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IDEA-142054 (Feature)

Make Alt+Enter accept selection in bulb menu.

WEB-17670 (Cosmetics)

Indent in the prompt for the CSS tag

IDEA-143220 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA freezes when highlighting text or just clicking cursor around

IDEA-143990 (Bug)

Project leak in FindManager

WEB-17665 (Bug)

Postfix Completion does not respect JavaScript coding style without semicolon to terminate statements.

IDEA-142262 (Bug)

Smooth scrolling is not disabled over rdp

IDEA-143496 (Bug)

Creating file with "Create Directory" dialog fails

WEB-17639 (Bug)

Frequent UI hangs - suspect AngularJS plugin

IDEA-143482 (Exception)

Exception when setting your own idea.config.path

Build tools


WEB-17763 (Bug)

Grunt Run Configuration does not respect (path) variables

WEB-13726 (Bug)

Error reading

WEB-17736 (Bug)

Run Gulp Task popup does not preserve current Selection once task list is reloaded.

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-143916 (Cosmetics)

Preferences | Inspections: fix action name

Code Navigation


IDEA-144074 (Bug)

Recent files popup opens wrong file after filtering

Code: Formatting


CPP-4269 (Bug)

Formatter: 'Smart tab' option doesn't convert spaces to tabs correctly



IDEA-121936 (Bug)

Adjusting font size in consoles sets global Console font style



WEB-17605 (Bug)

make sure the caret is in the right position after code completion



IDEA-144036 (Performance Problem)

Images viewed using debugger's evaluate window are not cleared from memory

WEB-17844 (Bug)

NodeJS debugger does not stop on breakpoint

WEB-17608 (Bug)

Server-side debug in Meteor. Debugger does not stop on breakpoints .

WEB-17632 (Exception)

Dart: Debugger: on starting Debug session in the Dartium browser exception is thrown



IDEA-143333 (Bug)

Diff viewer: Collapse unchanged fragments causes strange behavior

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-141408 (Bug)

Action "Duplicate Lines" duplicates too much

IDEA-141881 (Bug)

Editor highlights not paired brackets in decompiled class

IDEA-142512 (Bug)

Indent a new line if the text after a caret position contains only whitespaces

File System


IDEA-143989 (Exception)

Attempt to move broken symlink leads to exception

IDEA-144031 (Exception)

Startup exception

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-15266 (Usability Problem)

Show Usages popup doesn't accept Editor->Down and Editor->Up keybindings, only supports DOWN_ARROW and UP_ARROW

IDEA-143269 (Bug)

Find in Path dialog - cannot navigate to previous search values with the keyboard

IDEA-143783 (Bug)

Find: text in Find field moves caret to the end of a search string

IDEA-144023 (Bug)

Find usages: Correct processing for elements from additional index roots



WEB-15677 (Bug)

Form input without an associated label HTML Inspection does not match HTML specification

IDE Configuration


IDEA-141077 (Feature)

Allow easy live template sharing between different IDEA instances



WEB-17268 (Bug)

Jade plugin incorrectly parses multiline js

WEB-14160 (Bug)

Jade: support rest arguments in mixins

WEB-17693 (Bug)

Pasting Jade code breaks indentation



WEB-14524 (Feature)

ES7: Add support to exponentiation operator

WEB-3324 (Feature)

Infer JavaScript function parameters info based on calculated function-type expression

WEB-17650 (Cosmetics)

ES6: Weird syntax-highlighting in computed property name + template string

WEB-17541 (Bug)

Suppress await* error

WEB-17279 (Bug)

No warning or Intellisense about info from JSDoc

WEB-17566 (Bug)

Symbols from non-relevant node modules are shown in completion and resolved

WEB-17611 (Bug)

Make @fires info in Quick Doc clickable

WEB-11782 (Bug)

Display JSDoc param default value

WEB-17615 (Bug)

endless indexing loop

WEB-17047 (Bug)

split into multiple declarations should respect the keyword (JS)

WEB-17602 (Bug)

Error with ES6 syntax highlighting

WEB-6758 (Bug)

JSDoc: Go To Class (Ctrl+N) doesn't find classes declared using @name tag

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-16629 (Feature)

Make errors in Meteor console clickable

WEB-15136 (Feature)

Feature request: in Meteor projects, external packages should be imported as libraries by default

WEB-15026 (Bug)

Meteor: creating the default Meteor.js app names files "hello.*" regardless of the app name

