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No subsystemFeature WEB-44187 Run Prettier on save - add jsx and tsx files by default
Feature WEB-43061 jsconfig.json baseUrl is not supported
Feature WEB-41530 "Run anything" should offer scripts from package.json without typing "npm run"
Feature WEB-38335 Run Prettier on saving files
Feature WEB-39998 Show property names in completions for indexers
Feature WEB-25666 Add option to configure injected fragment background for each language separately
Bug WEB-42930 Duplicate script tag message for multiple <script> tags in Laravel Blade file
Bug WEB-42756 Typescript: Attempt to assign to const or readonly variable, when assigning to variable with union type
Bug WEB-42872 'Infer parameter types from usage' duplicates types
Bug WEB-43777 Error loading tooltip
Bug WEB-43768 TypeScript Refactor Extract Method inserts erroneous '<T>' before extracted method name.
Bug WEB-44076 IndexOutOfBoundsException when Introduce field
Bug WEB-43879 Run prettier on save: change default glob pattern
Bug WEB-42511 'Run anything' shows scripts from wrong package.json
Bug WEB-44222 Completion for object literal properties with 'this.' doesn't properly handle non-identifier property names
Bug WEB-44183 Remove inspection 'Unresolved JavaScript variable' from injections
Bug WEB-43484 'Introduce variable' breaks for 'as' type casts in TypeScript if no whitespace after parentheses
Bug WEB-43722 Can't find "Node.js run/debug configuration" after completely fresh installation of IDEA 2020.1
Bug WEB-44221 Completion for object literal properties with "this." behaves incorrectly for TypeScript explicit this specifications
Bug WEB-43854 Optional chaining should always add ' | undefined' to the tail type
Bug WEB-43777 Error loading tooltip
Bug WEB-44149 Run prettier on save triggers in other project "Non-Project Files Protection
Bug WEB-43772 Files from node_modules shouldn't affect the "New File" dialog
Bug WEB-43750 Spring Boot: 'Debug' button is missing when static web assets are located in resources folder
Bug WEB-42990 Quick Documentation: dl/dt/dd tags are not rendered
Bug WEB-43821 Webstorm giving false compiler errors for setters
Bug WEB-43933 Common table expressions in strings don't cause SQL language injection albeit they should
Bug WEB-43680 Extract parameter causes an exception when invoking inside arrow function
Performance WEB-43007 Import optimization in TypeScript is too slow to be used as a trigger on save
Usability WEB-44108 Improve presentation of long paths
Usability WEB-9655 Clean-up "New File" dialog
Cosmetics WEB-43800 'Enabled' column is not fully displayed in 'Settings | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries'
Task WEB-42926 Rearrange inspections in the settings: TypeScript/JavaScript categories
Task WEB-44295 Do not show browser icons in XML files
Task WEB-43677 Please make the AWS Toolkit plugin featured in WebStorm
Task WEB-44337 Bundle the Grazie plugin with WebStorm
Exception WEB-43488 NullPointerException when enable prettier plugin
Exception WEB-43809 PluginException when create fresh node.js express project
CSSBug WEB-43153 Color Picker dialog issues: wrong traversal order on tab, not updated colors.
Bug WEB-43562 Exception after enabling postCSS plugin
Task WEB-43006 Remove information about CSS level and browser support from completion popup
Task WEB-43231 Make css.supportedFileTypesProvider extension point dynamic
CoffeeScriptBug WEB-35585 support dynamic imports in coffeescript
DartFeature WEB-43245 Dart Remote Debug should support connecting to the remote VM with the authentication token
Task WEB-44167 Create 'Dart Web' run configuration type by default to run/debug Dart web applications
DebuggerBug WEB-44245 Debugger works improperly
Bug WEB-44400 When re-run failed Karma tests in debug mode, debugger doesn't stop on breakpoint
Bug WEB-44425 Apply 'do not step into' to library roots other than 'node_modules'
Bug WEB-30889 JavaScript Debug is not working for version 2017.3.3
Bug WEB-43320 Debugger does not break on breakpoint in cluster worker regression
Bug WEB-44306 Reference Error in the list of threads when debugging an npm script with nodemon
Bug WEB-43008 "Open Source" in Scripts view doesn't work
Bug WEB-43315 "Step into" does not work for libraries in 2020.1
Bug WEB-41834 Debugger opens incorrect file (same-named instead of the file with breakpoint)
Bug WEB-43747 When attaching to a running Mocha test, debugger doesn't consider breakpoints in the first launch
Bug WEB-12527 Django/JavaScript Debugging Broken in 3.4
Bug WEB-44313 JS Debugger: problems with source resolution when content is symlinked
Bug WEB-44064 Electron Main Debug Not Working
Performance WEB-41714 'Step into' is very slow when 'Do not step into library scripts' is turned on
Usability WEB-43215 Remove line separator between input and corresponding output in JavaScript debug console
Usability WEB-43277 Replace Drop Frame with Restart Frame action
HTMLFeature WEB-40474 Support Vue in HTML files containing a Vue CDN or local file link
Bug WEB-36211 Custom "data-" attributes on SVG elements in HTML are reported as not allowed
Performance WEB-43760 UI freezing because of calling XmlTag#getDescriptor on EDT
Cosmetics WEB-43036 Remove tag background in IntelliJ Light theme
JSONBug WEB-40292 x-intellij-language-injection doesn't function in yaml for array items
Bug WEB-43566 JSON: incorrect syntax after adding a single quote
Bug WEB-43447 Java process of IDE stays alive after ide is closed if project contains JS files
JavaScriptFeature WEB-44208 Inject TypeScript JSX and JSX when `jsx` and `tsx` language tags are used
Feature WEB-38886 IntelliJ IDEA cannot find test case when using template string with variable
Feature WEB-43013 JavaScript: provide completion for object literal properties with "this." prefix
Feature WEB-22664 Delete ECMAScript 3 JavaScript version
Feature WEB-43397 JavaScript: enable completion autopopup in string literals if the context type is an union type with string literals
Feature WEB-34743 Support Proposal Logical Assigment: syntax-only
Feature WEB-31345 Show all JSDoc-style tags in the documentation popup
Feature WEB-43505 Add information about symbol type and visibility to quick documenation
Feature WEB-43506 Update presentation of private fields and methods in the quick navigation and documentation popups
Feature WEB-42183 Make JavaScript 1.8.5 disabled in the list of JavaScript language versions
Feature WEB-40267 Add intention: Convert to optional chaining and/or nullish coalescing
Feature WEB-43504 Add information about symbol definition location to quick documentation
Bug WEB-44255 JSX: parse several consecutive tags
Bug WEB-43443 syntax error on object spread with `in` and conditional operator
Bug WEB-42929 Type hint of "this" keyword malfunctioning in WebStorm.
Bug WEB-38449 Show inferred type in completion when using ES6 getters/setters
Bug WEB-38447 Properties defined with ES6 getters/setters are shown as functions in quick documentation
Bug WEB-36237 Structure view: different view of Setter & Getter in js & ts
Bug WEB-44370 Exception showing JSDoc comment containing "pre" tag
Bug WEB-44308 Inline function should parenthesize object literals if inlining inside shorthand arrow
Bug WEB-44008 Incorrect import from Node.js core modules
Bug WEB-44162 Quick documentation is empty
Bug WEB-42791 False positive "Method expression is not of Function type"
Bug WEB-43274 WebStorm shows debug information inside hover doc popup
Bug WEB-42873 'Infer parameter types from usage' incorrectly infers rest parameter type
Bug WEB-43979 Weird behavior on copying string element from one array to another in typescript source
Bug WEB-42971 Conditional default parameter assigning in the arrow function gives an error
Bug WEB-43622 Remove braces intention results in invalid code
Bug WEB-44168 Can't go to declaration for modules imported from sub namespaces.
