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No subsystemBugWEB-22901Broken "to template string" helper
ExceptionWEB-22881Python code inspection fails to finish due to JavaScript indexing problems
CSSBugWEB-22913Invalid property value on calc function
BugWEB-22846SCSS: "Cannot find variable" when it's imported from a package loaded via Webpack's sass-loader
BugWEB-22894PostCSS: Colors & Fonts: Tag name is not colored
BugWEB-22893PostCSS: Colors & Fonts: unknown-at-rule cannot be colored
DartFeatureWEB-22970Dart debugger should fold the first line of the console
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-22928Flow: provide Flow View to list current and project errors.
FeatureWEB-22930Flow: provide intention when @flow comment is present inside the code
FeatureWEB-22473Add Code Completion for ES2015 Object Literal Shorthands
BugWEB-20803"Element is not imported" error for "module"
BugWEB-20434node.js: WS assumes variables in npm packages are available everywhere in normal code
BugWEB-22920JavaScript no syntax error on labeled continue
BugWEB-21232[Flowtype] import and importype incorrect hints.
BugWEB-22839Debug files in JavaScript library reclassified as release on index
BugWEB-22972MAJOR refactor bug - Can no longer refactor/rename destructured variables
BugWEB-22345Flow parameter hints incorrectly suggesting optional param
JavaScript. FrameworksBugWEB-22827angular2 Navigation to the file from the path styleURLs and templateURL are failed (from all components)
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-22728ESLint: provide absent rules and options
BugWEB-22755Inspections: async keyword is not treated correctly by "Convert to anonymous function"
BugWEB-22685Inspections: "Convert to let" duplicates variables both as let and const
BugWEB-22931Inspections: "Remove unnecessary parenthesis": do not suggest it for Flow syntax
BugWEB-22760JSCS: provide support for new options
BugWEB-22641Convert to let/const inspection in Inspections results
BugWEB-22689Inspections: "Missing import statement"/"Missing require() statement": correct inspections in Inspection results
BugWEB-22879False-positive inspection 'Module is not listed in package.json dependencies'
BugWEB-22343Duplicate declaration warning when there is no one
BugWEB-22576Javascript: simplify if statement intention adds additional !!
UsabilityWEB-22757Improve support of eslintConfig section in package.json
UsabilityWEB-22763Inspections: "Missing module dependency": reorder list of available package.json files
JavaScript. RefactoringBugWEB-22694Convert to arrow function creates invalid function with object literal
BugWEB-22897'Convert to anonymous function' add extra semicolon
Node.jsBugWEB-23053Node remote interpreter: Docker: can't open /opt/project/ error prevents session rerun
BugWEB-22923Node Remote Interpreter: Docker: correctly hide "v8-profiler package" field chooser
BugWEB-22900Log is spammed by WARN - ry.NodeModulesDirectoryManager messages
BugWEB-22909node_modules folder is always marked as "library root" with no ability to change the setting
TypeScriptBugWEB-21757enums not shown in 'navigate to class' popup
BugWEB-22630TypeScript: Newline config ignored when using TypeScript service
BugWEB-13660Incorrect type inference for enum declaration
No subsystemBugIDEA-129532Open File from Finder not Always Working
BugIDEA-151527Sticky Selection cannot be escaped unless the cursor is in a different location than when toggled
BugIDEA-160282Lock not released in PagedFileStorage after VCS log exceptions
ExceptionIDEA-160341Error at com.intellij.credentialStore.OneTimeString.toString
CSSBugIDEA-160317SASS: Built-in fade-out function not recognized
Code NavigationBugIDEA-160333Override/implements gutter icon not navigating
BugIDEA-159305Low relevant elements on top of the results list in Go to class popup
Diff_MergePerformanceIDEA-159879Memory leak while looking many diffs
Editor. Code CompletionUsabilityIDEA-159953Esc for completion popup also removes the usages highlighting
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-160423Caret#selectLineAtCaret(and others) operate on a different caret instance
BugIDEA-159929# in custom File templates in WebStorm are marked as errors
UsabilityIDEA-159851External documentation doesn't jump to method, only top of the file on OS X
ExceptionIDEA-159934java.awt.HeadlessException is thrown while building searchable options in headless mode
Find, Replace, Find UsagesFeatureIDEA-156611Find/Replace toolbar: Escape now clears the replace lineedit which also clears the lineedit history entry
BugIDEA-150931Find in Path dialog: Preview tab doesn't show file path anywhere.
IDE ConfigurationBugIDEA-160459Nothing happens after 'Check for Updates...'
BugIDEA-160474File Templates: 'Enable Live Templates' checkbox is cleared on restart
Password SafeBugIDEA-160375Exception on attempt to connect to db with passwords converted from idea 2016.2
User InterfaceBugIDEA-150336Preview 'Find in Path' effect of enter not intuitive
BugIDEA-159498horizontal scrollbar disappearing or not shown in editor
BugIDEA-159856Colors & Fonts > Import button is present in IDEA-based IDEs and does nothing
Version ControlFeatureIDEA-68200New feature: binary patches (changeset context menu)
BugIDEA-160488Memory leak detected: 'com.intellij.openapi.vcs.history.FileHistoryPanelImpl
BugIDEA-90228Binary files should be included into patches creates by IDEA
BugIDEA-160353Deadlock on applying patch using drag-n-drop
BugIDEA-160151Version Control: deleting files in Unversioned files dialog spawns separate background process for each file
PerformanceIDEA-160152Version Control: removing files from Unversioned Files dialog takes 3 times slower than removing them in Project View
UsabilityIDEA-68645When I create a patch, binary files should not be shown in the tree, since they could not be included in the path anyway.
Version Control. LogUsabilityIDEA-159965Author email information is missing from GIT commit details
Version Control. SubversionBugIDEA-92665Create SVN patch for a revisions containing binary files
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-33041Apply button doesn't work in Deployment settings
TaskWI-33076Save unsaved passwords and passphrases as memory-only in PasswordSafe
HAMLBugRUBY-18447Do not move comments when reformat
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