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WEB-14618 (Bug)

Android device list contains non-device lines

WEB-14686 (Bug)

Run Configurations: "CreateProcess error=87, The parameter is incorrect" error on invalid environment variable

WEB-14133 (Bug)

Live template is evaluated inside another live template placeholder (scope: JSON)

Build tools


WEB-14606 (Feature)

Gulp: use default run configuration when fetching tasks from gulpfile

WEB-13924 (Feature)

Gulp: RC: provide possibility to define arguments for tasks

WEB-14508 (Feature)

Add ability to hide gulp tasks from "Select Run/Debug configuration" dropdown



WEB-14635 (Cosmetics)

Intention settings for CSS: remove extra line from 'Description'

WEB-14647 (Bug)

Incorrect visualization of partially duplicated code blocks in css files.

WEB-14664 (Bug)

Editor pane should recognize @charset-declared encoding for CSS/SCSS files

WEB-14733 (Bug)

CSS calc erroneously shown to be syntax error for complex subexpressions

WEB-14308 (Bug)

Mouse focus lost on style and script tags

WEB-12616 (Bug)

Auto-formatting adds extra space - breaks CSS

Code Formatting and Code Style


IDEA-134402 (Bug)

Can't rearrange entries when formatting a single file

Code Navigation


IDEA-90564 (Bug)

Navigation bar closes prematurely if in floating mode



IDEA-134572 (Bug)

Watch edit by mouse click is triggered when it should not



IDEA-132514 (Bug)

Change markers on scrollbar can be outdated in merge panel

File Watchers


WEB-14764 (Bug)

File watchers, TypeScript: watcher for a file that imports external module is not triggered when changing this module

WEB-14790 (Bug)

WebStorm does't show full error description from file watcher.

WEB-14812 (Exception)

java.lang.AssertionError: Already disposed: Project (Disposed)



RUBY-15995 (Bug)

Rubymine 7 command line launcher doesn't exit on OSX

IDE Configuration


IDEA-134783 (Usability Problem)

Plugin manager: check dumbawareness of actions

IDEA-134370 (Performance Problem)

Check connection via proxy freezes IDEA completely

IDEA-134979 (Bug)

IDEA hangs on startup

IDEA-134737 (Bug)

can't download plugin

IDEA-133305 (Security Problem)

using TLS and a correct TLS/SSL certificate for product updates



IDEA-134115 (Bug)

Scanning files to index scans 'excluded' folders



WEB-14564 (Bug)

ClassCastException at PsiBuilderImpl$StartMarker.doneBefore() on parsing jade

WEB-14593 (Bug)

Strange behavior when writing Meteor-oriented Jade

WEB-14271 (Bug)

jade formatting: don't alter tabulations

WEB-14314 (Bug)

jade formatting: space after | (pipe) shouldn't be removed

WEB-12913 (Bug)

Jade: recognize else with each block



WEB-13350 (Bug)

Harmony modules: import star syntax does not work

JavaScript. Formatter


WEB-14661 (Bug)

JavaScript: Formatter: Assertion Error with enabled "Wrap at right margin" option on Code Cleanup action

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-14284 (Task)

Document creation of an AngularJS project stub

WEB-14692 (Bug)

AngularJS - good code yellow - comma in ng-repeat LHS



WEB-14596 (Bug)

`fade(#000, 50%)` background value must be valid in *.less files

Task Management


IDEA-134191 (Bug)

Tools -> Tasks -> Server -> Gitlab: allows access to first 20 projects only



IDEA-118842 (Bug)

Ineffective console standard output color (Terminal)

IDEA-134741 (Bug)

Terminal: the toolwindow remains empty after opening

IDEA-118869 (Exception)

SSH terminal: can't handle connection error correctly

IDEA-134487 (Exception)

Terminal: not able to open without console foreground set: ISE at org.jetbrains.plugins.terminal.JBTerminalSystemSettingsProvider$MyColorSchemeDelegate.getDefaultForeground



WEB-14758 (Bug)

React.createClass in a TypeScript class causes bug

Unit Tests


WEB-14220 (Bug)

Running Karma with coverage hangs

WEB-14736 (Bug)

Karma mocha chai assertion errors are not links

User Interface


IDEA-132237 (Usability Problem)

Notification messages could have some useful actions

IDEA-135089 (Bug)

Search and replace multiline text allows to input only three lines

IDEA-104113 (Exception)

Exception occurs if pressing alt+F1 shortcut ("Select In..." action) in repository browser

Version Control


IDEA-117448 (Performance Problem)

ShelvedChangesViewManager should not process all patches in config.patches on project load

Version Control. Git


IDEA-68866 (Feature)

Please support "reword" and "fixup" rebase options

IDEA-134721 (Usability Problem)

Git: interactive Rebase: show error on Fixup option selecting for the very first commit

IDEA-88890 (Usability Problem)

Notify user about Git Rebase is finished

IDEA-134736 (Performance Problem)

Freeze on open commit dialog with more than 10000 files removed

IDEA-134564 (Task)

GitHandler auth listener does not detect authentication failed.

IDEA-134412 (Bug)

"Share project on GitHub" initial push failed: no current branch

IDEA-123397 (Bug)

Git: History for file doesn't show anything before the move if there were too many changes in the commit that moved the file

IDEA-133564 (Bug)

Version Control - Git settings for Force Push are stored separately

IDEA-133873 (Bug)

pre-commit hook that modifies files

IDEA-81563 (Bug)

"Resolve conflicts..." option under "VCS | Git" is doing nothing after merge conflict in submodules

IDEA-134424 (Bug)

IntelliJ fails to show the interactive rebase dialog if there are "fixup" commits

IDEA-133737 (Bug)

Regression for case with git+ssh+http_proxy

IDEA-135159 (Exception)

NPE at git4idea.update.GitUpdateOptionsPanel.updateFrom

Version Control. Subversion


IDEA-113535 (Usability Problem)

Allow to Revert all Locally deleted files

IDEA-105028 (Task)

Remove org.jetbrains.idea.svn.actions.AddAction

IDEA-103447 (Bug)

Button "..." in "configure subversion branches" dialog is disabled

IDEA-113468 (Bug)

Subversion1.8: Lock operation hangs up if no credentials are provided

IDEA-131822 (Bug)

Subversion checkout dialog no longer intelligently suggests folders

IDEA-131171 (Bug)

Weird SVN error message during diff

IDEA-125347 (Bug)

svn error browsing for changes since a date

IDEA-124213 (Bug)

VCS Local Change View - New unversioned file not listed if package is unversioned too

IDEA-133835 (Bug)

Error on creating SVN patch

IDEA-110604 (Bug)

Negative number of unversioned files in changes pane (PyCharm 2.7.3 @ macos 10.8.4)

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