Bug WEB-43885 Presentation improvements in quick documentation
Bug WEB-43398 'Introduce field' shouldn't be available before 'super' call
Bug WEB-43082 Overridden is shown twice while actually it's overridden once
Bug WEB-43375 'Extract field' doesn't insert element with this when invoking inside array or indexer
Bug WEB-43487 JavaScript false positive "Contents of collection 'filterNames' are updated, but never queried"
Bug WEB-42890 JavaScript: for-of -> for-indexed conversion doesn't work for inferred types
Bug WEB-43923 JavaScript: Vue 2.6.11 not properly analyzed
Bug WEB-40387 Invalid syntax error warning in JS file when placing JSX inside template literal
Bug WEB-43307 "Extract constant" does not work when selecting incomplete part of the expression in a function return
Bug WEB-43788 Incorrect 'this' in decorators
Bug WEB-44256 TypeScript constrained @template in jsdoc
Bug WEB-42888 Rendering of enum members with non-identifier names is incorrect in 'specify type explicitly'/hints/other features
Bug WEB-37405 Javascript RegExp error: Unclosed character class
Bug WEB-42816 JavaScript: add loop live templates with better names
Bug WEB-44175 No autocomplete on material-ui createStyles in pure JS
Bug WEB-43351 'Extract variable' does not work when selecting the last part of the expression with minus
Bug WEB-43345 'Extract variable' creates duplicate code fragment when invoking the whole line
Bug WEB-43935 'Infer JSDoc parameter types from usages' should paste '*' instead of 'any' to JSDoc
Bug WEB-41899 Do not suggest Class as a class name after the `class` keyword
Bug WEB-43327 React.js: "Expand selection" works incorrectly in Redirect tag expression
Bug WEB-43041 JavaScript: make JS parser more tolerant to typos
Bug WEB-41959 Type is not inferred for named function imported through jsdoc
Bug WEB-43689 Resolve for symbols from JavaScript libraries doesn't work in test files in IntelliJ IDEA
Bug WEB-42099 incorrect classification of a for on loop variable as global
Bug WEB-43917 Don't show documentation popup on string literals
Bug WEB-43955 Show empty custom JSDoc tags in quick documentation
Bug WEB-42659 Import statement is marked as deprecated
Bug WEB-20955 ES6: re-exported binding resolve support (ESNext proposal)
Bug WEB-40312 "Invalid number of arguments, expected 0" when passing message to superclass Error
Bug WEB-31303 Quick Doc: Markdown: recognize table syntax
Bug WEB-44177 Inspection 'Unused global symbol' doesn't work for methods whose name consists of one / two letters
Bug WEB-43223 Type is always unset when destructuring props in JavaScript React components
Bug WEB-32548 Remove redundant escape quickfix breaks the regexp
Bug WEB-36755 No autocompletion if npm package's package.json doesn't contain types property
Bug WEB-43824 Incorrect 'infer parameter types' for conditional statements for checking whether a variable is defined or not
Bug WEB-42316 JSDoc @summary contents aren't shown in Quick documentation
Bug WEB-43438 JSDoc Promise return type not shown in quick documentation
Bug WEB-38576 Javascript: `@return` type annotation assumes the first part is always the type annotation
Bug WEB-42866 'Infer parameter from usage' should not be invoke many times in JavaScript
Bug WEB-20508 Quick Definition of default item imported via ES6 import statement results in viewing import statement not definition in actual import
Bug WEB-42887 'Infer parameter types from usage' causes a freeze when searching for references takes too long
Bug WEB-41997 an unresolved identifier "type" is highlighted as a used local var
Bug WEB-43614 Inline type info not truncated
Bug WEB-43014 JavaScript: "insert this" quick fix doesn't work for object literals and class fields
Performance WEB-42985 Memory and processor consuption peaks on a node project with 4 files and 4 libs
Performance WEB-43019 PHPStorm 2019.3 slow perfomance, autocomplete and inline validation take between 1 and 5 seconds to complete
Performance WEB-42509 PhpStorm takes an extremely long time to run code analysis and inspections on javascript files
Performance WEB-44069 Quick Documentation: Fetching documentation takes a lot of time (~5 sec)
Usability WEB-43369 Popup 'Extract field' jumps to first occurrence
Usability WEB-43319 A popup to select a field name overlaps on popup 'Introduce field'
Usability WEB-44119 does not prompt import
Usability WEB-41072 Show file path in "Choose declaration" popup
Usability WEB-35571 Quick Documentation should show type information if nothing else is known
Task WEB-42498 Remove intention 'Swap method call arguments'
Task WEB-42591 Remove old JavaScript versions from the list of languages for scratch files
Task WEB-43749 `#field` syntax is obsolete now for private-fields, we should always use `this.#field` instead
Exception WEB-42867 'infer parameters from usage' doesn't work with export
Exception WEB-42865 'infer parameters from usage' inserts generics after the variable name when applied to function expressions
Exception WEB-20585 com.intellij.openapi.project.IndexNotReadyException on Refactor - Move of node_modules
JavaScript. FormatterUsability WEB-43227 Improve action name in the intentions popup when suggesting to import code style
JavaScript. FrameworksFeature WEB-30491 Vuex: implement store symbol resolution within Vuex store
Feature WEB-43542 Vuex: support root actions from namespaced modules
Feature WEB-42209 Vue: ship core Vue libraries web-types with the plugin
Feature WEB-43589 Vuex: support find usages for mutations, actions and getters
Feature WEB-44180 Angular: Support new Ivy metadata format and enable Ivy by default
Feature WEB-43547 Vuex: support code completion for Vuex store symbols within components
Feature WEB-26950 Vuex: implement store symbols resolution within Vue components
Feature WEB-43638 Vuex: support Object-Style commit and dispatch
Feature WEB-43549 Vuex: support namespaced mappers in components
Feature WEB-43541 Vuex: implement resolution of store symbols in qualified references
Feature WEB-42964 multiple props in slot-scope or v-slot with vue.js causes "unexpected tokens in slot prop declaration"
Feature WEB-43789 Vuex: Support `import * as ...` syntax in store initialization
Feature WEB-43548 Vuex: support code completion for Vuex store symbols within Vuex store code
Feature WEB-44371 Vue: improve type evaluation with composition API and support Vue 3
Feature WEB-41565 Vue: Support for Composition API
Feature WEB-43540 Vuex: implement store symbols resolution in decorated components
Bug WEB-37146 Webstorm incorrectly complains that "data-" attribute is not allowed on Angular element
Bug WEB-40709 Angular: Component or directive properties inherited from an abstract library class are not recognized
Bug WEB-42492 Angular: stale state of Angular project detection
Bug WEB-41402 `innerHTML` is not recognized as valid attribute if the brackets are omitted
Bug WEB-43348 Code completion doesn't work unless React typings are installed
Bug WEB-40778 Angular directives with the transloco library
Bug WEB-43751 Auto-import is not suggested for components defined via React.memo (when @types/react are not installed)
Bug WEB-42405 False positive no overlap for component with prop types
Bug WEB-44388 Wrong Copy and Paste in TSX files
Bug WEB-43160 Completion for compound React components from semantic-ui-react
Bug WEB-42364 Angular modules aren't recognized if installed with pnpm
Bug WEB-39018 Autocompletion not working for "react-testing-library" and "dom-testing-library" modules
Bug WEB-44140 Incorrect Angular "Missing or invalid component declaration in module" inspection
Bug WEB-44487 Vue.js: SOE when `include` tag present in HTML file
Bug WEB-42012 jsconfig.json is not supported in *.vue files
Bug WEB-42439 Live Templates: Angular: correctly expand a template invoked in the class context
Usability WEB-43720 Customizable VueJs language injection
Usability WEB-43570 Vue.js: Make sure plugin is I18N-ed
Task WEB-42901 Use "npx" as the default option for all generators (that support the npx command)
Exception WEB-43924 StackOverflowError when index template meteor project
JavaScript. InspectionsFeature WEB-42870 JavaScript: enable "Import can be shortened" inspection
Feature WEB-26818 Add inspection for converting let to const when possible
Bug WEB-44053 False positive 'Expression statement is not assigned or call' inside js expression statement fragment fully injected in a literal
Bug WEB-42349 'Assignment used as condition' should not be reported for mutable loop conditions
Bug WEB-30679 JS: invalid "redefining of eval is not allowed" error
Bug WEB-43306 TypeScript code assistant suggest incorrectly suggest to simplify expression with optional chaining
Bug WEB-43932 Inspections -> Javascript -> Probable Bugs -> Constructor return primitive value: considers every method which name starts with a capital letter a constructor
Bug WEB-44343 unary operator with exponential operator error
Bug WEB-42918 "const variable without initializer" from assigning PHP to inline JS, not short tags
Bug WEB-44314 JavaScript inspection "Duplicate case label" assumes incorrect comparison operator
Bug WEB-43623 unnecessary parentheses in javascript is not unnecessary
