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IDEA-132554 (Usability Problem)

automatic window scroll after CTRL-ALT-L

CPP-3150 (Usability Problem)

Warn users about Vim plugin on Welcome screen

WEB-16467 (Bug)

HEAD request not handled correctly in built in server

WEB-16257 (Bug)

Incorrect documentation for Element#classList methods

WEB-16386 (Bug)

WebStorm 10.0.2 hangs and does not respond

WEB-16175 (Bug)

Element style doesn't have required attribute scoped

WEB-16446 (Bug)

JSCS package path is configured globally rather then per project

IDEA-138918 (Bug)

IntelliJ 14.1.1 does not start after update

Build tools


WEB-16290 (Bug)

Gulp task runner does not set environment variables from default Gulp run configuration before parsing tasks in gulpfile

WEB-16502 (Bug)

Grunt: support navigable links in the output from the grunt-tslint package

WEB-16366 (Bug)

cannot parse Grunt tasks

Code Navigation


IDEA-139293 (Bug)

Strange behavior "Go to file" dialog when I paste file name with leading Tab



WEB-15467 (Feature)

copy / paste debugger watch values as JSON string

WEB-16256 (Bug)

Debugger emits errors for io.js > 1.6.3

WEB-16172 (Bug)

Javascript debugging - breakpoints dont match display when using <script> template blocks (and not <template>)



IDEA-123196 (Usability Problem)

Merge tool should support stepping over only unresolved conflicts

IDEA-138359 (Bug)

Show regular diff dialog from "Navigate to File" instead of modal

IDEA-139223 (Bug)

Compare with window is modal

IDEA-139645 (Bug)

Diff window no longer working...

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-139523 (Feature)

Option to retain Code Folding after Paste

IDEA-138431 (Bug)

Editor: Ctrl+Left / Right (arrow) does not skip over indent whitespace to prev/next token

IDEA-138964 (Bug)

When you switch the IME control byte character the character before the caret is overwritten.

File Watchers


WEB-16470 (Bug)

File watcher: spaces in paths prevent to run program

WEB-12196 (Bug)

File Watcher: Output Filter: output not parsed when filename contains spaces/brackets. Unusable with Dropbox



WEB-14928 (Bug)

End of JavaScript comments detected

WEB-15887 (Bug)

Meteor+ polymer: don't inject meteor templates into Polymer template bindings inside <polymer-element>

WEB-16247 (Bug)

Some tag names duplicated in html5 completion

WEB-16321 (Bug)

Inspection Unknown HTML boolean tag attribute Warns on Valid HTML5



WEB-16410 (Usability Problem)

Download libraries: when searching for typescript stub, navigate to library with name that starts with entered substring first

WEB-16277 (Performance Problem)

infinite js parsing

WEB-16158 (Bug)

Duplicate declaration error

WEB-16336 (Bug)

Webstorm can't autocompletes alias imports

WEB-16269 (Bug)

ES6: Shorthand methods with generator

WEB-16262 (Bug)

Incorrect suggestions

WEB-16261 (Bug)

RubyMine 7.1 Hangups

WEB-16260 (Bug)

Failing type inference with an object conforming to a typedef

WEB-16078 (Bug)

ES6: Autocomplete confusion

WEB-14921 (Bug)

Better Structure View for ExtJS Files

WEB-6643 (Bug)

Custom code folding regions doesn't work when more than 2 level nesting on WebStorm #WB-121-390

WEB-16111 (Bug)

Code completion is not working for nested objects defined outside

WEB-16198 (Bug)

Javascript : unresolved function or method from super class where there is also a "static" method

WEB-16340 (Bug)

IllegalStateException: No match found at JSDocumentationUtils.handleCommentLine() on indexing

WEB-16024 (Bug)

Hyphen in JSDoc @param is duplicated

WEB-16304 (Bug)

Problems with highlighting long chained calls (e.g. promises)

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-16051 (Bug)

Wrong continuation indent for return statement in parentheses

WEB-7549 (Bug)

JS: 'Wrap when typing reaches right margin' option doesn't work

WEB-14259 (Bug)

Bad JS-Formatter within conditions

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-15258 (Feature)

Add PhoneGap/Cordova platform browser

WEB-16335 (Feature)

Provide completion for templates in Meteor

WEB-16355 (Bug)

JSX: HTML tags completion is not available, NPE at ReactXmlExtension$1.execute()

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-16314 (Bug)

Add support for .eslintignore

WEB-16163 (Bug)

jscs unknown options

WEB-16347 (Bug)

JavaScript object inspections is broken

WEB-16189 (Bug)

Select path to Node.js and JSCS automatically

WEB-16406 (Bug)

JSCS: use correct list of operators for rules type completion

WEB-16405 (Bug)

JSCS: correctly recognize type for each rule

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-14761 (Bug)

The Object.freeze definition in EcmaScript5.js (EcmaScript 5 library) is wrong

JavaScript. Refactoring


WEB-15848 (Bug)

Support rename of the imported\exported variable



WEB-16236 (Bug)

Autocomplete for @-webkit-keyframes adds a second @ at the beginning

Live Edit


WEB-14628 (Bug)

Live Completion does not work on IntelliJ IDEA 14



WEB-14930 (Feature)

Support io.js in Languages & Frameworks

WEB-16371 (Bug)

After Renaming Project Root Directory Name from within webstorm Directory Name in Run/Debug Configuration [working directory] is showing old name

WEB-14841 (Bug)

MacOS: Impossible to download iojs without setting up proxy

WEB-16190 (Bug)

Select path to Node.js automatically

Packaging and Installation


IDEA-139036 (Bug)

IDEA Updater - java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

Plugin: Deployment _ FTP..


