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No subsystemFeatureWEB-25165Provide ability to pass command line args to protractor
CSSBugWEB-34825Emmet in stylesheet comments
UsabilityWEB-35153Group code style pages for style sheet languages in Settings
TaskWEB-35196No reason to have different code style settings for CSS and PostCSS
DartBugWEB-35159'itar' live template works wrong in Dart if var i is already used
DebuggerBugWEB-35218Can't debug Node.js: path no program files is considered as incorrect
HTMLBugWEB-35129Add inspection. A table without summary attribute
JSONFeatureWEB-35058JSON: Support $id property properly (resolve $ref-s with id, navigate, etc.)
BugWEB-35121JSON Schema: incorrect oneOf branch selection - at least one should be always selected
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-30855No autocomplete for flow's $ReadOnly types
BugWEB-35113'Generate' creates body with return in pure JS if implementing TS method with 'void' return type
BugWEB-34768forEach to for...of intention bugs
BugWEB-35136Trailing comma in dynamic import gives spurious syntax error
JavaScript. FormatterFeatureWEB-28679Add an option to treat lambda fields as methods when rearranging code
BugWEB-35074JSX state object misaligned
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-35156Language completion for script and style tags in Vue templates
BugWEB-34471Optionally add `.vue` extension when auto-importing Vue components
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-35149'Convert function to variable holding arrow/ function expression' should check and declare 'const' var if possible
ExceptionWEB-34218Changing signature of method in agular templates produces the exception
LintersFeatureWEB-25697ESLint / TSLint does not respect Editor Inspection severity level color formatting
BugWEB-22548ESLint: use the severity specified in .eslintrc for offline inspections
Node.jsFeatureWEB-35204TypeScript: enable "navigate to source" for node core libraries
SASSFeatureWEB-6006Would like formatting options for SCSS
FeatureWEB-20279Better code style for .scss .sass files
BugWEB-35182File Watchers: update default sass command
Unit TestsFeatureWEB-35177Single suite / test run with Protractor
FeatureWEB-33201Rerun failed protractor tests
FeatureWEB-35142Single test file run with Protractor
BugWEB-34073Mark tests in 'e2e' folder as protractor tests
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-198897Parameter hints: Smart argument completion should insert comma if selected signature has more arguments
BugIDEA-199785CloudSettings plugin doesn't work with fresh versions of IDE
ExceptionIDEA-149660IAE at com.intellij.configurationStore.StateStorageManagerImpl.expandMacro
ExceptionIDEA-199679AE at com.intellij.ide.plugins.newui.RestartButton.lambda$null$0
DockerBugIDEA-199410NPE while selecting "pull image" from docker tool window
Editor. Code CompletionFeatureIDEA-199722Can I make the live template appear at the top of the code completion list?
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-198893Parameter info hints: exception on undo
UsabilityIDEA-198598"Split line" does not work for multiline TODOs
Find, Replace, Find UsagesUsabilityIDEA-173010Rerun is greyed out in Find Occurrences, results are collapsed by default
Packaging and InstallationFeatureIDEA-184006Add log for win installations.
Password SafeBugIDEA-165257KeePass OVERWRITES existing database instead of appending or prompting!?
Plugin ManagementBugIDEA-195202Plugins: delete action
UsabilityIDEA-197334Completion is not aligned with word start in plugin dialog
Quick DocumentationBugIDEA-198297Quick Documentation popup is sometimes placed off screen
CosmeticsIDEA-163805documentation jumps with ctrl down
User InterfaceBugIDEA-94851Icons: Griffon icons missing
BugIDEA-178171intention settings: description editor is too small
UsabilityIDEA-199392Incorrect menu spacing on macOS
TaskIDEA-196095Update icons for Build tool window statuses
TaskIDEA-197166Increase click and hover zones for the close button for Manage Recent Projects popup and Welcome Screen
User Interface. AccessibilityBugIDEA-199219tables in dialogs not accessible
TaskIDEA-195260UI element with line numbers and debugging graphic not accessible to screen readers
User Interface. NavigationFeatureIDEA-184492"File..." action is suggesting folders
BugIDEA-199664[Run config in the new SE] hints to run or to debug configuration are mixed with each other and should be vice versa
UsabilityIDEA-198002New SE: part of the popup is outside the screen
CosmeticsIDEA-199666[Run config in the new SE] run config name and hints doesn't change a font color to white when is selected
Version ControlBugIDEA-198676TODO appears in list several times on 'Review TODO' with selected 'Check TODO'
PerformanceIDEA-199583Files affected by revision is slow when invoked from annotation markers
ExceptionIDEA-200051IllegalStateException: Cannot find content provider for vcs hg4idea
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-200107Exception when invoke Default Settings from Welcome screen
BugIDEA-199969Git: .gitignore is created in the project root on git repository creating in one of its subfolders
BugIDEA-199966Git: .gitignore created on enabling git in project should not contain absolute paths
Version Control. LogFeatureIDEA-199867Support Back and Forward navigation in VCS Log
FeatureIDEA-130845Log: add action to go-to-parent and go-to-child
XMLFeatureIDEA-199839Support deprecation in xsd schemas
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