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No subsystemBug WEB-48150 Empty stub trees are not used from prebuilt shared indexes
Bug WEB-47417 Quick Documentation tooltip shown on mouse move doesn't include a link to external docs
Bug WEB-48044 Create React component quick fix for qualified references shouldn't be available
Bug WEB-44521 'Download node' has hard-coded node version, current version for download is 12.13.1
Bug WEB-44118 Import quickfix not given for Ant Design icons
Performance WEB-44334 Minute-long freeze when starting to type inside large mixed php file
Exception WEB-47780 Throwable at com.intellij.psi.impl.SharedPsiElementImplUtil.getChildIndex
Exception WEB-47902 AssertionError
Build toolsUsability WEB-36182 webpack aliases are not resolved correctly when config is exported as function
Task WEB-47906 Basic support for mutiple webpack configs
CSSFeature WEB-42792 Tailwind CSS support
Feature WEB-48151 Support @nuxtjs/tailwindcss
Bug WEB-45489 Webstorm format doesn't format the css inside styled-components
Bug WEB-47978 Color preview in code completion popup is too big
DebuggerBug WEB-48060 Throwable: fileInfo.url: node:internal/util, url: node:internal/util when debug via node 15
Bug WEB-48092 Debugger: No Hebrew/Arabic support in inline value tooltips
Bug WEB-48396 Expanding an object with inline debugger does not start with first property
HTMLBug WEB-43054 Automatically inserted pair quotes aren't recognized when closing the pair in blade templates in Vue.js projects
Bug WEB-47979 Go to definition for classes in HTML shows the usage itself on the top of the list
JavaScriptFeature WEB-47713 No hint about indirect usages of exports when dynamically imported
Feature WEB-48090 Suggest variable names based on file name
Bug WEB-47680 Cannot resolve symbol exported import ES6
Bug WEB-47941 Trailing comma after FlowJS inexact operator is seen as error
Bug WEB-48153 JSDoc: parameters destructuring doesn't work with @typedef
Bug WEB-41261 Dynamic imports not counted when checking for import usage
Bug WEB-48173 Imported modules from Vue@3 are not resolved in JavaScript
Bug WEB-47771 Cannot resolve symbol 'html' from `lit-element` library
Bug WEB-44774 Code completion missing in destructuring statement
Bug WEB-48138 Exclude blank and short items from completion
Bug WEB-47052 Do not add JsFlowSettings to workspace.xml when Flow is not used
Bug WEB-48031 Go to usages (cmd/ctrl+click) doesn't work with enabled flow service
Bug WEB-47925 ES6 module re-exported as "export {default as moduleName}" should be imported as a named module
Bug WEB-48139 Completion doesn't suggest all available options
Bug WEB-47750 Incorrect Inspections that disappear on cut&paste
Exception WEB-48028 Opening the flow project without node_modules causes an exception
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-46511 Vue 3: Support <script setup>
Feature WEB-48010 Import prettier rules with ESLint
Bug WEB-46620 [Vue.js] `template` field does not handled properly in JS files
Bug WEB-45616 Case-sensitive completion of React components
Bug WEB-46730 Component class exported indirectly is not recognized
Bug WEB-46545 Vue 3 `setup`: Returned properties not recognized in template if `setup` method is defined as `async`
Bug WEB-27844 Importing a folder doesn't resolve platform-specific React Native index imports
Bug WEB-48169 Angular 11 Schematics do not load correctly
Bug WEB-47599 Receiving "JSX is used without importing React" for React 17
Bug WEB-47204 Composition API's setup() function cannot be arrow function
Bug WEB-46645 vue-typed-mixins Broken
Bug WEB-46882 Vuex's mapState does not work when module's state is a function
Bug WEB-47131 Vue Composition API: components autocomplete does not work
Bug WEB-46768 Go to Definition for components from web-types.json doesn't work if there are multiple sources (Vue)
Usability WEB-34635 Vue.js: single file components with function property are not available in completion
Exception WEB-47998 'Convert to visible line separators' causes 'nonempty text is not covered by block in #Vue #formatter'
JavaScript. InspectionsBug WEB-46999 Common.js imports with require are not suggested in quick fixes
Bug WEB-48121 Incorrect simplification of do while (false) in JavaScript
Cosmetics WEB-48211 typo in switch-tooltip
JavaScript. RefactoringBug WEB-39255 "Extract Method" refactoring should replace all occurrences of selected expression
Bug WEB-47675 Rename from .jsx to .tsx creates incorrect imports
Bug WEB-48123 Cannot move React function based component to file without warning.