WI-1398 (Feature)

Opening single file, or download selected directories from FTP.

WI-27230 (Usability Problem)

Remote Edit: attempt to open *.phar file shifts focus to Navigation bar

WI-27228 (Usability Problem)

"Edit Remote file" has the same mnemonic as "Rename"

WI-27229 (Usability Problem)

Remote Edit: allow to open remote file using double click

WI-27252 (Cosmetics)

Remote Edit: upload current remote file action should not be shown in context menu

WI-21962 (Bug)

Upload changed when document save

WI-27264 (Bug)

Remote Edit: assert error on multiple openings of a large file

WI-27246 (Bug)

Remote Edit: it's impossible to open a file without known file type

WI-27233 (Bug)

Remote edit: Hide file extension in editor tabs doesn't work

WI-27232 (Bug)

Remote Edit: tabs names are not updated on deployment server name change

WI-27231 (Bug)

Remote Edit: Symlinked files are truncated



WEB-14906 (Feature)

Profiling: Heap: highlight detached nodes



WEB-13406 (Bug)

Stylus nested media query duplicate rule flag invalid

WEB-13162 (Bug)

Stylus: Structure view: correctly recognize several @media queries

Task Management


IDEA-138415 (Bug)

Open task: serverUrl is undefined



IDEA-139633 (Bug)

Terminal doesn't show prompt or current folder



WEB-16146 (Feature)

TypeScript: Add type-related intentions

WEB-16311 (Bug)

"type" incorrectly treated as keyword when used as property or variable name

WEB-16148 (Bug)

TypeScript: exported enum does not satisfy its own interface

WEB-16300 (Bug)

TypeScript 1.5 ES6 style module format not recognized

WEB-16282 (Bug)

TypeScript: 'Unresolved type' issues with ES6 Modules (export default)

WEB-14009 (Bug)

Rename TypeScript import statement does not also rename references to imported module

WEB-16258 (Bug)

Generic override incorrectly flagged as error (since build #WS-141.614)

WEB-16287 (Bug)

Unable to use lib.es6.d.ts over lib.d.ts

WEB-16227 (Bug)

TypeScript: "Align var statements and assignments" options should work

WEB-16222 (Bug)

TypeScript: module not resolved

WEB-15553 (Bug)

Type inference error between modules

WEB-14638 (Bug)

Interface fieldname collides with module name in TypeScript

WEB-16219 (Exception)

TypeScript: Element: class com.intellij.lang.javascript.psi.ecma6.impl.TypeScriptVariableImpl because: parent is null; stub=null exception

Unit Tests


WEB-1673 (Bug)

JSTestDriver: debugger is disconnected in about 30 sec

WEB-16291 (Exception)

ERROR [karma]: [TypeError: Cannot read property 'configFileNode' of null]

User Interface


IDEA-138954 (Bug)

in debug window when click 'stop' the 're-run' buttons disappears for a short while causing all other buttons shift up and then down again

IDEA-137398 (Bug)

unreadable notification when win7 text size is increased

IDEA-137092 (Bug)

"Choose declaration" context menu can extend out of screen

IDEA-79203 (Bug)

Re-run keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-F5) doesn't work

IDEA-138257 (Bug)

High DPI monitor issue: small text in notification popups

IDEA-95271 (Bug)

Welcome screen: some error notifications are not available from the welcome screen

IDEA-139520 (Exception)

Unable to print source code

Version Control


IDEA-138181 (Usability Problem)

Push Dialog: "Edit all targets" should sync targets on enabling

IDEA-77338 (Performance Problem)

Perform 'Add to VCS' action under progress

IDEA-130082 (Performance Problem)

IntelliJ very sluggish while editing text in any editor, when there are many ignored files in VCS

IDEA-134166 (Performance Problem)

IntelliJ indexing hangs the main thread with changes that touch many files

IDEA-138180 (Bug)

Push Dialog: last target is invisible (if it has no commits to push)

IDEA-139870 (Bug)

Issue with context menu for annotation panel for files without an associated type

Version Control. Git


IDEA-130665 (Usability Problem)

Rebase branch dialog doesn't keep previous choices after rebase

IDEA-137632 (Usability Problem)

Git interactive rebasing dialog speed search

IDEA-120261 (Usability Problem)

Better select default Git root in Git Rebase Dialog

IDEA-114570 (Performance Problem)

100% CPU, app locked up, when changing git branches.

IDEA-137636 (Cosmetics)

Git interactive rebase dialog default column size should not be equal

IDEA-139020 (Cosmetics)

Corrupted error message in "Rebasing Commits" dialog

IDEA-139758 (Bug)

Git Interactive Rebase: stopping to edit a commit should refresh the virtual file system

IDEA-138787 (Bug)

Interactive rebase does nothing if the current branch is directly below the base branch (the "noop" situation)

IDEA-139506 (Exception)

Git: Interactive Rebase: IOOBE at java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheck

IDEA-137749 (Exception)

Compare with branch: Read access is allowed from event dispatch thread or inside read-action only: Throwable at com.intellij.openapi.fileEditor.impl.FileDocumentManagerImpl.getDocument

IDEA-139500 (Exception)

Git: Interactive Rebase: AE at git4idea.rebase.GitRebaseLineListener.onLineAvailable

Version Control. Log


IDEA-138326 (Bug)

Selected commit can get out of sight after switching IntelliSort on or off.

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