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No subsystem

BugWEB-16174Reformat File: Incorrect alignment of multiline JavaScript function arguments
BugWEB-17839Internal web server reports 404 when serving files from project with slashes in name
BugWEB-17955JStestDriver: inspections are missing
Usability ProblemWEB-16297Annoying emmet bug

Build tools

FeatureWEB-17917Gulp plugin does not sort the gulp tasks in alphabetical order
FeatureWEB-14873Gulp: synchronize VFS on gulp watch triggering
BugWEB-17900Grunt console is not setting env variable PWD


BugWEB-17186Needs to display error when having trailing comma in css rule
BugWEB-17287Mismatched property value with calc()
BugWEB-17937color: rebeccapurple not recognized


BugWEB-15669CoffeeScript: Red code: splat inside function definition
BugWEB-17931CoffeeScript: false positive "Unused variable" reporting in catch block
BugWEB-15643CoffeeScript: Red code: empty yield statement
BugWEB-16413coffeescript inspection does not support Destructuring Assignment syntax


BugWEB-17258Dart SDK is not configured after updating Dart
BugWEB-18037Dart reference resolution broken in WebStorm 11 EAP / IntelliJ IDEA 15 EAP + Dart SDK 1.12.0
BugWEB-18006Do not use --no-package-symlinks by default

File Watchers

BugWEB-13172File Watchers: if watcher is configured to modify original file, it disappears from the project tree after running the watcher


BugWEB-5071Pressing enter outside expanded ZenCoding snippet causes cursor jumps
BugWEB-17998Last <option> in <optgroup> without end tag shows error
BugWEB-17822Simultaneous tag editing fails at PHP string when use completion
Performance ProblemWEB-17798Don't parse html5.rnc in every test that needs it


BugWEB-17111Jade: NoSuchElementException on opening Jade file, null editor is passed


FeatureWEB-17799JSDoc: @fires, @listens cannot refer to @event namepath
FeatureWEB-17965JSDoc: cannot refer to @exports if the `module:` prefix is omitted
BugWEB-17781JSDoc: class extending and polymorphism
BugWEB-17840Properties attached to local variable returned by immediately invoked function are not resolved
BugWEB-17970Completion does not suggest fields with some 'national characters'
BugWEB-16873Invalid "return outside function definition" error in embedded ecmascript 6
BugWEB-17010Undefined type in JSDoc due to ignoring preceding type definition
BugWEB-17978Escaped \ at the end of a template string throws error.
BugWEB-17870Inconsistent token classification for object shorthand properties
BugWEB-17496`export {default} from './foo';` cannot resolve symbol 'default'
BugWEB-17415Text is not commented inside JSX embedded code block
BugWEB-12644Javascript: wrong variable type after destructuring assignment
BugWEB-18042JSDoc broken @param type with namepath
BugWEB-18050Complete current statement does not work with ES6 modules
BugWEB-17807CommonJS: no properties completion/parameter info for exported function
BugWEB-17988JSDoc: Documentation Not Found when using "export default" with es6 modules
BugWEB-17420Non-english variable is not recognized in 9.0
BugWEB-17747CommonJS: module functions not resolved when defining modules as immediately invoked function expressions
BugWEB-16959Unresolved function of method in JavaScript
BugWEB-17827Override arrow is not shown
BugWEB-17698Language injection and tagged template string
BugWEB-17925TypeScript intentions are available for jsx
BugWEB-18029Support ES6
BugWEB-17930JsDoc: type mismatch errors on matching parameters of @enum type
BugWEB-16128JSX declaration of vars is not recognized on separate files
BugWEB-17959Make static quick-fix doesn't work for ES6 anonymous classes
BugWEB-17226ternary style in jsx with reactjs
BugWEB-17611Make @fires info in Quick Doc clickable
Usability ProblemWEB-15432“className” is a valid JSX attribute, is marked as invalid
ExceptionWEB-17961Throwable when call 'Split current tag' intention

JavaScript. Formatter

BugWEB-17851Align assignments has unexpected results
BugWEB-13790auto indentation wrong under certain patterns
BugWEB-11062Wrong indentation mixed in-line and multiline chains in WS-134.1081
BugWEB-14421Chained method indentation with new operator incorrect

JavaScript. Frameworks

BugWEB-17437Syntax Highlighting in JSX code blocks sometimes doesn't work

JavaScript. Inspections

BugWEB-17810.jscsrc configuration is overwritten by WebStorm
BugWEB-17935Inspection 'Expression statement which is not assignment or call' should be turned off for await
BugWEB-17880"allExcept" in "requireSpacesInAnonymousFunctionExpression" should be supported
BugWEB-17805Missing "Expression statement is not assignment or call" warning
BugWEB-14275Incorrect completion for shorthanded vars (ES6)
BugWEB-18010Detect and respect order of JSDoc elements when manipulating it
BugWEB-17879Method marked as recursive
BugWEB-17948JavaScript Inspections - Suppressions not working - OverlyComplexFunctionJS, FunctionWithMoreThanThreeNegationsJS, OverlyNestedFunctionJS
BugWEB-17953JSReferenceExpression when call 'Rename reference' inspection
ExceptionWEB-17865StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range


