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IDEA-124097 (Bug)

Structure tool window steals a focus

WEB-11422 (Bug)

No highlighting in Debug files of external JavaScript Library.

WEB-12179 (Bug)

Freezing when switch windows

Build tools


WEB-12199 (Bug)

Grunt tool window fails to load Gruntfile tasks, when an "&" is in the path



WEB-12149 (Bug)

Freezes if html link href contains semicolon.

IDE Configuration


IDEA-123898 (Bug)

IntelliJ Configuration server : create/manage JetBrains account error



WEB-10432 (Bug)

jsHint: support extends

JavaScript. Frameworks


WEB-12063 (Bug)

Angular directive attribute value tokens are broken in Haml

WEB-12218 (Bug)

Webstorm / angularjs attributes in jade problems

JavaScript. Inspections


WEB-8471 (Feature)

Support .jshintignore with newer jsHint versions

WEB-7597 (Usability Problem)

JSHINT: expose warning numbers



WEB-12230 (Bug)

Node.js on Windows: normalize drive letter to lower case

WEB-12202 (Bug)

Generated Express Application has wrong name in DEBUG env

Plugin Support. Architecture


IDEA-124796 (Bug)

List of plugins was not loaded: (404 on



IDEA-125385 (Performance Problem)

Terminal consumes a lot of my cpu cycles

IDEA-125223 (Bug)

Terminal invisible content and copy issue

IDEA-125317 (Bug)

Terminal window content is drawn on the status bar

User Interface


IDEA-79312 (Usability Problem)

text cursor gets lost

Version Control. Git


IDEA-124052 (Bug)

Git Log crashes if there are remote branches without correspondent remotes

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