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IDEA-130724 (Bug)

NPE in LogConsoleBase

IDEA-130604 (Bug)

Reporting exception fails

WEB-13696 (Bug)

Broken Live Templates

IDEA-128832 (Exception)

Code completion works incorrectly in injected fragment with multiple carets



WEB-2078 (Feature)

CSS as New file in menu

WEB-13736 (Cosmetics)

CSS completion: Browser compatibility icons are too distracting

WEB-13601 (Bug)

"Create selector" don't let me choose CSS file on my content roots

WEB-10439 (Bug)

Default live template m-t for css works incorrectly

WEB-13695 (Bug)

Cannot use directories when creating some types of files

Code Analysis. Inspection


IDEA-130964 (Usability Problem)

Spell check in commit dialog only works if enabled in inspection



WEB-13550 (Usability Problem)

Make some indication if Pub Serve reports error/warning and its tool window is not visible

WEB-12609 (Usability Problem)

"New Dart File" context menu defaults to class, which is unusual for Dart

WEB-13756 (Bug)

Dart local imports are not resolved if project folder has spaces in path

WEB-11612 (Bug)

Dart import quickfix does not work if there are other imports



WEB-13649 (Bug)

name mapping: quick evaluate and inline debugger

IDEA-131247 (Bug)

Debugger: changes in watches made out of debugger session are not saved



IDEA-16393 (Usability Problem)

Add ability to customize default next-diff/prev-diff bindings (for example to Alt-Down/Alt-Up)

IDEA-123196 (Usability Problem)

Merge tool should support stepping over only unresolved conflicts

IDEA-130874 (Usability Problem)

'Revert' action does nothing when invoked inside a changed file but not on a line containing changes

IDEA-115799 (Performance Problem)

Visual Merge tool produce 100% CPU usage

Editor. Editing Text


IDEA-123396 (Feature)

Multiple carets: offer completion from last caret w/ completion available

IDEA-116877 (Usability Problem)

IntelliJ should disallow line breaks in changelist name

IDEA-93998 (Usability Problem)

In overwrite mode it is impossible to add new line to the file

IDEA-126958 (Bug)

Syntax-coloured copying: TODOs color are ignored

IDEA-107490 (Bug)

Backspace with sticky selection not working

IDEA-130863 (Bug)

Chaotic selection on reopening editor

IDEA-130866 (Bug)

Code folding for getter method - cursor doesn't move into method implementation

IDEA-101360 (Exception)

Rearrange code action should treat read-only files correctly

File Watchers


WEB-13719 (Bug)

TypeScript: when File Watcher is enabled some errors are not highlighted in the Editor

WEB-13667 (Bug)

Can't jump to error reported line with File Watcher and TypeScript 1.1.0-1

Find, Replace, Find Usages


IDEA-130637 (Cosmetics)

Find: "Context" chooser combobox cut-off



WEB-7913 (Feature)

JADE: Completing final quote when write the initial quote

WEB-13619 (Bug)

Jade: Invalid items in completion



IDEA-130914 (Bug)

JavaScript debug Run Configuration doesn't allow Make before Run

WEB-13112 (Bug)

No JSDoc is shown for properties of inferred types

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-13594 (Usability Problem)

JSCS: Settings: improve "Custom configuration file" field

WEB-13687 (Bug)

JSCS: should work on Unix/Mac

WEB-13623 (Bug)

JSCS: avoid errors highlighting blinking on typing in the Editor

WEB-13669 (Bug)

JSCS: Settings dialog opened from the Error pane is not shown correctly

JavaScript. Predefs


WEB-8941 (Bug)

Node.js Globals library missing console object and others

Project Configuration


IDEA-113773 (Bug)

Welcome Screen: no way to correct search query in recent project panel, because Backspace deletes projects now



WEB-13027 (Bug)

background-image size intention does not work in scss

WEB-7061 (Bug)

Support interchangeability of dash and underscore in SASS/SCSS identifiers

Unit Tests


WEB-13744 (Bug)

karma rerun tests lunches new karma servers

User Interface


IDEA-122990 (Usability Problem)

Scrollbar overlaps content and prevents clicking

IDEA-131126 (Cosmetics)

Selection coloring gets an excessive offset on editor left margin on 139

IDEA-130812 (Bug)

Settings / Keymap: custom scheme is shown selected, but all shortcuts are from Default (regression)

IDEA-130997 (Bug)

Editor gutter tooltips must properly de-escape content

IDEA-130808 (Bug)

Settings dialog: search field: clean icon disappears when focus is off the field

IDEA-131149 (Bug)

Preferences search occasionally doesn't find items in Keymap section

IDEA-131108 (Bug)

com.intellij.util.ui.Animator doesn't work in Welcome Wizard (where there is no application)

Version Control


IDEA-116192 (Usability Problem)

Show star* near date/author in the log table if commit-date/committer is different from author-date/author

IDEA-118653 (Cosmetics)

Weird background for containing branches section

IDEA-131186 (Cosmetics)

Vcs log does not look nice after look&feel switch

IDEA-120133 (Exception)

RE at com.intellij.openapi.vcs.changes.ChangeListWorker.removeChangeList

Version Control. Git


IDEA-84771 (Usability Problem)

Cherry-pick: do not propose to commit empty changelist

IDEA-116748 (Bug)

Git Cherry-Pick didn't commit more about a half of the files (150)

IDEA-95523 (Bug)

Live lock when calling Update Project during Cherry-Pick

IDEA-130898 (Exception)

RE at com.intellij.util.xmlb.XmlSerializerImpl.newInstance

Version Control. Perforce


IDEA-131255 (Bug)

Perforce Job Specification Parse Error

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