Live EditBug WEB-47430 Live Edit: "Highlight current element in browser on caret change" does nothing
TypeScriptFeature WEB-11418 Add "Insert Var Declaration" quickfix for TypeScript
Bug WEB-47934 First option in completion isnt rendered
Bug WEB-45077 False errors from tsserver on module rename + move
Bug WEB-30387 Auto import is not optimal (top most source)
Bug WEB-44282 Importing an external function that is only used as a variable's declaration is detected as unused
Bug WEB-46778 Vue: vuex state inferred on typed parameters
Bug WEB-46126 TypeScript 4.0 Variadic tuple types support
Bug WEB-47803 Multiple candidates for the same type variable in contra-variant positions isn't inferred to an intersection type
Bug WEB-43070 Types added to modules via module augmentation not available in import completion
Bug WEB-48109 WebStorm TypeScript inspections should support @ts-ignore
Bug WEB-48179 TypeScript 4.1: Template literal types assignability
Bug WEB-45486 Inspection[Typescript]: Attempt to assign to const or readonly variable
Bug WEB-48224 TypeScript widget not showing in status bar
Task WEB-48275 TypeScript widget changes
Task WEB-47166 Support rendered comments for indexer
Task WEB-48001 Remove options "Use for projects without tsconfig.json" and "Compile scope" in the TypeScript language server configuration
Exception WEB-48034 Code with Variadic tuple types causes an exception
Unit TestsBug WEB-42164 Test assertion diffs are not shown when using jest-circus runner instead of jest-jasmine2
Code Analysis. Language InjectionBug IDEA-251156 Translate 'Fragment' in tab's name when edit an injection
CoreBug IDEA-253683 ClassCastException when open project with Space plugin
Bug IDEA-255312 Can not import a Gradle project due to java.lang.IllegalStateException from workspace project model
Bug IDEA-253548 JSLanguageLevelPusher.getImmediateValue resolves too many children in search of .idea/misc.xml
Performance IDEA-254450 Slow Gradle project import with 2020.3 EAP
Core. DebuggerBug IDEA-256188 Inline watch in Variables view shows wrong line in a file (always -1 from the actual line)
Bug IDEA-252062 Inline watches: unreadable color combination when hovering over inline watch in current line
Bug IDEA-256109 Inline watches: No inline watches in editor if debugger variable view is not opened
Bug IDEA-256118 'Remove All Watches' causes incorrect behavior and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException com.intellij.xdebugger.impl.inline.InlineWatchesRootNode.removeInlineChildren
Bug IDEA-255861 Expanding an array with inline debugger does not start with 0 index
Cosmetics IDEA-252060 Inline watches: bottom toolbar design looks worse than in mockups
Core. DiagramsBug IDEA-254810 No tooltip for UML changes diagram action in VCS toolbar
Core. File SystemBug IDEA-253551 VirtualFileManagerImpl.fireAfterRefreshFinish logs ProcessCanceledException
Core. IDE SettingsBug IDEA-253051 Zulu: SDKMAN detected JDK doesn't include /Contents/Home on macOS failing Gradle import
Usability IDEA-253137 Can't toggle (enable/disable) certain settings with keyboard (without mouse)
Task IDEA-253638 Add an API to prioritize configurables within a group in code style settings
Task IDEA-253357 Search in keymap should take synonyms into account
Core. IDE Settings. SharingBug IDEA-254758 Settings repository doesn't apply pulled non-active custom keymap in case of "Merge"
Bug IDEA-253846 Can't set up IDE settings sync
Bug IDEA-181599 Keymap not imported settings.jar or synced in settings repository across two Webstorm instances
Bug IDEA-254117 NPE on enabling IDE settings sync
Core. IndexingBug IDEA-252988 File search does not show files, search all does
Performance IDEA-253399 IDEA freeze
Usability IDEA-253972 Project specific settings for shared indexes are configured at IDE level
Task IDEA-252012 Group indexing diagnostics per project
Core. InstallationBug IDEA-254674 Windows 10 icon path in registry typo
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-255311 Eval license for commercial plugins in EAP builds should remain the same as the one for release builds
Bug IDEA-254049 License source is changed after the IDE restart
Core. Platform APIBug IDEA-254534 2020.3 EAP SDK break from removed type params for PlaceHolder/PlaceProvider
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-254029 Issues after unloading Maven plugin by disabling it for project
Bug IDEA-254484 No opportunity to disable plugin per project via cogwheel menu on the plugin page
