configuration.applicationArguments must not be null" error when running run configuration
BugWEB-52986Show anonymous properties in the structure panel
BugWEB-50464TypeScript: Cannot use paths without baseUrl
TaskWEB-52568Update bundled TypeScript to 4.4
TaskWEB-53042TypeScript 4.5: ECMAScript Module Support in Node.js
BugWEB-51447"Use .js extension for module names" setting is not used for Javascript or Typescript
TaskWEB-53053TypeScript 4.5: type Modifiers on Import Names
BugWEB-53183'Use directory import when index.js is available' option doesn't work when re-export
Unit TestsBugWEB-48664Test runner with WSL does not highlight failed assertions etc.
BugWEB-47606WSL 2: Jest Coverage tool window not showing any stats
BugWEB-52461Jest: "Click to update snapshot" link fails with "Failed to prepare target. null" when using WSL node interpreter
CoreUsabilityIDEA-280910Do not show welcome screen on starting IDE with gateway url
Core. DebuggerBugIDEA-279755Evaluated values aren't updated in New Run/Debug UI
BugIDEA-281842Inline watches: "Set value" and "Add as inline watch" options disappear from the popup on Linux
Core. IDE SettingsBugIDEA-281327Inlay hint settings don't open from context menu
CosmeticsIDEA-280642Inlay hints settings: remove right margin from preview
BugIDEA-280498IDE antialiasing setting resets on restart
UsabilityIDEA-280126Inlay hints settings: remove scrolling, make tree and detail areas equal in width by default
BugIDEA-280720New inlay hints: these settings are not searchable
BugIDEA-280814Method chains settings are ignored when updating to 2021.3
Core. Platform APIBugIDEA-279127ComponentManagerImpl.unregisterComponent should remove the component from serviceInstanceHotCache
Core. Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-279700Cannot cast class to itself after dynamically updating plugin through balloon popup
BugIDEA-279479Internal IDE error right after updating my plugin to latest version
BugIDEA-279451Dynamic plugin update issues
BugIDEA-279931Do not suggest already ignored plugins
BugIDEA-280107Class cast exception caused by dynamic loading during plugin upgrade
Core. Quick DocumentationUsabilityIDEA-280982[Regression] Quick Documentation window steals focus during code editing. "Auto update from source" is gone.
BugIDEA-280750Documentation tool window ignores new background color when changing theme to dark / light
ExceptionIDEA-280813CCE at com.intellij.lang.documentation.ide.impl.DocumentationTargetHoverInfoKt.injectedThenHost
BugIDEA-280509Documentation popup is shown over autocompletion window
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBugIDEA-282189Run configuration templates are missing
BugIDEA-197080Select box of Run/Debug Configuration in Navigation Bar Toolbar is empty when deleting the last item of a specific template, "Add Configuration..." is shown in the dropdown instead of another configuration
BugIDEA-280925Regression: Configuration editor doesn't save folders
Core. Run. TargetsBugIDEA-280608Docker: Cryptic "unable to resolve docker endpoint" error due to incorrectly detected path to certificates
BugIDEA-280935Run Targets: Can't finish creating new ssh target with existed ssh connection
Core. SSHBugIDEA-281956Deployment based on SSH configuration utilizing OpenSSH agent and config complains about "host no found"
BugIDEA-281116Remote SSH server version is not shown in logs
FeatureIDEA-277305Support Windows 10 ssh-agent
BugIDEA-281819SSH warning about an unknown host key is shown like the key has been changed
BugIDEA-248772SSH configuration doesn't consider empty password to be valid
BugIDEA-281132Set client identity in SSH
EditorBugIDEA-281047Block caret allows no continuous selection after scrolling down
BugIDEA-281339Block caret random text selection and "new line" selection at line end
ExceptionIDEA-275403Throwable: Light files should have PSI only in one project
Editor. FormatterBugIDEA-280816internal code analysis of Rider parses .editorconfig incorrectly
Lang. JSONFeatureIDEA-281703JSONPath: provide keys and functions completion for expression head
BugIDEA-281681JSONPath: repeated asterisks are reported as error
Lang. MarkdownBugIDEA-279937Markdown: the floating toolbar doesn't appear for the last line in file
BugIDEA-280199Floating toolbar is not hidden after closing tabs with keyboard shortcut
BugIDEA-279665Mermaid graphs not working
BugIDEA-280583Injected code gutter Run line markers can't be executed
BugIDEA-280728Markdown Tables: Table borders are broken on column swap
Tools. DockerBugIDEA-280671Docker Registry. Settings. Change the Address to empty or "space" example by choosing "JetBrains Space" registry
FeatureIDEA-178126Mark file as Dockerfile if it is used as Dockerfile in run config
BugIDEA-280916Docker. Registries. Images completion. Empty list if we call completion after or before "/"
BugIDEA-264715Custom docker TCP socket setting is not persisted
