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WEB-15963 (Usability Problem)

Emmet: Settings: map help IDs

WEB-15938 (Bug)

Invalid code analysis

IDEA-109467 (Bug)

Too big tooltip for Close Icon (Debug Window)

IDEA-138025 (Bug)

Massive rendering issues on OSX

Build tools


WEB-15864 (Bug)

Gulp and Grunt in the same project: popUp is opened only for one of the build tools



WEB-15962 (Bug)

Assets with space in filename could not be loaded

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-138290 (Bug)

Caret visual position is invalid after folding expand/collapse for multiple carets

IDEA-138138 (Bug)

Typo in Keymap_Emacs.xml

IDEA-138306 (Bug)

Moving code through collapsed code breaks it

IDEA-137724 (Bug)

distraction free mode does not tell you subdirectory of file viewed in header

IDE Configuration


IDEA-138299 (Bug)

Unsaved changes in code style section Wrapping and Braces cause exception when switch to other project



WEB-15970 (Bug)

WebStorm 10: running a project with node.js version 0.10.x is no longer one click (due to V8 profiling)

Unit Tests


WEB-15866 (Bug)

uncomfortable multiline diff for nodeunit tests

WEB-15960 (Exception)

JSTestDriver RC: AssertionError is thrown on Help invocation

User Interface


IDEA-77976 (Usability Problem)

Dragging tool windows problem

IDEA-136339 (Bug)

Regression - IDEA-77976 Dragging tool windows problem

IDEA-131109 (Bug)

White text on white background in dialogs

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