Bug WEB-30908 Use arrow functions when converting loop to forEach call
Bug WEB-42478 Changed Inspection Severity Level to Error for Duplication Javascript declaration doesn't work
Bug WEB-40666 Add errors for variable count/initializers and lhs expressions in for-of and for-in loops
Usability WEB-43346 Improve warning in the Potentially invalid constructor usage inspection
Task WEB-43640 Disable "Unterminated statement" inspection in JavaScript
Task WEB-43811 Rename 'JSDoc validation' to 'Syntax errors and unresolved references in JSDoc'
Task WEB-43807 Update 'JavaScript general errors' inspection
JavaScript. RefactoringFeature WEB-42951 Inplace 'Introduce field' refactoring for JavaScript/TypeScript
Feature WEB-42979 Inplace 'Introduce variable/field/parameter' when having subexpressions
Bug WEB-43087 'Propagate to destructuring declaration' inconsistent availability
Bug WEB-43344 Introduce field: wrong scope detection when extracting a constant substring of a template literal referencing inner vars
Bug WEB-9805 JS: wrong code scope computing
Bug WEB-12591 Extract variable not pulling near ocurrence
Bug WEB-39972 Move module member: should not be available when caret is on reference to readonly library file
Bug WEB-38311 'Change signature' doesn't work with tagged template usages
Bug WEB-42500 "Extract" refactorings don't properly handle ASI rules
Bug WEB-37665 Replace if-else with ?: is not working with variable initialization
Bug WEB-43573 Exclude occurrences in type predicate from refactoring
Bug WEB-43483 'Extract variable' removes parent expression when called on a string without quotes
Bug WEB-42461 AssertionError when call 'Replace with indexer access'
Bug WEB-44283 Inline function only inlines the first line of the function if used in shorthanded arrow function
Bug WEB-43507 'Introduce field' breaks before generators when code style for semicolons is to omit semicolons
Bug WEB-43568 'Extract variable' causes an exception in script tag when call inside arrow functions
Bug WEB-42462 'Replace ?: with if-else' produces red code
Bug WEB-43757 Extract / create from unresolved actions don't infer expression type from containing property
Bug WEB-43309 'Introduce variable' adds braces in the wrong sequence for arrow functions nested in invocations
Bug WEB-43332 Introduce Variable leaves unnecessary parentheses
Bug WEB-43435 Introduce variable fails with parenthesized expressions in return in if-else without braces
Bug WEB-27466 Fix 'create variable/field' from decorators and class body
Bug WEB-38246 'Extract method' doesn't check for member accessibility in case of static members
Bug WEB-25891 `Extract variable` does not correctly work with scopes
Bug WEB-39734 Extract field: should introduce after the initialization in constructor
Usability WEB-43163 Perform inline rename for global top-level symbols used only in the current file or is unused
Usability WEB-33470 Adjust intention visibility for expression/statement-based intentions
Usability WEB-43151 Problems with name suggestions when using Extract interface or type alias
Task WEB-43600 'Infer parameters from usages' improvements
Exception WEB-39078 Exception when invoking in-place introduce var from expression with parenthesized occurrences
Exception WEB-42437 'Extract variable' causes an exception in script tag in HTML
Exception WEB-42459 AssertionError when call 'Introduce variable' or 'Introduce parameter' in handlebar template
LintersBug WEB-43643 Prettier: incorrect path to prettier package stuck
Live EditBug WEB-43334 Live Edit in HTML does not work with vue installed via npm
Bug WEB-43476 Live edit does not work with XHTML file
Bug WEB-37042 LiveEdit HTML element highlight feature not working
Node.jsFeature WEB-37505 Use .env files to set environment variables for projects
Feature WEB-43383 Recognise more .env.* files
Feature WEB-40015 Code auto completion for environment variables stored in nodemon.json
Feature WEB-38187 IntelliJ IDEA cannot find Yarn binary when Yarn is installed with Yarn Version Manager
Feature WEB-42784 Coding assistance for environment variables stored in .env files
Bug WEB-42997 IllegalStateException when change node interpreter in RC
Bug WEB-42577 Support nvm aliases in .nvmrc
Bug WEB-44392 Show "pnpm install" instead of "npm install" if pnpm configured
Bug WEB-43123 Node express via npx: RC isn't created with project
Bug WEB-43683 'Path mappings' field is missed when create Node remote RC
Bug WEB-43754 `npm` panel not show as expected
Bug WEB-44322 Show brew installations of pnpm in "Package manager" drop-down list
Bug WEB-43761 packages.json freezes IDE when hovering package name
Bug WEB-43414 Support Mocha with Yarn PnP >= 2.0.0-rc23
Bug WEB-43370 IllegalStateException when trying to add remote interpreter
Bug WEB-43022 Can't set project in Run anything
Bug WEB-41288 Destructuring makes the variable resolution fails
Bug WEB-43279 Unable to run Node.js with UNC WSL paths
Usability WEB-25409 node_modules and linked subproject does not refresh automaticaly
Usability WEB-43103 RecordModuleIntoPackageJsonQuickFix should add existing version instead of latest
Exception WEB-43096 New Project Wizard fails with '' is not found
ProfilingBug WEB-41341 V8 CPU profiling with recent versions of node fails with "bad option: --log-timer-events"
Pug (ex-Jade)Bug WEB-43803 Syntax error for arrow functions inside objects in Pug
SASSBug WEB-43552 Disable/Enable Sass plugin throws exception "ID with name '<name>' requested for plugin <id> but registered for null"
Bug WEB-43264 SASS/SCSS inspection error when using '#' with '$'
Task WEB-42537 Move Compass support to a plugin and unbundle it in 2020.1
TypeScriptFeature WEB-38859 Implementing a property with functional type should result in a method implementation
Feature WEB-36079 Add intention 'infer parameters from usage'
Feature WEB-43901 Add a property of object to interface by Alt+Enter in TypeScript
Feature WEB-43269 Support TypeScript 3.8 type-only imports/exports in resolve and the imports mechanism
Feature WEB-43465 Mark files as excluded and nest them under corresponding .ts file
Feature WEB-43379 Support using ttypescript as Typescript language service
Feature WEB-38071 Auto-insert parenthesis after inserting decorator using auto-completion
Feature WEB-27333 TypeScript refactoring: generate type specifier when extracting variable
Feature WEB-26987 TypeScript: "Create Method" should generate signature with return type
Bug WEB-42139 Add JSON files to Typescript import completion
Bug WEB-43192 Resource import query string lost when moving TypeScript file
Bug WEB-40099 TypeScript - incorrect "Remove unused field" quick fix
Bug WEB-39540 Not support tsx in SFC of vue.js
Bug WEB-31257 No 'number'/'string' items in completion for enum members in static context
Bug WEB-42678 Remove empty ellipsis in type hints when collapsing
Bug WEB-42753 Regression: Inspection "JavaScript | Probable bugs | Result of method call returning a promise is ignored" does not work in async functions anymore
Bug WEB-44000 JSDoc: do not show mdn urls for non-standard types from lib.d.ts
Bug WEB-40535 Quick documentation for import types in TypeScript TSDoc
Bug WEB-43419 Vue Single File Components & TS: Selecting an Enum Completion places the Enum on top of the file instead inside the <script> block
Bug WEB-44052 Paired ' or " is not inserted in generics lists before '>'
Bug WEB-40319 No autocompletion for keyof when type is defined in same not-toplevel scope
Bug WEB-43884 Typescript parameter-properties are not resolved under --noImplicitThis
Bug WEB-44037 TypeScript: quick navigate/ quick doc should escape element name from the typescript service
Bug WEB-42965 [Typescript] Inline documentation for inferred arrow functions type doesn't work
Bug WEB-43653 TypeScript: 'constructor' suggestion erases access modifier
Bug WEB-43910 Type 'any' has incorrect color in quick documentation
Bug WEB-44214 Quick documentation shows link only to one related declaration when they are merged
Bug WEB-43765 Path completion in imports doesn't work when using "*" path mappings
Bug WEB-43228 Double "Create getter/setter" intention for ts files
Bug WEB-43431 Completion should autopopup for object type members
Bug WEB-34561 Code completion/types when using the React.createContext-API is inaccurate (with TypeScript)
Bug WEB-43830 Generics insert handler shouldn't insert type arguments before an already existing identifier
Bug WEB-44137 Optimize incompatible literals and literal vs primitive combinations to 'never'
Bug WEB-43385 Wrong highlighting for errors from the TypeScript service
Bug WEB-43406 Improve completion after 'readonly' in types
Bug WEB-39714 Code completion in TypeScript should show types in code completion for generic arguments of incomplete new-invocation
Bug WEB-44262 Typescript readonly parsing with indexed types
Bug WEB-44046 Type guards are not applied in TSX markup
Bug WEB-43852 Should not infer types from generic lambdas in function arguments
Bug WEB-43174 Contents of collection are updated, but never queried
Bug WEB-29438 Refactor / Extract Field: Type is not generated
Bug WEB-44321 TS: problem with generics in Vue composition API with reactive wrapper.