Bug IDEA-252873 Plugin enabled for one project is shown as enabled\disabled for all projects if two projects are opened in a separate windows
Bug IDEA-254176 Icons collision
Bug IDEA-253447 Incompatible plugin message contains "version 'null'"
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-253040 IDEA does not recognise a module, but it is present in modules.xml
Bug IDEA-253515 "Invalidate and restart" action deletes content of .idea/libraries directory in projects which use Gradle if Android plugin is enabled
Bug IDEA-253586 Class is not registered:
Bug IDEA-254157 Sometimes VfsUtilCore.copyFile adds an extra bom to the new file
Exception IDEA-253686 It's not possible to create a new project at location which was used for another project
Exception IDEA-189132 Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.roots.ui.configuration.ModulesConfigurator.getOrCreateModuleEditor
Exception IDEA-253589 NoSuchFileException while getting module file
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-253284 "Show on mouse move" is shown as a button with unknown icon in Documentation tool window
Core. Run. ConfigurationsBug IDEA-254136 [new run config UI] mnemonics for "command line fields" don't work
Bug IDEA-253893 Unable to specify tags for JUnit5 tests
Bug IDEA-255011 [new run config UI] hint on hover for JDK field is shown only if it has focus
Bug IDEA-253816 [new run config UI] "Build" Before Launch disappears after modifying the Run Configuration
Bug IDEA-254134 [new run config UI] in Before Launch section it's impossible to add several tasks of the same type
Core. Run. TargetsFeature IDEA-251763 Provide browsers from browsable targets to run configurations
Bug IDEA-255755 Run configuration never ends after exception on target preparation
Bug IDEA-253695 Run Targets: rsync test connection asks for ssh server password, but it is provided
Bug IDEA-253711 Run Targets: SSH: attempt to run JUnit 5 run configuration fails on attempt to copy files
Bug IDEA-254846 Run Targets. Go language runtime: version is always empty after restart
Bug IDEA-253330 Run Targets. Docker. Run targets creation works wrong because 'Runtime language' step is absent during the target creation.
Bug IDEA-253369 Run Targets. Docker. Build args are ignored.
Bug IDEA-253151 Exception when uploading file to SSH run target
Bug IDEA-253428 SSH Target: after failure with upload IDE still tries to upload something
Bug IDEA-253797 Docker. Run Targets. Copy a docker target action creates a new target without a name and doesn't copy language values
Bug IDEA-253810 Run targets. Docker. Creation via Settings: it doesn't take the set "language runtime" and doesn't run container introspection
Bug IDEA-253345 Run Targets. Docker. Errors by "Rebuild" the same Dockerfile
Bug IDEA-252404 Run Targets: Hide run on list before wizard
Bug IDEA-253321 Run Targets. Changes in the chosen Dockefile should be saved before running build/pull process
Bug IDEA-252405 Run Targets: Can't configure maven home for docker run target
Bug IDEA-253377 Run Targets: RSync for SSH target not detected in case windows-linux or wsl-linux
Bug IDEA-253753 Run Targets: Turn off run targets functionality for the sub-run-configs of Application
Bug IDEA-252759 Run Targets. Docker. It doesn't work on winOS because of the invalid paths
Bug IDEA-253362 Run Targets. Docker. Add validation for "Run options" field as it for Docker run configs
Bug IDEA-253624 Run Targets: SSH: the files are copied before the project is built. As a result the application runs without the last changes always (or fails in case of missing local build results)
Bug IDEA-255092 Run Targets. Docker. java.lang.IllegalAccessError: class at attempt to create/rebuild docker run target
Bug IDEA-253152 Uploading files to a run target should exclude ignored files
Bug IDEA-253090 Run Targets: Get Maven exception after choosing several targets in maven configuration
Bug IDEA-248370 Show an error when no runtime is configured
Bug IDEA-253343 Run Targets. Run configs: the newly created run target is not selected in the Run Configuration dialog
Usability IDEA-253620 Run Targets. Docker. Improve target creation via Settings
Usability IDEA-253274 Run Targets: SSH: provide possibility to select the Maven home path on the remote machine using the path chooser
Usability IDEA-253269 Run Targets: SSH: add possibility to select the jdk home path using the path chooser
Usability IDEA-253334 Run Targets. RunConfigs->Manage targets. Add Apply button.
