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WEB-15766 (Cosmetics)

VCS Commit: change product name in the message shown on attempt to commit with 'code analysis' enabled while indexing

Build tools


WEB-15547 (Usability Problem)

gulp button won't save its position on bottom left tool button



WEB-15818 (Usability Problem)

The name "Dart Problems" isn't accurate

WEB-15772 (Bug)

Dart: Red code: wrong cascade parsing

WEB-14556 (Bug)

Code completion of enum is missing value

WEB-15817 (Bug)

Dart's live problems view doesn't refresh until I switch back to WebStorm



IDEA-138017 (Exception)

java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in oneside viewer

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-137341 (Cosmetics)

Code editor Simplified Chinese font display seems to have problems

IDEA-137257 (Bug)

Enter action after block comment

IDEA-137103 (Exception)

AssertionError when edit code in .phtml file



WEB-14031 (Feature)

Allow HTML warning supressing comments to be followed by newline

WEB-15749 (Bug)

Custom language injection - cursor jumps around upon hitting enter

IDE Configuration


IDEA-136619 (Feature)

Cannot assign shortcut to "File -> Open Recent"



WEB-15742 (Bug)

"Element need to be exported" extra warning when make import

WEB-15606 (Bug)

unresolved variable or type await inside methods

WEB-12340 (Bug)

`as` is forbidden to be a variable

WEB-15843 (Bug)

ES6: NPE on completion invocation inside import statement

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-15656 (Bug)

ES6: Formatting: do not put class keyword on the next line



WEB-15799 (Bug)

No titles after ampersand (&) in file structure (Ctrl + F12)

Task Management


IDEA-128728 (Feature)

Support configurable issue states in task repositories

IDEA-137716 (Bug)

Task management: Close Task: GUI freeze with CloseTaskAction.actionPerformed() call



WEB-15741 (Bug)

IDE Freezes on large/complex TypeScript project

Version Control


IDEA-137685 (Bug)

Annotate hotkey not working in FIle History panel

Version Control. Git


IDEA-78347 (Usability Problem)

Option to use --full-history in file history

Version Control. Log


IDEA-135302 (Cosmetics)

Log: Select Folders dialog appearing from paths filter is too small by default.

IDEA-137760 (Cosmetics)

Something wrong with IntelliSort icon (in Log) in retina

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