Bug WEB-41688 TypeScript - Implement class members with generics produces wrong signature
Bug WEB-44011 JSDoc: do not expand simple typescript aliases
Bug WEB-44060 Literal vaules are not suggested in template strings
Bug WEB-42974 Property name completion picks up unrelated properties based on parameter name
Bug WEB-44312 TS: problems with inference of generic default values of generics
Bug WEB-44009 JSDoc: incorrect type presentation for properties
Bug WEB-43471 Typescript imports from namespaces are shown in Go To Symbol menu
Bug WEB-43491 Duplicate 'Compile TypeScript' actions in 'Find Action' when focus is on tsconfig.json
Bug WEB-43238 'Generate destructuring patterns' fails on assignment property of enum
Bug WEB-43444 Unnecessary information for Type in quick documentation
Bug WEB-43310 Typescript 3.7.2 string enum missing method in Angular html template
Bug WEB-44166 Quick documentation hangs when react HOC is defined
Bug WEB-43820 Do not report 'Promise is ignored' for dynamic resolve results in TypeScript
Bug WEB-43084 Excluding ".d.ts"/".js" files with a ".ts" sibling works unreliable
Bug WEB-43744 Incorrect type inference with nullish coalescing and nullable types
Bug WEB-42363 Expected type generics not evaluated for a class with inherited-only constructor
Bug WEB-43997 Incorrect inferring from a type with multiple call signatures
Bug WEB-43030 Incorrect type inference in TypeScript when function is overloaded
Bug WEB-39170 TS: Inaccurately displaying "type: any" when tuple-destructuring an object with Object.entries(), where object indexer type is "number" (and not "string")
Bug WEB-43775 narrowed is fail with nest `a ? b : (c ? d : f)`
Bug WEB-43445 'Readonly' modifier has incorrect color in quick documentation when using import JSDoc
Bug WEB-44003 Shouldn't expand conditional types for raw generics
Bug WEB-44258 Invalid 'static method is not accessible' for static member access via 'this'
Bug WEB-35365 No autocomplete on material-ui createStyles
Bug WEB-44394 Resolve is broken when import is shorthand
Bug WEB-42982 TypeScript: code that compiles with `tsc` does not compile in WebStorm
Bug WEB-42812 Add `declare` Property Modifier to completion
Bug WEB-44237 Generic constraints are not always taken into account and are buggy with conditionals when expanding generic type to object type
Bug WEB-43239 Generic type not substituted on narrowing
Bug WEB-28642 TypeScript. Go To Declaration opens base class instead of needed. Idea [2017.2.3].
Bug WEB-44335 Show information about an object when calling the quick doc on 'this'
Bug WEB-42819 Generic type properties completion isn't always precise
Bug WEB-42807 Invalid 'Type mismatch' warning with callback, generic constraints and destructuring parameters
Bug WEB-40503 TS: Incorrect completion in generics
Bug WEB-43615 TypeScript optional chaining is incorrectly resolved when type aliases are used
Bug WEB-44273 Number literals are not considered when evaluating possible branches for switch statements (i.e for "create missing switch branch" inspection)
Bug WEB-38460 TypeScript: jest.spyOn no longer auto-completes parameter values (2019.1.1)
Bug WEB-44160 Incorrect editor highlighting when using generic function as a generic parameter
Bug WEB-43230 Should optimize intersections of primitives with null or undefined to 'never'
Bug WEB-42460 Autocompletion suggests properties that are not allowed by TypeScript (generics + property map)
Bug WEB-42635 'Implement All members' expands type aliases unnecessarily
Bug WEB-43209 Importing tsconfig file in IDE produces SOE
Bug WEB-44236 No properties are suggested for conditional type which involves generics
Bug WEB-43742 Make 'Remove type declaration' action respect code style settings
Bug WEB-43663 Renaming refactor doesn't refactor callbacks passed to functions
Bug WEB-43944 TypeScript: quick doc works incorrectly for functions in some cases
Bug WEB-43945 ES6: quick doc doesn't work for import aliases
Bug WEB-43708 Accessing properties after optional chain in conditional causes WebStorm to discount optional chain when calculating type narrowing
Bug WEB-40689 wrong auto import from namespace inside of module
Bug WEB-43497 Switch statement lambda expression lookahead breaks inner statement parsing
Bug WEB-43710 typescript keyword completion within '<>' fails when has `=`
Bug WEB-42061 Typescript code completion (For casting return type)
Performance WEB-43982 High cpu usage when editing typescript
Performance WEB-43240 High CPU Usage and long waiting when autocomplete in vuex project
Performance WEB-42611 UI Freezes on selecting 'Directories' in Preferences
Performance WEB-43333 TS: Auto-import quick-fix consumes a lot of EDT time
Performance WEB-42053 Type hints cause StackOverFlow exception in TypeScript 3.7 due to type recursion
Usability WEB-43909 Autopopup isn't suggested inside property bracket notation
Usability WEB-41913 Impossible to differentiate entries with same name in the same-named files in Search Everywhere, Go to Class, and Go to Symbol
Usability WEB-41450 Provide better handling for long inlay hints (particularly React.useState)
Cosmetics WEB-42210 Improve presentation of inlay hints for parameters that have type recursion
Task WEB-44294 Support TS 3.9 awaited type (at least minimally)
Task WEB-44027 Update bundled TypeScript to 3.8
Task WEB-43393 TypeScript quick documentation: use inferred type from the ts service
Task WEB-42637 Investigate support for TypeScript with Yarn 2
Task WEB-44105 TypeScript: use quick doc from service for unresolved references
Task WEB-43594 Improve "Explicit member type" inspection
Unit TestsFeature WEB-33822 Jest update all snapshots in file
Feature WEB-35869 WebStorm doesn't detect "function-value named" Jest tests
Feature WEB-35970 WebStorm does not recognize Jest tests in nested functions
Feature WEB-28462 mocha: can't run single test if test name is an expression (nothing here)
Bug WEB-43208 Mocha: show nyc coverage for .tsx files for default configuration
Bug WEB-43168 Mocha tests not recognized when being wrapped in "parallel()" call
Bug WEB-43995 'Highlight problem line in test' inspection doesn't work for jest when using WSL node interpreter
Bug WEB-43290 Running single Jest test fails if a project directory is a symlink
Bug WEB-34951 Tests with describe.skip.* dont detected as tests
Bug WEB-35107 Jest: describe.each and test.each are not recognized
Bug WEB-44377 Failed mocha tests cannot be rerun in debug mode
Bug WEB-42279 'Cannot find runner' when selecting a recent test session from Test History
Bug WEB-31065 mocha/testing: generated suites aren't detected for gutter icons
Bug WEB-43355 In failed karma tests links follow to localhost, not to the file system
Bug WEB-43467 test runner fail when there has a exits run conf with same name
Bug WEB-32426 Jest: testNamePattern does not handle template string
Bug WEB-32050 Run mocha test with template literal describe description gives "Empty test suite"
Bug WEB-42474 Incorrect test runner name in gutter
Bug WEB-32774 Some Jest describe statements are not recognized
Code Analysis. InspectionFeature IDEA-97040 Concurrency inspection could ensure that methods annotated with @GuardedBy were only invoked when a lock is held.
Feature IDEA-228090 Problem view for the current file
Bug IDEA-198830 Slow inspections in IDEA
Bug IDEA-218302 On pressing F2 only one problem is shown in the inspections tooltip
Bug IDEA-232351 Exception during PyCharm launch: nSystem.impl.ActionManagerImpl - Assertion failed
Bug IDEA-229617 NullPointerException in ex.GlobalInspectionContextImpl
Usability IDEA-227280 Running Inspections From Command Line: Errors logged for every missing description
Code Analysis. Language InjectionFeature IDEA-223930 Add "MIME Type" to "inject language/reference" intention
Feature IDEA-224128 Add "HTTP Header" to "inject language/reference" intention
Feature IDEA-230418 Apache DbUtils: add language injections for AsyncQueryRunner
Bug IDEA-230409 jOOQ: DSLContext.batch() injections disappear at adding comma before the next `string` param
Code Analysis. Structural SearchFeature IDEA-229632 Support regex type filter and allow to select/switch in UI
Feature IDEA-203910 Find enhanced switch statements and switch expressions
Bug IDEA-226256 Can't find comments in XML/HTML
Bug IDEA-231441 Enum constant argument lists and enum constant initializers are not matched
Core. DebuggerUsability IDEA-225449 View action for multiline strings in debugger
Task IDEA-225637 EPs to make dynamic
Task IDEA-232047 Debugger : extract to bundles
Exception IDEA-227153 NPE at com.intellij.xdebugger.impl.evaluate.quick.XDebuggerInstanceTreeCreator$InstanceEvaluatorTreeRootVal ue.computeChildren
Core. DiagramsFeature IDEA-229795 Support record creation on UML diagrams
Bug IDEA-232758 Argument for @NotNull parameter 'defaultValue' of com/intellij/util/ObjectUtils.notNull must not be null for DIAGRAM_NODE_BACKGROUND
Core. File SystemFeature IDEA-197573 Support for WSL (1903+, a.k.a. "\\wsl$") project paths
Bug IDEA-65174 OS fsnotifier unable to see changes under symlink/subfolders until restart/no notifier works correctly.