Cosmetics IDEA-254006 Run Targets. Docker. Create via Settings: the 3d step name is present only as `3/3.` instead of `3/3. Configure Java`
Cosmetics IDEA-252469 Run Targets: Adjust add language runtime section beneath Advanced Volume Settings
Cosmetics IDEA-253693 Run Targets: rsync connected message not visible in dark theme
Task IDEA-252711 Run Targets: targets should be project-level
Core. SSHBug IDEA-253287 SSH password requests are not cancellable.
Bug IDEA-253595 When auth type is not openssh+agent, preferred authentications should be updated.
Bug IDEA-254121 AWS generates ssh without passphrase but IDE asks for it
Bug IDEA-252300 Entered SSH passphrase isn't applied for deployment configuration
Bug IDEA-253288 If ssh password request is shown as a balloon, it can't be shown as a modal window.
EditorFeature IDEA-252707 Soft wrap in lightedit
Bug IDEA-253454 "More about the LightEdit mode" link should open help page for current IDE
Bug IDEA-253165 --edit command-line option is ignored in case build.gradle/pom.xml
Bug IDEA-250265 NullPointerException when trying to invoke intention actions for .md files
Bug IDEA-253601 Bad live-template position near the inlay element.
Usability IDEA-253084 Reader Mode very surprising the first time you see it
Editor. Diff and MergeBug IDEA-253069 Font ligature settings are being ignored
Editor. Editing TextTask IDEA-253903 Optimize Copy/Paste processors
Lang. JSONUsability IDEA-241855 schemas drop-down should be using the names and not the url suffix
Tools. DockerBug IDEA-255268 Docker. Impossible to re-call the closed Attached console
Bug IDEA-222853 PROJECT_DIR macro does not seem to work for bind mounts
Bug IDEA-253996 Docker target has two identical Java language runtimes neither of which can be removed
Usability IDEA-220014 Docker: Terminal, Attached console: provide info if it is disconnected
Usability IDEA-253992 Dockerfile selector in Docker run target settings editor should default to the project home directory
Tools. HTTP ClientBug IDEA-244972 HTTP Client not handled POST redirect automatically
Bug IDEA-251964 HTTP Client: actions for unsubstituted variable value adding don't work with localized application
Bug IDEA-253282 HttpClient: Changes in rest client xml file not taking into account for convert to new http client action
Bug IDEA-255209 HttpClient: after changing color scheme some elements of httpclient in endpoints view tab became in previous color
Usability IDEA-252424 Headers completion shows already typed text as the top suggestion
Tools. TerminalUsability IDEA-180370 Darcula default terminal colors
User InterfaceBug IDEA-253643 Dialogs are too small so the content is collapsed
Bug IDEA-253297 Missing action group icon in popup menu in 2020.3 EAP
Bug IDEA-255252 Exception on drag-and-drop What's new tab
Bug IDEA-249821 "Copy File Name" action doesn't include part after the last dot
Bug IDEA-253839 Big Sur: Custom alerts are invoked instead of native
Bug IDEA-253824 "Got it" popup shadow does not move with the popup after Analyzing is completed
Bug IDEA-253367 Tool Windows in window mode don't raise when invoked in 203 IDEA
Bug IDEA-251477 SearchEverywhere: modules are cropped
Bug IDEA-253263 Shift+Enter opens several splitted tabs if invoked from Recent Files
Bug IDEA-236415 "Show memory indicator" toggle doesn't work anymore
Bug IDEA-254608 Reader mode should be disabled for library files or at least important functionality like gutter icons should work
Bug IDEA-254999 The splash screens are kept in caches and thus the obsolete splash screen is shown on startup
Bug IDEA-252217 Drag and drop doesn't work with new Welcome Screen
Bug IDEA-254085 Splitting tabs by drag-and-drop in detached window sends tab to project frame
