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IDEA-141711 (Feature)

Indicate running applications

IDEA-142162 (Performance Problem)

we can haz the mostly-lock-free getFileName() please?

WEB-17422 (Bug)

WS11 - 142.3470 jscs searches for esprima in wrong folder

IDEA-142828 (Bug)

Native crashes on mac after enabling 'prevent app nap' option

WEB-13005 (Bug)

WS9 Directories is missing from ctrl+shift+a

WEB-17464 (Bug)

HiDPI on Linux: small icons in "New Project" dialog

IDEA-141709 (Bug)

Popup in the wrong place if tabs are present in the edited line

IDEA-143303 (Bug)

DumbService exception in "add file extension" dialog.

IDEA-143220 (Bug)

IntelliJ IDEA freezes when highlighting text or just clicking cursor around

IDEA-143535 (Bug)

Open on Github link not formatted correctly for selecting multiple lines

IDEA-137698 (Bug)

Poor performance when the HTTP proxy is configured using PAC



WEB-17031 (Feature)

Link in comments in css files should be "clickable"

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-143436 (Bug)

Cannot import inspections profile from IDEA 14

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-143046 (Performance Problem)

Slow postponed formatting in large files



WEB-17096 (Bug)

Coffeescript destructing assigment: false positive unused parameter reporting



WEB-17544 (Bug)

no completion in web/main.dart for imported library (WS11) (SDK 1.12)

WEB-17546 (Bug)

cannot fetch remote documentation (Dart SDK 1.12)



IDEA-139797 (Feature)

Default Theme doesn't allow to apply font size to evaluate expression console's input

WEB-17477 (Exception)

Debugger: cannot stop on breakpoint when "Do not step into library scripts" option enabled

WEB-17526 (Exception)

Debugger: InvocationTargetException on session stop with "Mute Breakpoints" option enabled



IDEA-101042 (Feature)

Provide a way to disable left editor gutter VCS markers (for added/modified lines)

IDEA-143443 (Bug)

Diff window toolbar contains two same button to show in old diff when see diff from shelf

IDEA-89888 (Bug)

Incorrect colors of linemarkers

IDEA-143333 (Bug)

Diff viewer: Collapse unchanged fragments causes strange behavior

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-143105 (Bug)

Font size change in settings does not affect current file

File System


IDEA-143056 (Performance Problem)

JarFileSystem jar->local conversion methods should be faster

IDEA-142978 (Bug)

File rename/move during FS refresh can lead to the file invalidation and local history loss

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-143419 (Cosmetics)

Find in Path: Pop-up "Occurences in IDEA project files are skipped. Include them" is not clear

IDEA-143165 (Bug)

IntelliJ 15 EAP: Quick find not replacing text with new find text



WEB-17490 (Bug)

Trouble parsing filenames with accents in .html files

IDE Configuration


IDEA-142984 (Bug)

Settings / Colors and Fonts: changing "Use inherited attributes" without editing attributes is not saved

IDEA-115957 (Bug)

Keymap: Mouse shortcut conflict detection broken: Depends on current filter

IDEA-142214 (Bug)

Settings | Quick Lists: Drag and Drop preview shows that it is possible to drop lists to actions and vice versa

IDEA-142774 (Bug)

Platform and Plugin Updates error: Update over HTTPS is not supported on Java 6

IDEA-143420 (Bug)

Settings / Colors and Fonts: changing "Use inherited attributes" to No is not saved



WEB-882 (Bug)

Indexing hangs on large JavaScript file (2.5MB)

WEB-17459 (Feature)Support for JSCS 2.0

WEB-10193 (Bug)

Javascript Structure View scope error

WEB-17426 (Bug)

Invalid call target

WEB-17557 (Bug)

ES6 template strings with expressions causes syntax highlighting issues.

