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No subsystemFeatureWEB-22699JSX/Flow: XML tag has empty body -> change to bodyless
BugWEB-23856Inspector incorrectly identifies unused constant in JSX
BugWEB-23839JSDoc: Unresolved variable when using @function tag
BugWEB-23312JSX/TSX: wrong closing tag is inserted on completion when creating tag in front of some text
Build toolsBugWEB-21484Ability to pass --silent option to npm when running script
CSSBugWEB-23601PostCSS: bad inspection CssNegativeValue
DartFeatureWEB-1612Dart command line app debug: implement jump to source, jump to type source
JavaScriptBugWEB-23297JavaScript: Invalid syntax validation within objects defined within a class method ("unresolved variable [methodName]")
BugWEB-23766Template string conversion bug
BugWEB-23753Autocomplete doesn't work in ObjectExpression with computed property
JavaScript. FormatterBugWEB-22858incorrect indentation for arrow functions with implicit return
BugWEB-22044Shorthand object property names are formatted incorrectly
JavaScript. FrameworksFeatureWEB-23829Support React Native StyleSheet
BugWEB-23798Autocomplete doesn't work in "magic props name" open
BugWEB-23293angular-cli in-project generators not working in beta17
BugWEB-22651WebStorm characterizes React components that are nested functions as unused
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-23810Incorrect inspection warning for parameter types when creating an instance of RegExp
Node.jsFeatureWEB-23737Support Yarn
PerformanceWEB-23802Deadlock when configuring node_modules library
DockerFeaturePY-19566Allow configuration of environment variables when using Docker Compose
No subsystemBugIDEA-153539Supplied Dark Themes define parent_scheme as 'Default' instead of 'Darcula'
BugIDEA-163040Iml files marked as modified on perforce on project open
CSSBugIDEA-162422CSS Autocomplete issues
Code Formatting and Code StyleBugIDEA-156001Code Style Import doesn't recognise project-specific .idea/codeStyleSettings.xml
Diff_MergeBugIDEA-160499Cannot use "Find" in 3-way conflict resolution merge window
CosmeticsIDEA-162742'Close Merge' dialog shows mnemonics of buttons in the message text
Project ViewBugIDEA-162376Compact Empty Middle Packages, Flatten Packages options in the Project toolwindow don't work any more
BugIDEA-162888NPE in ProjectViewImpl.changeViewCB
User InterfaceBugIDEA-162171File > Open points to "C:\" directory
BugIDEA-162770Can't manually enter the path in the FileChooser
BugIDEA-162885Diff window is not showing selections with background image enabled
Version ControlBugIDEA-162678Version Control Local Changes (Git) does not grab focus when opened
BugIDEA-162691Shelving multiple PNG files with the same name (but different folders) only stores one file
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-148376Canceling Git operations shouldn't leave index.lock.
PHP langBugWI-33629Categorization of constant in Find Usage depends on the code location
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..CosmeticsWI-33655Deployment - "User name not specified" error with local folder
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