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WEB-15967 (Bug)

jsdoc no longer recognizes @class 14.1

WEB-15927 (Bug)

Out of Memory error in WebStorm 10

Build tools


WEB-16109 (Cosmetics)

Icon by Gulp settings is for Grunt, not Gulp

WEB-16035 (Bug)

Impossible to open build tool popup (alt+f11 )if no one gulp\grunt file is chosen.

WEB-16000 (Bug)

Gulp integration creates invalid run/debug tasks



WEB-10234 (Feature)

Check for Dart SDK update

WEB-16040 (Bug)

Hover information is always a stacktrace



WEB-14539 (Bug)

Node.js debugging step buttons (over, into, etc) don't work



IDEA-138322 (Exception)

IllegalStateException LineStatusTrackerDrawing.getDiffColor must not return null



WEB-11760 (Feature)

JSDoc validate properties when possible

WEB-16057 (Cosmetics)

Typo in project settings

WEB-15996 (Bug)

"@this {type}" is not honored for all functions in WebStorm 10

WEB-11845 (Bug)

function param: incorrect "select word"

WEB-16011 (Bug)

Inferred type is not detected when (this.externalFunction = localFunction)

WEB-16056 (Bug)

Missing completion and inspection for imported classes' constructors

WEB-1523 (Bug)

JSDoc: don't use HTML syntax highlighting for JSDoc comments in javascript

WEB-16110 (Bug)

Unclear meaning of decorators in JavaScript files

WEB-15523 (Bug)

JSDoc: nested properties documented with @property tag not available in completion

WEB-16127 (Bug)

Cannot find declaration when using namespace

WEB-15202 (Bug)

ES6 generator symbol methods should not be flagged as a syntax error

WEB-15455 (Bug)

"private member not accessible" reported for members of type wrapped in anonymous closure if they are annotated with @memberOf

WEB-14049 (Bug)

JSDoc reference to this is wrong when @name is used

WEB-15903 (Bug)

Closing curly brace is duplicated in ES6 template strings

WEB-16072 (Exception)

Exception when convert comments to C-style

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-15951 (Bug)

Completion for Spacebars namespace doesn't work

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16031 (Bug)

unresolved variable warning

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-15091 (Exception)

AssertionError when try to change signature of the function

JavaScript. Templates


WEB-15965 (Usability Problem)

Templates: Settings: map help ID



WEB-15971 (Bug)

Webstorm doesn't cleanly kill node process when debugging

Task Management


IDEA-128728 (Feature)

Support configurable issue states in task repositories

IDEA-138740 (Usability Problem)

Task management: Redmine: project URL instead of server URL gives "Successful" answer and 404 error

IDEA-138741 (Usability Problem)

Task management: Close Task: "Update issue state" is suggested but does nothing for a number of servers



WEB-13281 (Bug)

Typescript dictionary interface not work for intellisense

WEB-15770 (Bug)

Intellisence doesn't autocomplete the deeper inside of function-parameters that's described in TypeScript

WEB-11869 (Bug)

Typescript: var a = null type is not inferred correctly

WEB-15810 (Bug)

No members suggestions when creating aliases with the import keyword

WEB-16066 (Bug)

Typescript: align object properties broken in 10

WEB-15912 (Bug)

Typescript: create field quick fix generates incorrect code

WEB-16075 (Bug)

warning: variable might not have been initialized for destructuring variables

WEB-15294 (Bug)

unresolved function or method hasOwnProperty()

WEB-16082 (Bug)

sometimes compiler output TS2345: [object Object]

WEB-15889 (Bug)

Interface Type Check with Enum Produces False Error

WEB-16100 (Bug)

TypeScript compiler: when using 'Compile All', run the compiler once when 'Compile Main File only' is enabled

WEB-15549 (Bug)

Bogus error with typescript declarations file and constructors with arguments (good code shown red)

WEB-14098 (Bug)

Built-in typescript compiler reports false positives

WEB-14317 (Bug)

TypeScript: support external module declaration merging

User Interface


IDEA-138551 (Bug)

Action toolbar: clicking on a combobox with shown popup should hide the popup

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-100857 (Bug)

Changes: Local keeps jumping to the selected row when there are a lot of changes

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