BugIDEA-279801Red code for `--platform` option for FROM command in Dockerfile
BugIDEA-281025Docker. WinOS. Connection to Minikube doesn't work
BugIDEA-281844Minikube setting does not apply in GoLand
BugIDEA-277333Docker. java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException at pointing not-existing context folder
BugIDEA-280676Docker. Container, "Show Processes" action displays wrong list with duplicated strings
FeatureIDEA-269719Secrets argument not supported while build docker image
FeatureIDEA-199206Add support for ":Z" flag in Bind mounts for docker
BugIDEA-281172DockerCompose file. Resolve/ find usages doesn't work for services from the complex `depends_on` section
BugIDEA-212068Docker. File Chooser. Files tab is empty for images based on alpine, photon, busybox images
BugIDEA-277286Docker. FileChooser. java.nio.file.InvalidPathException at refresh after creating new folders
UsabilityIDEA-282141Docker Registry. Connection to my space registry fails
BugIDEA-280682Docker. Push image dialog. Don't display it with scrollbars
BugIDEA-280913Docker. Images completion: Two strings are combined into one instead of showing the completion list
BugIDEA-248584Support --ssh build option for Docker
BugIDEA-278320Parsing of "host_ip" in docker-compose.yaml fails
ExceptionIDEA-272618java.lang.Throwable: Blocking SSH method called from the dispatch or write thread at calling Terminal for the first time
BugIDEA-280128Provide possibility to add/edit docker registry from the Services view
Tools. HTTP ClientCosmeticsIDEA-280591HttpClient: Do not add # to request name in servicesView for requests with only ### or with empty name
BugIDEA-281434HTTP Client: gRPC examples do not executed, because gRPC cannot find proto file
FeatureIDEA-237751Show request names instead of index in Request field inside run configuration
BugIDEA-156476REST Client Tool doesn't save cookies
BugIDEA-278832Cookie didn‘t send to server when I use Http file in Idea2021.2.2
BugIDEA-281242HttpClient: Run request options doubled on gutter click
UsabilityIDEA-239339Order of contextual menu items for environments changing order in HTTP client
Tools. TerminalBugIDEA-271438API for optional persistent terminal tabs
User InterfaceBugIDEA-280319Status bar no longer displays popup action's description
BugIDEA-272559"Recent Find Usages" shortcut does not invoke "Recent Find Usages" popup
CosmeticsIDEA-231276Hint in Search Everywhere is cut on macOS Catalina
User Interface. Alerts, NotificationsBugIDEA-279902Arrow navigation works in the opposite direction for buttons in the UI
User Interface. Favorites/BookmarksUsabilityIDEA-280568Bookmarks window: go to source shortcut not supported
BugIDEA-270270Next Bookmark doesn't work across different files.
User Interface. Find UsagesBugIDEA-276558Find usages doesn't work for injected languages anymore with 2021.2 upgrade
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBugIDEA-281183Editor actions don't work in console's 'find' panel
BugIDEA-280620Regex search does not match
User Interface. FocusBugIDEA-281015On macOS, sometimes project window is not brought above other project windows when stopping on breakpoint
User Interface. Keymap, ShortcutsBugIDEA-280119Keymap editor shows actions with `use-shortcut-of` under "Other" group
User Interface. NavigationUsabilityIDEA-259571Ability to disable deleting files from Recent Files with backspace
User Interface. New Project WizardBugIDEA-282058HTML Wizard prompts for folder/project name twice.
User Interface. PluginsBugIDEA-278567Buy plugin link from detail page can opens multiple links
User Interface. Search EverywhereFeatureIDEA-280849Train the very first model for ranking files in Files tab of Search Everywhere
User Interface. TabsUsabilityIDEA-280818Add tooltip for three-dots button on the tab bar
BugIDEA-280819"More" button overlaps tab label in Code Style Settings
BugIDEA-280795Toolbar buttons are hidden under "Show Hidden Tabs" button in the terminal toolwindow header when tabs overflow the header
BugIDEA-280831"More" and three-dots buttons on editor tabs pane are overlapped if "Show pinned tabs in a separate row" is on and there are no pinned tabs
BugIDEA-280792Three dots button remains visible after closing all tabs
BugIDEA-280802Grey line appears after first line in the Editor when opening tabs from second row
BugIDEA-215364Cannot see last open tab in vertical tab bar when there are too many tabs to fit on screen
User Interface. TouchbarBugIDEA-277249Debugger buttons on touchbar don't appear at all
Version ControlTaskIDEA-281701Disable Code Author inlay hints in 2021.3
Version Control. GitUsabilityIDEA-280478Focus moves away from Git log when opening and closing diff
BugIDEA-280471Push Commits up to Here: push rejected after update if the branch was not up-to-date before calling Push Commits up to Here
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