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No subsystemFeatureWEB-18436Make ES6 scratches executable
BugWEB-18499Fix left margin for second level title in Yeoman generator
BugWEB-18396Settings: Node.js and NPM. packages update is strange
BugWEB-17924JSCS package location is not re-detected
Build toolsBugWEB-18415npm scripts: Run Gulp/Grunt Task popup is jumping when switching to the "npm" choice
BugWEB-18410npm scripts: correctly start multiple scripts from Run Configuration
BugWEB-18411npm scripts: RC: disable "Scripts" field in case of not run-script command selected
BugWEB-18418npm scripts: on running not default command no arguments are set
BugWEB-18419npm scripts: errors while building scripts tree should be possible to see
BugWEB-18229Gulp: Jump to source with gulpfile.babel.js does not work
CosmeticsWEB-18413npm scripts: change name of the opened npm Settings
CSSFeatureWEB-17189Add `-ms-` prefixed pseudo-elements to inspections
BugWEB-17286Unkown psuedo selector -ms-reveal
BugWEB-18145-webkit-background-clip with value 'text'
DartFeatureWEB-13636Make color of waring configurable for Dart
PerformanceWEB-11083IDE goes OutOfMemory while searching for Dart method implementations
UsabilityWEB-16266The visual difference between the current line background and code warnings is way too small
JavaScriptFeatureWEB-18001add 'else if' in autocomplete for JavaScript code editing
BugWEB-18458Emmet label abbreviation in JSX
BugWEB-18459Emmet img abbreviation in JSX
BugWEB-17542WebStorm erroneously defines Object.prototype.length in EcmaScript.js
BugWEB-18304Flow: correctly recognize import statement syntax
BugWEB-18252Flow: declare keyword breaks highlighting for the nested class/module members
UsabilityWEB-18096Syntax Highlighting ES6
CosmeticsWEB-18372Instance member variable colored as function when declared as @property
JavaScript. InspectionsBugWEB-18198WS 11 EAP 142.4723: Inspection message is wrong and inexplicable
BugWEB-18075JSDoc inspection error: @param default value is an object leads to error
BugWEB-18254Function marked as recursive
Node.jsExceptionWEB-18363java.lang.ClassCastException: com.jetbrains.nodejs.codeInsight.AddRequiredAmdModuleToModulesListFix cannot be cast to com.jetbrains.nodejs.codeInsight.ImportJsModuleFix
TypeScriptBugWEB-18461Typescript: Intersection Types - good code is red
BugWEB-18514Typescript - Wrong indentation when decorator is set to property
BugWEB-17904TypeScript: usage call signature in javascript
BugWEB-18412TypeScript declaration merging not working correctly
BugWEB-17187Typescript. Resolve absolute path
BugWEB-18364EAP 142.5255 auto-import default export in typescript
BugWEB-18382typescript async functions does not auto infered
BugWEB-18422TSX: className, htmlFor attributes not recognized
BugWEB-18421TSLint: not invoked on TSX files
Unit TestsBugWEB-18526Wrong options in karma's files sub-menu
IDE.GeneralBugDBE-1671Exception after start IDE
IDE.User InterfaceBugDBE-1572Copy content from structure tool window/structure popup
No subsystemFeatureIDEA-90075Export Codestyle as XML File, like the Code Inspections
BugIDEA-144922IDE cannot read key map config at startup
BugIDEA-145975Exception appears when first run IDEA (UI Themes page)
BugIDEA-146173PhpStorm 143.129 > lots of events happing with new EA version
BugIDEA-145163Quick Documentation popup by hover is interrupted by debug console output
CSSBugIDEA-146227Using "Comment with Line Comment" in a JavaFX CSS file may create a problematic comment section
DebuggerBugIDEA-146113Debugger: Column Mode selection blinks when you stay at breakpoint.
Editor. Editing TextBugIDEA-145940Selecting RegEx for Find/Replace forces Words checkbox selection and disables it. Making regex match only whole words. WT@#$@#?
BugIDEA-145788Intellij instance becomes unresponsive very frequently
BugIDEA-90072Faux italics used for some fonts with true italics available
BugIDEA-146182Selection hangs for plain text file
BugIDEA-128385kill to word end deletes past end of line
PerformanceIDEA-145521PsiMultiReference.getRangeInElement shouldn't resolve unless needed
UsabilityIDEA-145359Reformat Code does not move horizontal scroll position to 0
ExceptionIDEA-145972Cyclic dependency exception in RemoteDesktopDetector class
Find, Replace, Find UsagesBugIDEA-145767Search hotkey no longer focuses searchbox when searchbox is open
IndicesBugIDEA-145951Tests not starting
Language InjectionFeatureIDEA-142709Language Injection does not work in lambdas
BugIDEA-142573Failed to inject language to string array annotation value
Packaging and InstallationBugIDEA-140558"Check for update" only proposes to upgrade using patch when invoked several times
CosmeticsIDEA-86876Patch size information is misleading
Project ConfigurationBugIDEA-145299Copyright notification is not retrieved from the Default Settings
UsabilityIDEA-83808Prompts me too much when deleting libraries from the Project Structure settings
User InterfaceBugIDEA-146007'Hiding' actions shouldn't affect 'Windowed' toolwindows
BugIDEA-145827Icon is 'blinking' for the file being edited
UsabilityIDEA-145126an option to hide 'tool window' buttons
Version ControlBugIDEA-145775Shelved changes missing pluralization
BugIDEA-145846Set active changelist: do not show unnecessary "Select changelist" dialog
Version Control. GitBugIDEA-145083IntelliJ does not prompt for new password on auth fails
ExceptionIDEA-146133Exception i Git integration
Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..BugWI-29271Message provided private key requires a passphrase is shown for password auth type
BugWI-28850Deployment - FTP: Incorrect remote paths shown
UsabilityWI-17206PhpStorm 6, FTP not working 'Could not list the contents of folder'
UsabilityWI-28089Improve the error messages from failed connections: message should said that passphrase is incorrect
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