Core. IDE SettingsFeature IDEA-22407 Follow XDG directories on Linux
Feature IDEA-26855 Store IDEA caches under LOCALAPPDATA directory by default
Bug IDEA-222954 Incorrect Recent projects after importing settings from previous version (2019.2)
Bug IDEA-235713 Don't automatically import configs for debug IDEA instance
Bug IDEA-233219 ImportSettings dialog is shown on idea 2020.1 build start if no configs exist in ~\AppData\Roaming\JetBrains\
Bug IDEA-235413 AbstractTreeUi.myElementToNodeMap leaks reference to configurable of unloaded plugin
Bug IDEA-228645 Some of the bundled plugins only show up when searched for in the actions panel and not in the Plugins page.
Bug IDEA-235940 SSH Configurations steal focus
Bug IDEA-233500 SSH Configurations: Check "Save password" by default
Bug IDEA-230500 Fail to change the sync account after I delete the account
Bug IDEA-235697 Settings search via "Find Action" doesn't work
Bug IDEA-232097 File Templates are saved to the incorrect folder
Bug IDEA-233478 Layout of 'Local port' textfield in ssh configurations dialog isn't aligned
Bug IDEA-227800 Registry. 'Restart required' message is shown for cases when nothing has changed
Bug IDEA-233857 Do not check "Visible only for this project" by default when create SSH configuration
Bug IDEA-235857 "Cannot read scheme" - IDE fails to load its own configuration xml file from .idea folder if the file contains byte-order mark
Bug IDEA-233499 Rename SSH configuration dynamically
Bug IDEA-225446 Make inlay hint list in settings searchable
Bug IDEA-232420 PyCharm fails to save multiple live templates created
Bug IDEA-235325 After Restore Default Settings invocation IDEA treats the plugins incorrectly
Usability IDEA-232586 Importing custom VM options on first launch should not ask about rebooting
Usability IDEA-199232 Remove Import Settings dialog on upgrade to new major version
Usability IDEA-201163 Left key behavior in the Settings tree is inconsistent with other trees
Usability IDEA-233305 Provide ability to start the IDE with an empty config
Usability IDEA-234079 Show Import Config dialog if idea.config.path is explicitly specified in vmoptions.
Usability IDEA-232670 Don't sync the actions_summary file
Cosmetics IDEA-233704 UI: Replace "Insert macro" in File Watchers and External Tools with inline button
Task IDEA-233301 Log the automatically imported configs
Task IDEA-169262 Settings: move "Tooltip initial delay" option under registry key
Exception IDEA-226651 Internal error when create Desktop Entry
Exception IDEA-228348 SystemHealthMonitor - NPE
Core. IDE Settings. SharingBug IDEA-229449 Settings sync via JetBrains Account broken after update
Cosmetics IDEA-207765 Illegible small font on regular DPI monitor for dialog IDE Settings: Sync Plugin
Task IDEA-231281 Fix Sync Settings to JBA options location in the Main menu
Exception IDEA-234617 java.lang.Throwable at com.intellij.cloudConfig.CloudConfigManager.connectThisInstanceOperation
Core. IndexingFeature IDEA-225580 Make "find in path" work in dumb mode via TrigramIndex, IdIndex
Usability IDEA-227471 IDE unusable after copying a folder from explorer to project
Exception IDEA-231678 AE at com.intellij.util.indexing.MemoryIndexStorage.setBufferingEnabled
Core. InstallationFeature IDEA-231898 Add .kts to "Create Associations" when installing IntelliJ IDEA
Bug IDEA-230734 PyCharm uses entitlements to relax the security on the hardened runtime environment
Bug IDEA-233816 Symlinked Rubymine Configuration leads to being unable to open multiple projects via CLI
Bug IDEA-231073 Uninstalling IDEA doesn't delete caches and config
Bug IDEA-230993 Relocate application directories on macOS
Bug IDEA-210732 Remove dependency from intellij.platform.core to intellij.platform.resources.en
Bug IDEA-206343 [JRE 11 installers] There is suggestion to download jre for 32bit launchers, but it is jre 8
Bug IDEA-196722 Toolbox idea shell script is no longer able to understand relative paths on macOS
Bug IDEA-235899 On updating IDEA, a new Python plugin version is downloaded but not actually installed
Usability IDEA-230819 Installed custom plugins are lost after updating if custom idea.config.path is used
Task IDEA-191884 Extract platform classes to separate JARs in IDEs distributions
Task IDEA-203640 Remove dependency from intellij.platform.util to platform.resources.en
Task IDEA-227223 Bundle Kotlin 1.3.70 with IntelliJ IDEA
Core. LicensingBug IDEA-231811 Excessive number of writes to idea.key
Cosmetics IDEA-227658 Date in license dialog is not fully visible
Core. Navigation and SearchFeature IDEA-222802 Feature request: Quick Type Declaration
Bug IDEA-227390 Cannot see hierarchy of subclasses with the same name loaded from different modules
Bug IDEA-231403 2020 versions of IDEs stopped navigating to files from Toolbox App extension while 2019 versions still do
Bug IDEA-230721 Method name in "Recent Locations" is truncated unnecessarily
Usability IDEA-147434 Navigation bar: File list should use natural sort order
Core. Platform APIFeature IDEA-234013 Add Extension Point to contribute additional details into About popup
Feature IDEA-230423 Allow to call commitDocument in background threads for documents with non-physical files
Bug IDEA-228248 avoid "Calculate method parameter info in non UI thread" to restart daemon
Bug IDEA-225026 submitTransaction code shouldn't be executed inside just appeared progresses
Bug IDEA-233783 Deadlock in InterfaceExtensionPoint
Bug IDEA-228530 False positive "Suspicious package-private access" with unrelated package-private no-arg superconstructor
Task IDEA-224840 Move ApiStatus annotations to java-annotations library
Task IDEA-228809 Fail tests when a recursion prevention leads to prohibited caching
Task IDEA-230811 Report IDE error when the same reference resolves to non-equivalent results in different threads
Core. Plugin ManagementBug IDEA-223587 Plugin Settings: No way to disable dependent plugins once the user pressed "cancel" in the corresponding question dialog
Bug IDEA-229608 Custom Plugin Repositories dialog: Just entered link is empty after reopening dialog
Bug IDEA-233045 Last installed plugin is marked as "Incompatible with the current AppCode version" in case of using Apply button after installation
Bug IDEA-231658 Plugins: on enabling plugin the plugin(s) it depends on are not enabled automatically
Bug IDEA-232439 It is impossible to disable incompatible plugins
Bug IDEA-231564 Plugin disabling by toggling it off in the Find Action popup disables a lot of plugins that don't depend on it
Bug IDEA-229856 Settings of a plugin aren't saved if the plugin is unloaded without restart
Bug IDEA-232580 IDEA prompts to restart after disabling bundled LAF plugins if this LAF is applied
Bug IDEA-234729 Restart suggestion not always shown on plugin unload failure
Bug IDEA-233429 Plugin privacy note for JetBrains plugin
Bug IDEA-231964 Plugins: Do not show Install Required Plugins dialog if required plugin(s) are dynamic ones and have been just installed
Bug IDEA-231814 Enabling/disabling dynamic plugin via Actions always suggests restarting
Bug IDEA-233296 Unable to disable plugin "Java EE: Web Services"
Bug IDEA-235025 IDEA freeze on Spring Messaging plugin disabling
Bug IDEA-232665 Bundled plugin build is not shown
Bug IDEA-208558 Wrong counting of downloaded enabled plugins in the tab Installed
Bug IDEA-231952 Assertion error on uninstalling ini plugin
Bug IDEA-235176 Do not suggest plugins supporting exact filenames for files already supported by exact filename by installed plugins
Bug IDEA-224020 dialog IDE and Plugin Updates doesn't appear on installing a plugin and closing the Plugins dialog
Bug IDEA-225552 Plugin.xml parsing: strip whitespace from <depends> plugin ID tag value
Bug IDEA-223517 Can't disable plugin with missing dependency
Bug IDEA-236699 Welcome Wizard: disabling default plugins doesn't work
Bug IDEA-233742 Bundled dynamic plugin become downloaded and has strictly defined version after disable/enable
Bug IDEA-229772 IDE freezes after updating plugins
Bug IDEA-235397 Unreadable error message
Bug IDEA-232671 update plugin in wellcome window didn't show restart dialog
Bug IDEA-226516 Null pointer exception in `IdeaPluginDescriptorImpl.readDependencies` when installing the official Rust plugin.