WEB-17480 (Bug)

[JSIntentionPowerPack] Incorrect result of Intention "replace && with ||"

WEB-17119 (Bug)

ES6: no completion/navigation for default import

WEB-6391 (Bug)

JS, TS, Extract parameters: incorrect JsDoc is generated when extracting string constant

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-17417 (Bug)

inconsistent return points false positive for ES6 method syntax

WEB-17471 (Bug)

JSCS@2.0.0 and JSX Harmony

WEB-17467 (Bug)

TSLint Tool Doesn't Remember Package

WEB-17431 (Bug)

tslint tool doesn't work with tslint 2.4.0 and above

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-10703 (Bug)

JavaScript - Extract variable fails silently

WEB-3648 (Bug)

JS, Introduce Variable: false 'Selection contains reference to arrow function parameter' warning when selecting expression in arrow function body

WEB-17565 (Exception)

Refactoring: Extract variable: switching between var kind with enabled multiple occurrences lead to Throwable exception



WEB-17513 (Feature)

Node.js run configuration requires a "JavaScript file"

WEB-17470 (Bug)

Node.js: vertically stretched interpreter field

WEB-17597 (Bug)

Enabling V8 profiling in automatically created run/debug configuration affects default Node.js configuration

WEB-17511 (Bug)

Node Express project: provide a way to create Express application that uses SASS stylesheet engine

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-28226 (Usability Problem)

Provide .ssh directory as default for key

Project Configuration


IDEA-143007 (Exception)

Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.project.DumbServiceImpl.a(

Project View


IDEA-143067 (Bug)

EAP 15: Drag and drop in project tree view -> Copy

Run | Debug configuration


IDEA-142330 (Cosmetics)

Allow select content of "Environment variables" textbox in "Run/Debug Configuration"

IDEA-126452 (Cosmetics)

Confusing wording of run configuration options



WEB-17396 (Bug)

Stylus: some breadcrumbs are shown incorrectly



WEB-16799 (Bug)

Typescript 1.5 type errors reporting incomplete.

WEB-17607 (Bug)TSLint warnings one line off

WEB-17421 (Bug)

Confusing error "Corresponding file is not included in tsconfig.json"

WEB-17475 (Bug)

TypeScript interface implementation loses union types

WEB-16424 (Bug)

TypeScript: enum merge doesn't work

WEB-12032 (Bug)

Typescript code completion fails when external module merges with function

WEB-15895 (Bug)

Functional types should be enclosed in parentheses when used as option in union types

WEB-17604 (Bug)

TypeScript member visibility change intention action is active for constructor

WEB-2036 (Bug)

TypeScript: report errors on making rest parameter optional

WEB-17432 (Bug)

TypeScript: incorrect namespace/module name resolution - good code in red

User Interface


IDEA-143011 (Feature)

Bookmarks dialog: Misleading bookmark controls.

IDEA-91047 (Usability Problem)

Undo doesn't work in plain text fields

IDEA-143500 (Performance Problem)

Many threads updating their progress fraction at the same time shouldn't lock each other

IDEA-143470 (Cosmetics)

Open File dialog: unnecessary dot in the end of the phrase

IDEA-138032 (Bug)

Project Structure View 'Show views as tabs' option doesn't persist between sessions

IDEA-143152 (Bug)

HiDPI on Linux: text caret is too thin by default

IDEA-142415 (Bug)

Actions in Commit Dialog are not updated until some activity from the user

IDEA-143135 (Bug)

HiDPI on Linux: ComboBox UI bug

IDEA-142663 (Bug)

Group tabs option are available in the Project tool window

IDEA-142728 (Bug)

Slow actions update

Version Control


IDEA-142450 (Usability Problem)

Automatically register the VCS root if checked out from the IDE

Version Control. Git


IDEA-143363 (Exception)

Errors parsing remote.pushdefault value in .git/config

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-113808 (Bug)

Idea opens a file in wrong project

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-139842 (Bug)

Subversion Annotate doesn't work for some files



IDEA-143193 (Bug)

Wrong popup info for not registered URI

IDEA-142043 (Bug)

Map help button of the settings page Default XML Schemas

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