BugWEB-17966console.dir - Invalid number of arguments, expected 1
BugWEB-17512require() call is missing
BugWEB-17947Installing npm package fails
Usability ProblemWEB-17575Node.js and NPM: upgrade is disabled for package with specific version


BugWEB-13549Stylus: Red code: support @supports at-rule
BugWEB-13541Stylus: Red code: "Hash or term list is expected" error
BugWEB-9065Stylus: Completion: add at-rule keywords


FeatureWEB-18034TypeScript: support binary literals
FeatureWEB-17972TypeScript 1.6: abstract classes and method
FeatureWEB-18046TypeScript 1.6: Expressions in 'extends' clause
FeatureWEB-18043TypeScript 1.6: tsconfig.json 'exclude' property
FeatureWEB-17457Suggest external modules exported symbols in TypeScript
FeatureWEB-17929TypeScript 1.6: local types
FeatureWEB-17954TypeScript 1.6: Generic type aliases
BugWEB-18035Typescript rest parameters do not work with Array<args> syntax
BugWEB-9265Bad code is green: overload declaration not followed by overload implementation
BugWEB-12655Typescript code completion fails when method use overloaded string constants
BugWEB-17852TypeScript: Good code is red: Module scope confusion
BugWEB-17985ES6 modules import doesn't work with Typescript 1.6 nightly
BugWEB-15899TypeScript functional types in a "d.ts" file vs. parameter hinting

Unit Tests

FeatureWEB-17996Suggest in Run/Debug configuration

No subsystem

FeatureIDEA-144383Searching should work while performed 'Find in Path' on excluded directory
BugIDEA-120212undo doesn't restore bookmarks
BugIDEA-144219Editors don't refresh after setting "Ajust for red-green color deficiency" option
BugIDEA-144617Wrong menu item capitalization
BugIDEA-136234loose focus(caret) when `unsplit` windows in Distraction free mode
BugIDEA-144233Drag'n'Drop to move files within Project Tree View?
BugIDEA-144220Navigate > File doesn't handle line numbers on absolute paths
BugIDEA-144733Compound Run configuration UI issue
Usability ProblemIDEA-143939Mouse wheel fails to stop console from sticking to the bottom
Usability ProblemIDEA-140057Pin/unpin buttons of the "Quick Documentation/Definition" popup are too different and thus very confusing
ExceptionIDEA-144207IAE at com.intellij.configurationStore.StoreAwareProjectManager$restartApplicationOrReloadProjectTask$ on Reload Project

Code Analysis. Inspection

BugIDEA-144524Filtering inspections by language removes batch inspections
BugIDEA-144554Long lines inspection not working correctly
Usability ProblemIDEA-92533"Apply fix" task cannot be canceled

Code Coverage

BugIDEA-144630Code coverage popups are broken

Code Formatting and Code Style

BugIDEA-144637Reformat code with rearranging can corrupt files
Usability ProblemIDEA-70389Alt + Ctrl + I should adjust line indent on all lines, where selection exists
Usability ProblemIDEA-107372Right margin settings isn't saved on CTRL-Enter pressing

Code Navigation

Performance ProblemIDEA-134961Recent files popup takes 5 seconds to appear
CosmeticsIDEA-144485Action to jump to super class has name 'Go To Super Method'


BugIDEA-107248Enabling/disabling breakpoint from breakpoint popup does not change the label of the corresponding option


BugIDEA-144511Diff window shows unknown file type error for new Java file on the shelf
BugIDEA-144343Ctrl-tab brings up the switcher in the diff window
Usability ProblemIDEA-144687Diff "Include into commit" checkbox should have an accelerator key

Editor. Code Completion

BugIDEA-143920Sort symbols in completion list in "natural" order

Editor. Editing Text

BugIDEA-77306Expand Abbreviation showing red placeholder rectangle and needs to confirm by pressing Tab/Enter/Esc second time (CSS, JS) when caret is in it
BugIDEA-144374Code analysis suspended
BugIDEA-142975Smart home action doesn't work on a folded method
BugIDEA-141879Indent guide lines are 1px longer
BugIDEA-143410Drag-n-drop in split editor does not move cursor
BugIDEA-142623IntelliJ hangs when searching in console
BugIDEA-143771Expand recursively won't work if the current code block is already expanded
Usability ProblemIDEA-143938Emacs mode: `C-m` does `C-l`, and `C-l` is unbound
Usability ProblemIDEA-126952Scratches should have an extension
Usability ProblemIDEA-144638the code coverage gutter indicator overlaps with gutter icon and is impossible to click

File System

Performance ProblemIDEA-144285IDE performs slowly when project path contains "~" on Windows

Find, Replace, Find Usages

FeatureIDEA-143726Find in Path Preview tab doesn't differentiate between files with the same name in different directories
Usability ProblemIDEA-139310"Find Usages" should report source usages before usages in generated code
Usability ProblemIDEA-143481Confusion: What's the difference between Find in Path 'Whole Project' vs 'custom: Project Files' scopes?