Bug IDEA-232593 Couldn't complete installation of dynamic plugins. Exception: class com.intellij.ide.plugins.PluginNode cannot be cast to class com.intellij.ide.plugins.IdeaPluginDescriptorImpl
Bug IDEA-231059 IDEA UI Freeze on disabling dynamic plugin
Bug IDEA-232473 IllegalArgumentException on disabling IntelliLang plugin
Bug IDEA-235945 Plugins, installed during IDE customization, not-installed after IDE launch
Bug IDEA-232600 All dynamic plugins prompt to restart IDEA on every enable and disable
Bug IDEA-234122 Exception and freeze on disabling Markdown plugin when .md file is opened
Bug IDEA-225120 Search bar in Plugins Marketplace does not react to some search query changes
Bug IDEA-198510 Action "Install plugin from disk" is not found in Find Action
Bug IDEA-226962 Can't install Rust plugin on 2020.1 nightly
Bug IDEA-234528 Can't execute shell script after enabling shell plugin without restart
Bug IDEA-198479 Plugins page: popup is not updated when IDE frame moved
Usability IDEA-232631 While updating multiple plugins via UpdateAll action, suggest to restart only once
Usability IDEA-218479 Text on plugin pages with images is cut by right border, no horizontal scrollbar is available
Usability IDEA-231815 Treat the situation when both bundled and downloaded plugin exist more user-friendly
Usability IDEA-232413 Recursive plugin deinstallation message is useless
Cosmetics IDEA-231654 Plugins: correct text in 'Disable Dependent plugins' dialog
Exception IDEA-234123 Exception on enabling Commander plugin
Exception IDEA-231648 AE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.RestartButton.lambda$new$0
Exception IDEA-231562 Velocity plugin enabling causes exception
Exception IDEA-214841 Installing plugins with dependencies: java.lang.AssertionError after installation plugin with dependency
Exception IDEA-230987 Throwable at com.intellij.util.indexing.FileBasedIndexImpl.dropRegisteredIndexes after updating plugins
Exception IDEA-234030 Exceptions when invoking Search everywhere after disabling HTTP Client plugin
Core. Project SettingsBug IDEA-226998 IllegalStateException error when clicking "create new project" link.
Bug IDEA-230707 unable to multi select when adding library dependency
Bug IDEA-229737 Empty error message box on stopping JDK downloading
Bug IDEA-232634 IJ 2020 EAP regression for project hot reload after 'gradle idea'
Usability IDEA-219373 Scala SDK data is deleted from libraries/*.xml when Scala plugin is not enabled
Cosmetics IDEA-227208 Grammatical error in IDEA UI for setting up project
Task IDEA-177242 Run FrameworkDetector#detect on background thread
Task IDEA-231216 Two <No SDK> options in Projet SDK popup
Core. Quick DocumentationBug IDEA-228532 Hard to get inspection error description when documentation popup is opened as a tool windows
Bug IDEA-226374 Constant String field evaluation shows PsiType prefix
Bug IDEA-232853 "Show on Mouse Move" option disappears from quick doc popup when toolbar is shown
Bug IDEA-225727 QuickDoc works incorrectly with getCustomDocumentationElement API
Bug IDEA-235078 JavaDoc: Empty space before parameters in rendered documentation fragment
Bug IDEA-233030 Unable to choose extra options in quick doc popup when it was invoked by mouse hover and toolbar is active
Bug IDEA-231385 External documentation providers shouldn't be running under read lock
Bug IDEA-227429 QuickDoc doesn't update after selecting a different item for selection popup of "Implement method" and "Use existing implementation" intentions
Bug IDEA-229804 Quick doc on hover is shown after mouse moving away from editor area
Bug IDEA-230513 Parameter Info doesn't work for Java and Kotlin methods
Usability IDEA-225426 Quick doc on hover doesn't work with injections
Usability IDEA-231778 Javadoc rendering does not apply JetBrains Mono consistently
Usability IDEA-232455 Documentation shown on hover may prevent from using the debugger tooltips
Usability IDEA-225722 Quick doc popup font is either too small or too big
Cosmetics IDEA-232507 Add option to enable/disable quick doc on mouse hover to the quick doc popup
Cosmetics IDEA-208369 Don't show module in quickdoc for local declarations
Core. RefactoringsBug IDEA-224673 ProjectImpl leaked when IDE is closed during in-place refactoring
Performance IDEA-214780 TouchBar action update freezes UI thread for a long time
Core. Run. ConfigurationsFeature IDEA-233142 Allow storing run configurations outside of .idea
Feature IDEA-218785 Support FilePrompt macro for run configurations
Bug IDEA-235710 Rider: incorrect run configuration share location being shown in the run configuration editor
Bug IDEA-230605 The beforeRun Maven tasks before run Application
Bug IDEA-216053 A UI freeze on every opening of a run configuration with a custom JRE
Bug IDEA-235725 WSL2: unable to run application
Usability IDEA-233549 Run Configurations: Use "inline add" button for macros in Working Directory
Usability IDEA-220223 Group run configuration templates
Usability IDEA-231069 Edit Run Configurations dialog: new RC adding doesn't work when you use quick search for navigation to node with subnodes
Cosmetics IDEA-200420 Temporary configurations limit field size
Core. Run. TargetsFeature IDEA-224928 Add 'Manage Targets' to the Run menu
Feature IDEA-224139 Add pre-filled values for language runtime paths
Bug IDEA-236232 [] Pull docker target always pulls "latest" tag, even for "openjdk:8"
Bug IDEA-225182 Java debug does not work for Docker target for JDK 9+
Bug IDEA-231610 Java debug for docker target fails with `Ports are not available: socket: too many open files`
Core. SSHFeature IDEA-234840 Custom name and rename for SSH config
Bug IDEA-236520 SSH configuration changes disappear from Settings dialog on Apply pressing
Usability IDEA-236191 Add button to rename ssh config to toolbar
Exception IDEA-230859 IDE Exception when trying to start SSH session
Core. StatisticsBug IDEA-233990 Data sharing dialog is shown twice
Task IDEA-229358 Please make com.intellij.statistics.validation.customWhiteListRule dynamic
Exception IDEA-228826 ERROR when open GoLand 2020.1 with plugin that defines registry key
Editor. Code CompletionFeature IDEA-231373 Treat overloaded method calls as empty so IDEA doesn't introduce spaces within the parentheses
Bug IDEA-231346 Wrong null item in the completion list
Bug IDEA-182741 Completion works for one row only when you're in column selection mode and opened Insert Live Template dialog
Editor. Color SchemesBug IDEA-231942 Changing editor color scheme from light to dark lost the selected theme
Bug IDEA-231936 New light color scheme is not applied when config is imported
Editor. CopyrightBug IDEA-226263 EPs to make dynamic
Bug IDEA-225973 Copyright plugin doesn't add any copyright into plain text file
Editor. Diff and MergeFeature IDEA-231341 Editing selection misses `Move line up/down` actions
Feature IDEA-203246 Show breadcrumbs in diff window
Feature IDEA-224803 Possibility to diff arbitrary ZIPs
Bug IDEA-232209 Diff window is not scrolling to the first changed fragment on opening
Bug IDEA-224804 ZIP-differ does not allow to change any ZIP file, but only JARs
Bug IDEA-229059 Blinking highlighting when editing in Unified view
Bug IDEA-232322 Preview diff changes size of split view
Bug IDEA-232800 Can't diff from shelf anymore
Bug IDEA-224802 ZIP/directory-differ does not allow to change between archive / directory
Usability IDEA-89710 File diff shows usages of element of caret of original editor
Editor. Editing TextFeature IDEA-160396 Make `Delete to line start` action behavior consistent with Mac
Feature IDEA-159484 Add combinations for ligatures in font preview text box
Bug IDEA-235703 In-editor Javadoc leaves large gap between comment and code
Bug IDEA-224887 Extending selection strange highlights text block content
Bug IDEA-233340 Hitting <Tab> at the end of the buffer leaves the editor and goes to the sidebar panel
Bug IDEA-229719 Editor loses selection when context menu is opened
Bug IDEA-181263 Block comment messes up auto-indentation below it
Bug IDEA-219307 Chinese font BUG