Bug IDEA-253703 Pinned tab does not become unpinned after drag-and-drop to the position before the last tab
Bug IDEA-254732 Pinned service view tab looks the same way as non-pinned tab
Bug IDEA-255350 Tab highlighting appears on tab pane when splitting tabs with drag-and-drop
Bug IDEA-253036 Tab splitted by drag-and-drop becomes pinned if it was located next to pinned tab
Bug IDEA-252781 Window titles are light in Darcula, when reopening IDEA with 2 projects
Usability IDEA-254748 Enable preview tab doesn't work if Open file with single click is unchecked
Usability IDEA-255581 Popup submenu behavior
Cosmetics IDEA-250519 grammatical & typographic errors in notification
Cosmetics IDEA-254135 Fix appearance of the dragged files/tab
Exception IDEA-254377 ISE at com.intellij.ui.popup.AbstractPopup.$$$reportNull$$$0
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-253342 On `Settings | Appearance and Behavior | System Settings`, the NVDA screen reader doesn't speak the "Database" when navigated to the "Database:"'s edit view by using tab
Bug IDEA-253338 "Show help contents" button in settings page can't be spoken by NVDA screen reader
Bug IDEA-253340 Two buttons in `Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Menus and Toolbars` are not spoken by NVDA screen reader
User Interface. Action SystemFeature IDEA-253266 Actions popup: show submenu on mouse hover
Bug IDEA-255228 Action popup: do not show submenu for actionable items
User Interface. ArtworkCosmetics IDEA-221920 Strawberry icon looks like a bug
User Interface. ControlsUsability IDEA-254091 Selection in action popup is changed while hovering mouse to submenu
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-212529 Find/Find&Replace in path with newline always matches all whitespace at the beginning on subsequent line, disregarding the search pattern
Bug IDEA-249809 Editor search not showing up
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-190158 Typeahead timeout exception if same shortcut is assigned to multiple actions (Find and Find in Path, or similar case with Goto Class)
Bug IDEA-255557 Create Field without focus
Bug IDEA-253238 Right click sometimes sent to and activates the wrong IJ window
Bug IDEA-255026 'Explain shell' refactoring popup - focus is stolen from popup to Editor
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-252282 Regression: Shortcuts with German umlauts stopped working
User Interface. Look and FeelBug IDEA-254333 Custom theme unable to customize icons
User Interface. Project ViewBug IDEA-254773 No More Drag-n-Drop in Project Explorer
Usability IDEA-238064 File structure popup (speed search) Ctrl-C should copy text of selected list item, not the speed search text
Version ControlBug IDEA-252307 Rebase modal no longer stores previously selected ref or options
Bug IDEA-231698 Non-modal commit: Author field is not shown inline
Bug IDEA-252549 Double click on change in commit tab no longer shows inline diff window
Version Control. GitBug IDEA-253313 Can't commit staged deletion
Bug IDEA-255104 Missing Update action in Git Branches popup when called via Quicklist
Bug IDEA-254399 Reword and interactive rebase are failing when commit contains spaces at the beginning
Usability IDEA-251554 Pull-dialog: suggests pulling from the last entered branch, instead from tracked branch
Usability IDEA-253485 Git Staging Area: Vertical scrollbar covers plus/minus icons
Usability IDEA-223976 Add tooltip to Detached HEAD warning
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-243134 Clone Dialog -> GitHub: Infinite wait if pressing "Log In" with all fields empty
Version Control. LogTask IDEA-252476 Create color key for hovered line in the Log table
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