ExceptionIDEA-144503'SlimTag:head contains invalid declaration' while complete slim tags

IDE Configuration

FeatureIDEA-143508Keymap abbreviations don't work in the Find Action popup
Usability ProblemIDEA-143998Provide direct link for issue creation when an internal error occurs

Packaging and Installation

BugIDEA-110823xdg-desktop-menu: file '/tmp/jetbrains-pycharm.desktop' does not exist when trying to create desktop shortcut
TaskIDEA-144125Plugin descriptors: unify to use <idea-plugin> root tag

Project Configuration

BugIDEA-144229HTML tags in project compiler output path chooser

Project View

BugIDEA-144316Copy Reference should work for excluded subfolders same way as it works for regular project subdirs
BugIDEA-144300Copy Reference for source folder/content root copies empty string

Run \| Debug configuration

BugIDEA-144576Default compound run config changes when a regular compound run config is edited

Settings Repository

BugIDEA-134781Possibility to stop setting sync
BugIDEA-143759Repository contains unmerged paths. Merge not work for me.
BugIDEA-141883.gitignore in the repository that tracks the settings is not respected
BugIDEA-144166cannot set upstream SSH git URL in Settings repository
BugIDEA-144052When "Settings repository" is enabled changes in 'Path Variables' aren't saved to default path.macros.xml file causing errors in build process
ExceptionIDEA-142812IAE at org.jetbrains.settingsRepository.SettingsRepositoryPackage$upstreamEditor$16e2ee27$createMergeActions$$inlined$Array$lambda$1.actionPerformed(upstreamEditor.kt:85)

User Interface

BugIDEA-144699"Annotate" action from action popup does not redraw toggle when processed
BugIDEA-144172Move breadcrumbs settings to some platform class
BugIDEA-94602IDEA window is incorrectly repainted after automatic window resizing in Windows 7
Usability ProblemIDEA-142428Display shortcuts for action-intentions name that available by Alt+Enter
Usability ProblemIDEA-121670Editor->Colors&Fonts: attribute list display/management
Usability ProblemIDEA-91047Undo doesn't work in plain text fields

Version Control

BugIDEA-139870Issue with context menu for annotation panel for files without an associated type
Usability ProblemIDEA-142976"Performing code analysis" progress is uninformative

Version Control. Git

BugIDEA-144619"Open on Github" command does not use the current HEAD
BugIDEA-142566Git checkout doesn't work with special directory names
BugIDEA-144204Cannot show file revision: path xxx doesn't exist in revision
BugIDEA-143143VCS Push hangs
Usability ProblemIDEA-132779Open on GitHub with Revision
Usability ProblemIDEA-142908"Cherry Pick..." action naming and behaviour

Version Control. Log

BugIDEA-139962VCS Log: "Filter by root" actions should be DumbAware
BugIDEA-135359Log: arrow should always follow its expanded edge
Usability ProblemIDEA-134049VCS Log : filter by root : don't close the popup upon selecting/deselecting a root, i.e. allow to select/deselect several at once
CosmeticsIDEA-135987VCS Log: filter by path - invisible 'root' node for modules could be collapsed by keyboard

Version Control. Mercurial

BugIDEA-140596Permanent "checking incoming and outgoing changes" background task
BugIDEA-137686Mercurial blame is not colored

Version Control. Perforce

FeatureIDEA-53994Add support for p4 shelve/unshelve
BugIDEA-144006Perforce: can't integrate project from branch working copy using main->branch mapping
BugIDEA-144341Perforce: TestConnection button pressing in Perforce settings should not report error if valid explicit settings are entered and p4config is not used
BugIDEA-144216Perforce: Integrate Project: incorrect changelist set is shown for branch mapping
BugIDEA-81454Perforce: Integrate project: with Reverse option checked the changelist selection works incorrectly
BugIDEA-56214Perforce: Integrate project with conflicts doesn't clear read-only status for files
Usability ProblemIDEA-130515Use IDE-wide password storage facilities for Perforce integration
ExceptionIDEA-144331NPE at org.jetbrains.idea.perforce.perforce.connections.P4ConfigHelper.findDirWithP4ConfigFile

Version Control. Subversion

BugIDEA-141979Subversion: svn1.9: MergeFrom fails if root folder doesn't contain svn:mergeinfo property yet
BugIDEA-141977Subversion: cannot add external with Subversion 1.9 if no externals existed
BugIDEA-141935Subversion: svn1.9: Ignore command doesn't work if folder doesn't contain svn:ignore property yet

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..

BugWI-25360PhpStorm 7.1.3 and 8.x.x - Deployment feature (SFTP) - Algorithm negotiation fail
BugWI-28543Canceling "file watcher checking" completely stops uploading on CTRL-S
ExceptionWI-28729NullPointerException when creating project from existing files

Code: Editing

BugCPP-4315"Edit | Copy Reference" result doesn't contain the file name

Code: Resolving

BugCPP-4431Resolve of HelloWorld takes enormous time, NullPointerException sometimes occurs


BugRUBY-16796The YAML syntax highlighting doesn't handle linebroken scalar values.
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