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-17728 (Feature)

JSCS: implement suppression for a single line

WEB-17813 (Bug)

JSCS: wrong suppression results inside injections

WEB-17812 (Bug)

JSCS: inspections are shown multiple times

WEB-17814 (Bug)

JSCS: escape tabulation sign for the "validateIndentation" rule value type completion

WEB-17718 (Bug)

JSCS: improve some rules type validation

WEB-17716 (Bug)

JSCS: .jscsrc file errors highlighting is inconsistent

WEB-17710 (Bug)

JSCS: remove code tag from the description for two jsDoc rules

WEB-17727 (Bug)

JSCS: support new rules/values for version 2.1.x

WEB-17467 (Bug)

TSLint Tool Doesn't Remember Package

WEB-15238 (Bug)

Syntax check for config.jscs.json reports "esprima" key as unknown

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-17654 (Feature)

Insert ES6 'import' instead of 'require'



WEB-17559 (Bug)

LESS/CSS rule value



WEB-17783 (Bug)

Node.js module is not installed

WEB-17413 (Bug)

Node.js: "Missing module dependency" inspection doesn't add packages into devDepedencies of package.json in the bulk mode

WEB-17567 (Bug)

Remote node package advertisement outside of `require`

WEB-1931 (Bug)

Code completion is incorrect for Node Error object

WEB-17592 (Bug)

Missing module dependency: should respect a package.json location when installing a module

Password Safe


IDEA-103062 (Usability Problem)

Passwords: forget all saved passwords right away after reset for master password

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-28336 (Usability Problem)

Enable "Show hidden files" by default for private key file dialog

WI-28158 (Bug)

'Compare with local version' action is enabled on directories of Remote Host

WI-27750 (Bug)

Lock on deployment settings saving

WI-16410 (Bug)

Run external tool on explicit save with autouploading results (Files Processed by External Tools such as SASS must be manually uploaded.)

Project View


IDEA-143690 (Bug)

Project view of non-Java IDEs is not refreshed when directory moved



WEB-15933 (Bug)

stylus nth-of-

WEB-14464 (Bug)

Stylus: extending placeholder selectors



WEB-17723 (Feature)

TypeScript 1.6: Intersection types

WEB-14459 (Bug)

TypeScript: Wrong type validation for for object properties.

WEB-16081 (Bug)

Typescript: Type information lost when using a "dictionary" type

WEB-16415 (Bug)

Failed to infer types for lambda expressions arguments

WEB-14145 (Bug)

Error on parsing destructured variable having type

WEB-17699 (Bug)

Typescript Destructuring: Numerous errors when using Tuple Type Objects

Unit Tests


WEB-17674 (Bug)

Mocha package not automatically detected

User Interface


IDEA-133568 (Feature)

Distraction Free mode: XML breadcrumbs could be aligned with text in editor

IDEA-143597 (Usability Problem)

New behavior of creating Scratch Files is distracting

IDEA-143500 (Performance Problem)

Many threads updating their progress fraction at the same time shouldn't lock each other

IDEA-143968 (Bug)

New Library from maven doesn't work anymore

IDEA-143735 (Bug)

FileChooser.chooseFiles doesn't call callback anymore then dialog is shown from another dialog

IDEA-143720 (Bug)

popups not respecting keybindings of UP / DOWN.

Version Control


IDEA-125257 (Usability Problem)

Do not jump to the end of log by pressing 'Up' at the first line

IDEA-129253 (Bug)

IDEA hangs up on opening the checked out project

IDEA-143447 (Bug)

Unshelve changes with unassociated file leads to some problems

IDEA-142715 (Bug)

It's impossible to move multiple files by mouse between changelists or even select several files via Ctrl/Cmd+Click

Version Control. Git


IDEA-143006 (Bug)

Git: Passwords are not saved if there is no login in the URL

IDEA-143143 (Bug)

VCS Push hangs

IDEA-143363 (Exception)

Errors parsing remote.pushdefault value in .git/config

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-137097 (Performance Problem)

Perforce - After files submit intellij refresh repository

IDEA-144008 (Bug)

Perforce: confusing behavior on 'use p4config' option checking if P4CONFIG is not set

IDEA-45172 (Bug)

Perforce: Integrate works incorrectly for target intergration from source files

IDEA-142603 (Bug)

Perforce - can't integrate by changelist

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-66690 (Feature)

Subversion annotate ignores whitespace by default

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