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DartBugWEB-26864An editor with a compilation error is open every time when I run something
DebuggerBugWEB-27864Breakpoints are not hit on second run of Karma debug
BugWEB-27507Can't debug TypeScript with webpack-dev-server in a big project
BugWEB-27043CoffeeScript: Cannot debug karma tests
BugWEB-27649Breakpoints in Web Workers don't work
UsabilityWEB-27608Start a new instance of Chrome when running react-native
ExceptionWEB-25131Throwable when debug karma in angular-cli app
JavaScriptBugWEB-26878Class name is incorrectly marked as unused in class expression
BugWEB-12847'Inline local variable' JS refactoring highlights too much
BugWEB-27759Color syntax error in React reducer
BugWEB-27743Do not auto import from .d.ts files from libraries in JavaScript files
BugWEB-25040Make className string attribute selection behave like class attribute
BugWEB-27732Pasting an expression in a template string adds unnecessary backslash
BugWEB-278372017.2 - Go to Declaration, Go to Implementation is broken
BugWEB-24910Auto importing a flow type does not add "type" after "import"
BugWEB-27658JavaScript auto import should respect webpack aliases
BugWEB-26013React Props do not get resolved when doing a direct named re-export
BugWEB-27666Flow: union optional type used as arrow function return type is not parsed correctly
PerformanceWEB-27562Indexing of Javascript files takes 30+minutes, hangs Intellij on exit
TaskWEB-27627JS Stub/Tree mismatch after "Negate" intention invocation on a garbage code
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-27689ES2015: Reformat Code produces incorrect indent with JSDOC + computed property
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-18545React: support import/export as syntax
BugWEB-19028IDE suggests make 'Render' method static
BugWEB-21735Coding assistance for props in React is not working when props are defined in separate file.
BugWEB-27671Closure Compiler goog.provide/require support
BugWEB-27896React component props no longer autocomplete
BugWEB-27679Support color attribute for md-button directive
BugWEB-27898Folder is excluded every time I reload WebStorm
BugWEB-23999IDEA parameter suggestion doesn't properly detect React component properties depending on code structure
BugWEB-25006Angular method decorate with @HostListener mark as unused
BugWEB-27756Invalid id reference but id exists
BugWEB-27629Closure Compiler. Strings should highlights separately
BugWEB-27882React: propTypes completion doesn't work for material-ui components
PerformanceWEB-27766Slowdown when working on large php / vuejs projects
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-14957No usages not marked
BugWEB-20525JSCS: remove outdated rules from completion
BugWEB-26180Invalid 'Unused assignment' in JS catch()
BugWEB-6099Parameter is not highlighted as unused if its name is present in a string literal
BugWEB-27625magic number - false interpretation
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-25380Cannot rename in ES6 binding
BugWEB-27599JavaScript consecutive refactoring on "Replace with template string " does unwanted escaping
BugWEB-27656JavaScript "Create method" refactoring doesn't add 'static' method qualifier when class is defined in another file
LintersBugWEB-27868ESLint: linting is not enabled in .vue files
BugWEB-27734JSHint: update bundled version to 2.9.5
BugWEB-27253TSLint: errors are not highlighted in editor if the project directory is a junction
Node.jsBugWEB-27523Notification about successful downloading is too big
ProfilingBugWEB-27652V8 Profiling: Heap file cannot be created
SASSBugWEB-27321Generated source files should not be edited
TypeScriptBugWEB-27677JSX/TSX editing auto-complete and existing imports broken (flashing)
BugWEB-27513Typescript. Auto-importing with TS's path mapping leads to circular dependency
BugWEB-27737Typescript auto import should use closest path from tsconfig
Unit TestsBugWEB-27040Can't debug Karma tests
BugWEB-12496Karma: changes made to specs are not uploaded to server when using karma-browserify
BugWEB-27836Cannot run single karma test with karma-jasmine-html-reporter
IDE GeneralBugDBE-31572016.3 EAP uses .DataGrip2016.2 folder as default place for Project Folder
User InterfaceBugDBE-4824Modify Table dialog doesn't show context
No subsystemBugIDEA-175429Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.wm.impl.WindowManagerImpl.allocateFrame
BugIDEA-173669IOException from get / put / append should set corrupted state for PersistentHashMap
BugIDEA-1761282017.2 Can't load project with character "|" in its name
DockerBugIDEA-175822Wrong autocompletion for extra_hosts
BugIDEA-171581Certificates folder does not exist at ~/.docker
BugIDEA-175675Docker. The connection to docker-machine hangs in case of pointing tcp instead of https in API Url
BugIDEA-175930Cannot Use Docker Plugin in Offline Environment
BugIDEA-175412DockerCompose: IllegalArgumentException at clicking on the yml option names, which has additional spaces before it
BugIDEA-175065Docker: changing port bindings for the running container leads to the container deleting
BugIDEA-175355Docker: [windows] docker-compose deployment fails without COMPOSE_CONVERT_WINDOWS_PATHS
BugIDEA-171286Docker: DockerView: Delete Attach(Websocket) item from the context menu
BugIDEA-174913Docker Settings: F1 navigates to "Clouds", should navigate to "Docker" help page
UsabilityIDEA-171124Docker: Connect. Error message should be visible completely on the right part of the view
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-175202Permanent header component + virtual space enabled = first line is hidden by the header
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-174644Save as Live Template does nothing if block has leading space or tab
CosmeticsIDEA-167417SQL Dialect Settings: change the text
IndicesBugIDEA-176004erroneous "Nested different indices processing" detection
User InterfaceBugIDEA-173369Tabs limited to 2 when 1 is set
BugIDEA-173740Too small font in search textbox
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-174332"Couldn't unstash" notification is incomplete
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