Bug IDEA-231047 Auto-import on the fly doesn't work in files modified in non-default changelist
Bug IDEA-232792 Double click on a parameter does not highlight usages in function
Bug IDEA-230941 When I press "⌥ + o" or "⌥ + p", I get a wrong character '\uffff'. (default emacs keymap)
Performance IDEA-226443 Calculate method parameter hint info in non UI thread
Usability IDEA-81802 Drag'n'Drop functionality in editor unexpectedly begins dragging selected text even if nothing selected is under the cursor
Usability IDEA-211165 Line number converter function cannot set current line to zero
Usability IDEA-235716 Broken GoTo (ctrl+click) in rendered javadocs
Exception IDEA-232678 AE at com.intellij.psi.impl.DiffLog$ReplaceEntry.<init>
Editor. FormatterBug IDEA-223939 Formatter results are inconsistent. Tabs and spaces in indention appear in different runs
Bug IDEA-230976 IDEA is modifying .idea\codeStyles\Project.xml
Bug IDEA-218720 EditorConfig: Open File to Preview Code Style OpenFileDialog opens in different project (MacOS)
Bug IDEA-231481 Detected file indent does not seem to be invalidated after the code is fully re-formatted
Bug IDEA-233647 Log contains too many ' INFO - rojectCodeStyleSettingsManager - Saving Project code style '
Exception IDEA-227185 AssertionError: Already disposed: Project from CodeStyleCachedValueProvider$AsyncComputation
Editor. Intention ActionsFeature IDEA-229247 Add intention Copy string to the clipboard
Feature IDEA-222636 Intention preview
Bug IDEA-231109 Exception opening invention preview for 'Add on-demand static import'
Bug IDEA-233784 Intention preview: Infinite loading and exception(Should be invoked only when having a document)
Performance IDEA-228916 IntentionAction.isAvailable() shouldn't be called in EDT on F2 / Shift+F2
Exception IDEA-233415 NPE when quickly close intention settings
Exception IDEA-226405 Java plugin is not recognized as a production of JetBrains
Editor. Large FilesBug IDEA-234404 [Large File Editor] AssertionError: File text mismatch
Bug IDEA-234864 [Large File Editor] AssertionError: file/doc text length different
Task IDEA-233521 Large File Editor: internationalisation
Editor. TextMate BundlesBug IDEA-232235 '<' in HTML DOCTYPE is highlighted as bad character when using textmate bundles
Lang. JSONFeature IDEA-233082 JSON schemas should be available for .json/.yaml scratch files
Feature IDEA-223598 provide context to x-intellij-language-injection in json schemas
Feature IDEA-228220 Option to add description for enum values in JSON SCHEMA
Feature IDEA-232277 Add HAR file type and JSON schema mapping
Bug IDEA-231779 JSON Schema Validator: Integer values restricted to 32 bit during validation
Lang. MarkdownBug IDEA-227021 Reference link is not rendered properly in Markdown preview
Exception IDEA-228789 Markdown changes PSI/document/model during highlighting
Lang. RegExpBug IDEA-144332 False positive: Annotator: Unknown character category: \p{Block=CombiningDiacriticalMarks}+
Usability IDEA-230642 Check RegExp is unnecessarily slow
Lang. Shell ScriptBug IDEA-229741 New Shell Script Run Configuration breaks Debugging of Java applications when using shell script in before launch setup
Bug IDEA-231148 Shell: Parsing error for quoted string expansion $'...'
Bug IDEA-230061 Parsing error when a function test is defined in a script
Bug IDEA-232777 Shell: syntax error displayed for <<< here-string
Bug IDEA-230393 Explainshell action does not properly escape plus and ampersand
Bug IDEA-231408 Shell Script plugin: Bash Terminal rewrites script file path in a way that bash shell can't read it
Bug IDEA-232776 Shell: eval in a pipe displayed as syntax error
Bug IDEA-227953 Shell script: terminal tabs are not respecting the run configuration title
Lang. XMLBug IDEA-232980 I can't seem to be able to get my XML to use my local DTD
Bug IDEA-232914 Unexpected highlighting of child tags in HTML
Lang. XPath and XSLTUsability IDEA-230950 XPath in language injection fragments is highlighted with confusing red color in Darcula
Usability IDEA-231642 Add proper highlighting of injected XPath in macOS/Windows Light
Tools. DockerFeature IDEA-190810 Support for multiple tags when building
Feature IDEA-223433 Docker. Make it possible to pull on the right pane of Images item with a simple UI
Feature IDEA-219125 Docker. Support --gpus command line option
Bug IDEA-232502 Docker plugin: link Configure Executable doesn't work
Bug IDEA-234265 DockerCompose: provide inspection errors for invalid images format
Bug IDEA-234210 Docker: support `--sysctl` in docker run configuration CLI options
Bug IDEA-234229 Docker. Pull images. No result by completion with one symbol
Bug IDEA-234261 DockerCompose: completion should work for images in quotes
Bug IDEA-214932 docker-compose inspection doesn't recognize "unless-stopped" as valid value
Bug IDEA-230073 Cannot start Docker: only error message is "Cannot connect:"
Bug IDEA-180157 Docker Run configuration : replace JSON file with explicitly listed options in CLI format
Bug IDEA-234231 IOException: Pipe broken, pipe id: `ImagePullPanel.pipe:plug` at attempt to pull an image
Bug IDEA-233297 Docker: file chooser doesn't work
Bug IDEA-233884 Docker: inspect container doesn't work
Bug IDEA-234233 Docker: Don't pull all the images by "tomcat: "
Bug IDEA-216531 Docker: support custom credential stores / helpers
Bug IDEA-234250 Docker. Image Console: the old Pull dialog is called from context menus and via buttons
Bug IDEA-235678 Docker: error about parsing this key for some forms of --gpus
Bug IDEA-234944 DockerCompose: Add navigation from images in quotes to the docker hub
Performance IDEA-235826 Rider freezes after Clean and Build inside DockerFileDetector
Usability IDEA-234994 Recognize Dockerfile.jvm and Dockerfile.native as docker files
Usability IDEA-234982 Docker: Set focus at console command line by Exec->bash on a container
Cosmetics IDEA-232754 Docker Plugin - bad English in error message when plugin can't reach file system root
Task IDEA-234571 Internationalize Docker plugin. Round 2
Task IDEA-232299 Internationalize Docker plugin
Exception IDEA-234266 java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException at completion for invalid tags
Exception IDEA-233298 Docker: com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.InternalServerErrorException at calling Exec command
Exception IDEA-233998 IDE exception when trying to run Dockerfile configuration with `Run build image` option disabled
Tools. HTTP ClientFeature IDEA-233221 Generate from Endpoints view action update
Bug IDEA-234435 Generate HTTP Request: correctly treat read-only files
Bug IDEA-234539 HTTP Client: Server base path marked as red without error
Bug IDEA-234388 Provide more fast way to create HTTP Request via gutter.
Bug IDEA-235298 HTTP Client: Can't generate all requests from MultipleBasePaths yaml specification
Bug IDEA-234656 Completion hint is disappearing after "clear read-only flag" dialog
Bug IDEA-234891 Can't rename host in http client
Usability IDEA-234659 Add text and selection in template
Usability IDEA-234739 Http Client: more comfortable "move refactoring"
Task IDEA-235567 Add FUS to generation in HTTP Editor
Tools. TerminalFeature IDEA-141172 Provide ability to display terminal sessions vertically/horizontally side-by-side
Bug IDEA-234503 Provide keyboard navigation between split terminals
Bug IDEA-231032 Cannot open new terminal tab in RubyMine
Bug IDEA-227054 Fish terminal integration loads functions after conf.d (unlike fish itself)
Bug IDEA-234406 Split sessions are lost when moving terminal tab to the editor – disable the action for split sessions
Task IDEA-231958 Terminal tool window: extract to bundles context menus
Exception IDEA-231286 "Open in Terminal" action fails to run
Exception IDEA-234523 Throwable when move terminal tab to editor
User Interface. AccessibilityBug IDEA-234385 Screen reader does not read "Search Everywhere" dialog name when it is invoked
Bug IDEA-227618 Cannot switch tab when adding new module in project settings
Bug IDEA-225647 Mnemonics not working on "View Mode" menu items.
Cosmetics IDEA-186539 Rework UI text for I18nize Hardcoded Strings dialog
User Interface. Action SystemBug IDEA-228620 Mouse event logged instead of Keyboard event for menu actions
Bug IDEA-217670 Mnemonics for Replace -> Replace all (Alt + A) doesn't work in macro when there is an action with same shortcut is defined
Performance IDEA-225060 First "Go to action" is too long
Exception IDEA-234033 NPE at com.intellij.openapi.actionSystem.impl.ActionManagerImpl.unregisterAction
User Interface. Console ViewUsability IDEA-231959 Cannot see whole Java path on Windows in Run/Debug console
User Interface. ControlsBug IDEA-231179 GUI elements from version control remain after view is closed
Bug IDEA-230825 Color Scheme UI: field with color value is always showing truncated text
Cosmetics IDEA-225998 Scroll bars background is not transparent
User Interface. Embedded Browser (JCEF)Bug IDEA-230863 JCEF white flash on load
Bug IDEA-231063 [jcef] implement custom scheme handler for "file://" protocol
User Interface. Find, Replace, UsagesBug IDEA-230545 'Search Accessors' dialog is shown simultaneously with 'Show Usages' results popup
Bug IDEA-199657 RegExp: named groups don't work in Find/Replace in Path
Bug IDEA-226984 Search field in editor bug (when two lines are pasted in)
Bug IDEA-209596 "Invoke Show Usages again to search in all files" doesn't work
Bug IDEA-232898 typing 3 ascii chars into the find in path search field in regex mode locked up the ide and pegged one core (java process)
Bug IDEA-192260 Toggling "Merge usages from the same line" in find references popup cycles between more than 2 different result lists???
Bug IDEA-227990 Resizing preview in Find in Path doesn't always work on macOS
Task IDEA-225632 EPs to make dynamic
Task IDEA-217881 Update appearance of find/replace in editor
Task IDEA-217878 Update appearance of find/replace pop-up
User Interface. FocusBug IDEA-229146 Fix for JBR-2021 on IDEA-side
Bug IDEA-231836 Focus is moved to wrong IDE windows when modal dialog appears
Bug IDEA-227001 Focus jumps from Tool Window to Editor on opening tool windows in a row
Bug IDEA-218418 IDE remains in background when invoked Jump to source (F4) from another window
Bug IDEA-235551 Esc does not return focus to Editor from Find panel if a toggle is focused
Bug IDEA-202932 Unexpected workspace switching after showing MacSheets dialog
User Interface. Keyboard InputBug IDEA-228793 Shortcut VS mnemonic collision
Bug IDEA-227295 Unable to use arrow buttons to expand/collapse recent projects group on welcome screen
User Interface. Look and FeelFeature IDEA-232027 Make selection in IntelliJ scheme lighter to leave highlighting
Feature IDEA-228866 Preview while changing themes
Bug IDEA-231665 Dracula theme broken with 201.3803.71 update
Bug IDEA-216753 IntelliJ LaF: tool window headers have increased font size on Mac
Bug IDEA-228042 Project description floats freely on screen
Bug IDEA-206402 Mac proxy icon missing in the title bar
Bug IDEA-216556 IntelliJ LaF: disabled combo background looks incorrect
Bug IDEA-201293 Some colors are not changed on switching theme
Bug IDEA-216658 IntelliJ LaF: context menu triangle icon
Bug IDEA-235462 Extra space in "New file" dialog
Bug IDEA-231105 Color scheme is reset to "IntelliJ Light" in 2020.1 if a custom color scheme was set in 2019.3
Cosmetics IDEA-229812 Blue frame of "Create new project" on Welcome screen is thin
Task IDEA-216580 IntelliJ LaF: Help button on Windows and Linux
Task IDEA-217993 Rename color scheme/theme actions in Quick Switch Scheme popup
Task IDEA-226805 Move Windows and macOS themes to plugins
Task IDEA-230997 Bundle macOS Light Theme and Windows 10 Light Theme plugins with all JetBrains IDEs
User Interface. NavigationBug IDEA-231596 Enum method is not correctly selected in navbar
Bug IDEA-231342 Weird nav bar for lambda: surrounding class is missing
Usability IDEA-11943 Navigation bar: Alt-F1 should immediately open list
Cosmetics IDEA-231316 Select the whole line in NavBar popup
User Interface. Project ViewFeature IDEA-227694 "Go to link target" command should work for files under linked directories
Bug IDEA-223785 Project Tree view during Drag/Drop horizontal scroll is jarring and gets in the way
Usability IDEA-231440 can i control `details in tree view` format?
Usability IDEA-224710 Project view does not show current focus when selecting via keyboard
Task IDEA-178054 Problem with understanding hierarchy in directory tree
User Interface. Services ViewException IDEA-231056 AE at com.intellij.database.dataSource.DataSourceStorage.readState
Version Control. GitFeature IDEA-205386 Add a refresh (fetch) option to Git Branches popup
Feature IDEA-209996 Show "Incoming/Outgoing commits" indicator for current branch in the status bar
Feature IDEA-227107 Display favorite branches first in the branch dashboard.
Bug IDEA-230743 Clone button stays disabled after installing Git
Bug IDEA-207187 Incoming Changes indicator in branches popup doesn't disappear after update
Bug IDEA-206427 IO commits: No 'update fail' message after unsuccessful attempt of authentication
Bug IDEA-232303 toString() results are visible/editable in the new rebase window
Bug IDEA-94470 Case-renamed file disappears from the Changes view on Save
Bug IDEA-231681 Git branches toolwindow: empty folders are not filtered out
Bug IDEA-233514 Deleting branches from a multi-repository project in Git toolwindow is painful
Bug IDEA-234374 Strange sorting when "Group by directory" is enabled
Bug IDEA-234426 AssertionError when opening changed project file in light mode on Windows
Bug IDEA-234159 Changes of submodule objects do not appear in Local Changes
Bug IDEA-211338 Git: incoming/outgoing changes checking always fails for the private github repositories
Bug IDEA-232562 IDEA checks Git version twice when clone dialog is opened
Bug IDEA-234795 Can no longer select differences in new commit tab
Bug IDEA-231282 Throwable at com.intellij.vcs.log.impl.PostponableLogRefresher.addLogWindow
Bug IDEA-231802 Revert changes: revert changelist is still displayed after revert was aborted
Bug IDEA-232630 Toolbar buttons disappear after expansion and collapsion in interactive rebase dialog
Bug IDEA-211334 Git: incoming/outgoing changes checking is not performed after successful pull
Usability IDEA-174600 Git Interactive Rebase dialog: allow to remove commit via Backspace or Delete
Usability IDEA-233381 After restart selected tab is switched from "Local Changes" to "Log"
Usability IDEA-232128 Branches: favorite branches could be show above groups
Usability IDEA-232511 Missing Squash in Rebasing Commits dialog
Usability IDEA-231793 Disabling non-modal commit should restore toolwindow layout
Usability IDEA-226783 Extend existing "New Branch From Selected…" branches popup action to allow create a new branch without checkout
Usability IDEA-221692 Improve user experience when Git is not installed
Usability IDEA-216780 Amend button is undiscoverable
Cosmetics IDEA-233853 Git Interactive Rebase Dialog UI is broken on Mac
Cosmetics IDEA-233740 Branches: visual artifacts on collapsed pane
Cosmetics IDEA-229854 Git Checkout Problem dialog: change text about stashing changes
Exception IDEA-232623 Undo commit: Access is allowed from write thread only
Version Control. GitHubBug IDEA-232712 GitHub PullRequests: Improper background if comment is left on the last line of the file
Version Control. LogBug IDEA-233502 Open commit in new Git Log tab should focus selected commit
Bug IDEA-216882 Diff is not available for changes in external repositories Log
Cosmetics IDEA-228572 Git log: two different colors for link rendering
Exception IDEA-229187 Clicking on Log tab of Git tool window generates exception (intellij-community master branch)
Version Control. MercurialBug IDEA-233629 Mercurial auth script is not compatible with older python versions.
Exception IDEA-233283 update failed for AnAction with ID=hg4idea.CompareWithBranch
Version Control. SubversionBug IDEA-234491 Cannot checkout Subversion project from Welcome screen
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